What Is a Conchos?

(knt) nounWord forms: plural -chos. US. a metal ornament, often silver and round or oval, that is traditionally used on clothing in southwestern USA.

What size are saddle Conchos?

-1/4 Set of 4 Screw Back Conchos Western Saddle 1-1/4 Co604 Set of 4 screw back antique copper conchos. Conchos are accented with a longhorn and floral engraving . They measures 1 1/4 (32 mm) in diameter.

How do you put Conchos on a bridle?

How do you replace a Conchos on a saddle?

What are Conchos for?

Conchos come from the Mexican vaquero tradition and serve both a decorative and a utilitarian role on western saddles. Conchos are metal disks, traditionally with two slits to allow saddle strings to pass through and secure the saddle’s skirts to the saddle tree.

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Where did Conchos come from?

Concho Belts reportedly began appearing in Navajo country in the late 1860s or early 1870s. Other Native Americans including the Zuni and Hopi also made traditional Concho Belts before long. The basic form of the concha (shell) was derived from hair ornaments of the Southern Plains Indians, called hair plates.

How do you pronounce Conchos?

What is the back of the saddle called?

CANTLE. The cantle is the back part of the saddle that extends out from the seat.

What did the Concho tribe live in?

They lived along the Rio Concho River in Northern Mexico. The Concho River joins the Rio Grande River in the Big Bend region of the Rio Grande River. Of course you know the Rio Grande River is the border between Texas and Mexico. The Big Bend region of the Rio Grande is in far west Texas.

What does a Tom Thumb bit do?

The Uses of a Tom Thumb Bit Because it is jointed, it has a nutcracker action in the mouth. Combined with the leverage action provided by the shanks, the bit will apply pressure to the horse’s head over the poll and under the chin as the curb chain or strap pulls upward.

How do you mount Conchos?

What is a bosal bridle?

Bosals: A bosal is a tubular loop of braided rawhide or other leather that loosely encircles the muzzle and is closed by the heel butt, a knot projecting behind the jaw. The bosal hangs from a simple headstall, which may have an ear slot or a brow band to hold it in place.

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What are saddle strings used for?

Saddle strings are the long pieces of leather that hang off a saddle, typically from the back of the saddle. They are used tie up items such as jackets, saddlebags, lariats and other types of gear. They are usually attached to the saddle by slotted conchos, a D-ring or an O-ring using a slit braid.

What is a slotted Concho?

Slot conchos are used to attach the bit end of your headstall to the bit or in the case of hackamores to attach the noseband to the headstall.

How do you attach a D-ring to a saddle?

How many Conchos are in a belt?

The most popular placement of conchos is across the backside of a leather belt. You can use 4 or 6 conchos placed 6 apart from each other across the backside.

How are Conchos made?

Why are concho belts so expensive?

Concho Belts can cost into the thousands of dollars depending upon the craftsmanship, amount of silver and rarity of turquoise or gemstones used.

What is a Navajo Concho?

The word concho, sometimes spelled concha, comes from the Spanish word meaning shell. Some of the first conchos were made of melted silver dollars and resembled a shellit is commonly thought this is how the name came about. … Although it is commonly said the Navajo (Dine’) borrowed the idea from Spaniards.

What is a silver concha?

The earliest conchas were silver dollars (coin silver) that were hammered, then stamped and edged, then slotted and strung together on a piece of leather. Eventually, copper loops were added to the back of the conchas so that they could be slipped onto a leather belt.

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Do men wear concho belts?

Both men and women wear concho belts, and these belts are a long standing tradition for men in the Southwest.

What is a billet on a saddle?

The billets are three straps underneath the top flap, on each side of the english saddle. The billets are the straps which attach to the girth to anchor the saddle on the horse’s back.

What’s a harness strap called?

short Strictly speaking, a tug is a short leather strap or loop used for hard pulling. There are many tugs in a horse harness. Most notably is the shaft tug or shaft loop. A shaft tug is a buckle fitted loop that is attached to the saddle to support the shafts of a single horse drawn vehicle.

What is the tree on an English saddle?

The tree of a saddle is the firm, inner part that gives the saddle its stability and main shape. This frame is usually made of plastic or wood and comes in different sizes to accommodate the differing shapes of horses’ backs. English saddles have varying tree widths, so what fits one horse might not fit another.

What did the Concho eat?

Like the Jumanos, the Conchos farmed and gathered wild plants to eat. The men hunted deer, birds, and rabbits; they fished in the rivers and gathered clams.

Why were Jumanos called striped people?

The Jumanos were characterized as a rayado (striped) people because of a distinctive pattern of facial marking in horizontal lines or bars. … Jumano traders supplied arrows, and perhaps bows as well, from La Junta to the Indians of central and eastern Texas.

Was the Concho tribe nomadic?

For thousands of years the county was inhabited by nomadic Indians, who found the Concho River to be an important food source. It was also on the banks of the Concho River that shamanistic ritual training was performed by Comanche Indian tribes.