What is a 2-dimensional grid?

A 2-dimensional grid is an efficient way of representing the sample space of an experiment involving two operations. Each point on the grid represents a possible outcome.

How do you draw a two dimensional grid probability?

What is dimensional grid?

A three-dimensional grid is a categorical grid in which each cell contains a list of possible responses. You may find this an efficient method of obtaining ratings for subquestions based on two characteristics, where one of the characteristics is common to all subquestions.

How do you draw a probability grid?

What is a weak grid?

A weak grid means the system impedance is relatively high. Any time a new generation source or transmission line is added in the area, the system impedance gets lower. An effect of a low system impedance is more fault current is available.

What is multiple choice grid?

What is a multiple choice grid? The multiple choice grid question enables respondents to choose multiple answer options per row or column in a particular question. Featuring a grid format, this question type comes with multiple rows and columns and is considered to be convenient for online surveys.

What is a stiff grid?

A stiff system is a generating system that is of sufficient capacity or the generator is small in relation to the system grid, that the AC system voltage under impulse/step loading condition does not require forcing of the generator field to maintain the power grid voltage.

What is grid strength?

The power grid strength, which is used to describe the strength of the electrical connection between the wind farm and external power grid and parameterized by SCR at the PCC bus of the wind farm, may be very low.

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What is weak AC grid?

Abstract. A weak ac grid could be envisioned as a voltage source behind a large synchronous impedance; thus the phase and magnitude of its terminal voltage vary significantly with the magnitudes of active and reactive powers it sinks or sources.

What is checkbox grid?

Definition: A checkbox grid question allows respondents to select multiple answer choices for each row inside of a table. Checkbox grid questions are used when you have similar sub questions (rows) and standard answer options (columns).

What is the difference between Multiple choice grid and checkbox grid?

Checkboxes: Similar to multiple choice, this field lets you list answers and have users select as many as they want. … Multiple Choice Grid: This is perhaps the most confusing field, as the fields are displayed in a list rather than in the grid as they’ll appear to readers.

How does Multiple choice grid work?

Multiple choice grid question allows users to select one answer per row. You can customize the question to limit users to select only one answer per column. You can also shuffle the row order to eliminate the order bias and improve the form responses.

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