What is a burrawang?

: an Australian plant of the genus Macrozamia (especially M. spiralis)

What to do in Burrawang?

Top 4 things to do in Burrawang:

  • Burrawang General Store. Historic, 1867 Burrawang General Store and Licensed Cafe in the pretty village of Burrawang. …
  • Burrawang Village Hotel. Enjoy a visit to the historic Burrawang Village Hotel for a drink, a meal or an overnight stay.
  • St Peters Burrawang. …
  • Maugers Paddock To Plate Tours.

Who owns burrawang pub?

For 25 years, the Burrawang Village Pub was owned by locals Ed and Julie Woolfrey, but since last year it has been run by Peter and Kate Dean, also lessees of the Royal Hotel in Bowral. It’s early evening and there are a few locals in the public bar enjoying a drink.

What is the population of Burrawang?

361 Burrawang, New South Wales

Burrawang New South Wales
Population 361 (2016 census)
Postcode(s) 2577
Elevation 760 m (2,493 ft)
LGA(s) Wingecarribee Shire

Is a burrawang a cycad?

The Burrawang is a widespread cycad on the mid east coast of Australia, and is a decorative, easy care and very hardy plant. A good landscaping and garden specimen plant, and will also do well in a large container.

How do Macrozamia communis grow?

Macrozamia communis prefers a light exposure but without direct sun and hot, humid climates. In winter the temperature should not be less than 10C. The soil can be a substrate for indoor plants with 20% coarse sand. Transplant in late spring when the roots appear under the pot.

What are Southern Highlands?

The Southern Highlands, also locally referred to as the Highlands, is a geographical region and district in New South Wales, Australia and is 110 km south-west of Sydney. The entire region is under the local government area of the Wingecarribee Shire. The region is also considered a wine region.

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What does a Burrawang tree look like?

Palm-like plants generally larger than Macrozamia sp. with broader, more leathery leaf segments. Leaves are dark green and glossy, with leaflets attached to the upper side of the stalk or rachis, near the midline. The leaves are 10-35cm long and 40-60cm wide, the leaflets with parallel veins and no midrib.

How do you propagate burrawang?

As these plants are such slow growers they seldom need repotting. If necessary, repot in late spring. Propagation: Propagation is normally by seed (germination will occur in 6-24 months) or from recently germinated seedlings gathered from beneath female plants. Early seedling growth is very slow.

How do you transplant a cycad?

Dig a hole in the new location that will accommodate the plant and its roots. Gently place the cycad in the hole at the same depth as the previous location, with the mark on the trunk facing north. Pile the loose soil in the hole. Water the plant and disturbed area thoroughly so the soil can settle.

How do you propagate Macrozamia?

Propagate from seed in a shaded location, in a well-drained potting mix regularly watered for 6-24 months until germination occurs. Mealybugs are the only major insect pest affecting M. communis. However, this can be easily controlled by the application of insecticide about twice during the growing season.

Where do burrawang trees grow?

The burrawang has the most extensive distribution of any cycad in New South Wales and is found along the coast from the district around Armidale, New South Wales to Bega 700 km south and on the coastal slopes of the Great Dividing Range with some instances on the inland slopes of the range; as far west as the Mudgee …

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What is a cycad tree?

What are Cycads? Cycad plants are hardy, evergreen gymnosperms (cone-bearing plants) that grow in sand or hard rock. Cycads are dioecious plants; there are separate male and female plants. The female plant produces seeds, and the male plant produces cones filled with pollen. The most popular cycad is the sago palm.

What is the southern highlands known for?

Taste cool-climate wines in rolling green vineyards, explore spectacular rainforest trails and marvel at cascading waterfalls. Only a short drive south of Sydney, the beautiful Southern Highlands region is the perfect escape.

Is the Southern Highlands part of the Illawarra?

The Illawarra region is characterised by three distinct districts: the north-central district, which is a contiguous urban sprawl centred on Lake Illawarra, the western district defined by the Illawarra escarpment, which leads up to the fringe of Greater Metropolitan Sydney including the Macarthur in the northwest, and …

What suburbs are in the Southern Highlands?

Discover the magic of the towns and villages of the Southern Highlands

  • Bowral.
  • Mittagong.
  • Moss Vale.
  • Burrawang.
  • Robertson.
  • Exeter.