What is a butler’s table?

noun. a small table, usually used as a coffee table, with a removable or fixed butler’s tray for a top.

What is a butler’s tray used for?

A butler’s tray often has a gallery, or deeper surround, handles on the long sides to facilitate carrying (usually cut into the surround), and a portable stand with folding legs. It is used for the service of drinks and generally serves as a convenient side table.

What is a butler tray hinge?

Butler tray hinges by Sugatsune are designed for surfaces and lids that open or fold at 90-degree angles, snapping flat in their locked position to remain hidden from view. … Sugatsune designs furniture and cabinet door hinges suitable for any application.

What is a martini table?

What is a Martini Table? Any small table used beside a chair, sofa, sectional, banquette or seat that is primarily for the use of one person. Formerly called cigarette tables, these small gems have evolved into the more elegant named Martini Tables, a name that more accurately describes their use and stylish qualities.

Is there a piece of furniture called a butler?

Furniture and serving pieces used primarily by the butler were often identified by name. The butler’s cabinet was a chest of drawers with a top that rolled back to reveal stored utensils. It was a form used from about 1780 to the 1830s. … But the word butler can cause confusion.

What is a butler door?

What is A Butler Door? A Butler Hinge is also called a Swinging Door Hinge, and a double action floor hinge. It is a floor mounted hinge with spring tension that allows a door to swing in or out of a room and return to the closed position when let go.

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How do you install a butler hinge?

How much is a Wooton desk?

Wooton desks continued to be produced by a series of firms with different names until 1898, but it is those from the original decade that are the most sought after. Back then, the desks ranged in price from $90 to $750, roughly the equivalent of $1,531 to $12,765 in 21st-century dollars.

What do you call doors that swing both ways?

Double Acting Doors A double acting door, also known as a double swinging door or impact traffic door, is a single door or a pair of doors in which the door(s) is able to swing in both directions.

What do you call a swinging door?

Saloon doors are most often called caf doors, double swinging doors, batwing doors, bar doors, and double action doors. Although there are many different names for these doors, they are all the same style door- saloon doors. A typical saloon doors comes with a double action hinge and are traditionally half doors.

How does a butler door work?

Butler doors allow servers to carry items in and of a kitchen without turning a door handle or manually closing the door. To open the door, servers use kick plates at the bottom or push plates at handle height.

What is a pivot hinge door?

A pivot hinge allows a door to pivot from a single point at the top and bottom of the door. Pivot hinges are attached to the top and bottom of a door, and to the head of the frame and the floor and allow a door to swing in either direction.

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What is a locking hinge?

WDS locking hinges are ideal for positioning applications such as enclosure doors and windows and machine access points. The hinge can be locked in position using the clamping handle attached to the hinge to allow the user free access to the job without worrying about the door or window closing.

What are the types of hinges?

To help you determine which type you need, here are some common hinges and how they’re used.

  • Corner hinges. These are typically used on metal cabinets and machine covers and sit flush to the surface. …
  • Lift-off hinges. …
  • Offset hinges. …
  • Piano hinges. …
  • Leaf hinges. …
  • Concealed hinges. …
  • Side hinges. …
  • Weld-on hinges.