What is a conceited person?

Full Definition of conceited 1 : ingeniously contrived : fanciful a person may hold to conceited fantasies which falsify a discouraging reality. Derek Russell Davis. 2 : having or showing an excessively high opinion of oneself a brilliant but conceited musician.

What are examples of being conceited?

The definition of conceited is someone who is vain or has an enlarged ego or opinion of themselves. An example of conceited is someone talking about how beautiful and popular they are. Having an exaggerated opinion of oneself, one’s merits, etc.; vain.

Is being conceited a bad thing?

At the core of conceited people is a paradox: Though they appear self-confident on the outside, they are deeply skeptical about who they are and what defines them. Because they are insecure, they overcompensate. … This is what separates them from having healthy levels of self-confidence.

What is the synonym of conceited?


  • assured,
  • biggety.
  • (or biggity)
  • [Southern & Midland],
  • bigheaded,
  • complacent,
  • consequential,
  • egoistic.

Is conceited a real word?

adjective. Full of conceit; having or characterized by an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s qualities, conceited.

Who are Concieted people?

A conceited person has an inflated self-image and perceives himself as incredibly entertaining and wonderful. Talk incessantly about your accomplishments on the clarinet or amazing ability to wiggle your ears, and people are going to think you’re conceited.

What are the signs of a conceited person?

15 Signs You’re Arrogant Though You Don’t Feel Like You Are

  • You are constantly late. …
  • You interrupt others a lot. …
  • You believe you are better than others. …
  • You go out of your way to be right. …
  • You think your status is more important than whatever contribution you make. …
  • When asked, can you do it? you always say yes
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What does conceited mean in the Bible?

1a : favorable opinion especially : excessive appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue the landlord’s conceit of his own superior knowledge Adam Smith. b(1) : a result of mental activity : thought. (2) : individual opinion.

What is the opposite of being conceited?

Opposite of having an excessively favorable opinion of one’s abilities, appearance, etc. humble. modest. egoless. unassuming.

What is another name for a conceited person?

arrogant, bigheaded, cocky, full of hot air, gall, ham, hot stuff, immodest, know-it-all, loudmouth, narcissistic, overweening, phony, puffed up, self-important, smart-alecky, snotty, stuck up, swollen-headed, vain.

How do you overcome Conceitedness?

There are 10 key behaviours you should avoid so that you are never perceived as arrogant.

  1. Avoid name dropping. …
  2. Do not be consistently late. …
  3. Do not big note yourself. …
  4. Confident people stand tall, arrogant people swagger and do not respect other people’s personal space.

How do you deal with a conceited person?

Here are some smart strategies for coping and thriving:

  1. Connect with your own inner security: The best way to deal with an overconfident person is to find your own inner sense of security. …
  2. Don’t let it get to you. …
  3. Know their secret. …
  4. Learn tolerance. …
  5. Improve your assertiveness. …
  6. Be tactful. …
  7. Change the subject.

What is the synonym of musty?

Some common synonyms of musty are fetid, fusty, malodorous, noisome, putrid, rank, and stinking. While all these words mean bad-smelling, fusty and musty suggest lack of fresh air and sunlight, fusty also implying prolonged uncleanliness, musty stressing the effects of dampness, mildew, or age.

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What is a word that means self centered?

egocentric egocentric, egoistic. (also egoistical), egomaniacal, egotistic.

What is a boastful person called?

conceited, cocky, pompous, cocksure, vainglorious, egotistic.

What is conceited for kids?

definition: having too high an opinion of oneself; vain.

What is the definition of musty?

1a : impaired by damp or mildew : moldy old musty books musty hay. b : tasting of mold musty wine. c : smelling of damp and decay : fusty The cellar was musty.

What does cocky mean in a relationship?

The definition of cocky is someone who is overly self-confident. Someone who is very arrogant and assumes they know all the answers is an example of cocky.

What does the Bible say about arrogance?

Proverbs 8:13 To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech. Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

What’s the difference between confident and conceited?

As adjectives the difference between conceited and confident is that conceited is having an excessively favorable opinion of one’s abilities, appearance, etc; vain and egotistical while confident is very sure of something; positive.

What is the root of arrogance?

Report Ad. Here, arrogance stems from one’s need to appear more worthy than one is to gain the acceptance of people. If someone has low self-worth, instead of building their self-worth the right way through achievements, a far easier route is to appear arrogant.

What does Conciet?

noun. an excessively favorable opinion of one’s own ability, importance, wit, etc. something that is conceived in the mind; a thought; idea: He jotted down the conceits of his idle hours.

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What is humility in Christianity?

Biblical humility means believing what God says about you over anyone else’s opinion, including your own. It requires embracing who you are in Christ over who you are in the flesh. To be biblically humble is to be so free of concern for your own ego that you unreservedly elevate those around you.

Is being arrogant a sin?

Arrogance is what separates us and divides us and interferes with humility and empathy and respect. That is why arrogance is sinful and pride can be virtuous.

What is a word for someone who thinks they are better than everyone?

someone who is arrogant thinks they are better or more important than other people and behaves in a way that is rude and too confident.

What is the synonym of gossamer?

ultra-fine, fine, diaphanous, gauzy, gauze-like, gossamer-thin, gossamer-like, gossamery, delicate, filmy, floaty, chiffony, cobwebby, feathery, silky, silken, wispy, thin, light, lightweight, insubstantial, papery, flimsy, frail.

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