When you are conciliatory in your actions or behavior, you show that you are willing to end a disagreement with someone. The next time he spoke, he used a more conciliatory tone. Synonyms: pacifying, pacific, disarming, appeasing More Synonyms of conciliatory.

What does Concilating mean?

1 : appease urgently counseled conciliating the peasants William Taubman. 2 : to gain (something, such as goodwill) by pleasing acts. 3 : to make compatible : reconcile It is hard to conciliate the views of labor and management on this point.

What does conciliatory approach mean?

An approach in negotiation that seeks to overcome the distrust or animosity of one’s counterpart.

What does Babbittism mean?

adherence to a rigidly conventional set of mores and aspirations. The salient characteristics are the drive for business success and the lack of culture.

What is the meaning of patronizing attitude?

: showing or characterized by a superior attitude towards others : marked by condescension patronizing comments No more endearing is his patronizing jocularity

What is a sentence for conciliatory?

Conciliatory sentence example. In spite of his conciliatory policy, Clement angered Henry VI. His ambition was to play the role of peacemaker, and his conciliatory policy achieved many successes.

What does Propritiate mean?

transitive verb. : to gain or regain the favor or goodwill of : appease.

Can a person be scintillating?

If you say someone is scintillating, then they are clever people want to listen to them. This is a word often used sarcastically. If someone is boring, you might say Well, that was scintillating, while rolling your eyes.

What does homage mean?

1 : respect or honor People bowed in homage to [=as a sign of respect for] the king as he passed by. … 2 : something that is done to honor someone or something Her book is a/an homage to her favorite city.

What does play Kate mean?

placate PLAY-kayt verb. : to soothe or mollify especially by concessions : appease.

What is the synonym of conciliatory?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for conciliatory, like: agreeable, appeasing, mollifying, placatory, propitiatory, friendly, pacific, gentle, flexible, calm and forgiving.

What is the meaning of consolatory?

adjective. consoling or tending to console; comforting.

Is Babbit a Scrabble word?

Yes, babbitt is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does old bromide mean?

noun Slang A person who is conventional and commonplace in his habits of thought and conversation. noun a conventional or trite saying; — often used in the phrase old bromide .

How do you use the word Babbitt in a sentence?

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a Babbitt. Say, there’s nothing more wonderful than defying middle-class conventions. A Babbitt met a Bromide on the avenue one day. They held a conversation in their own peculiar way.

What is the difference between patronizing and condescending?

Someone who is condescending talks down to others because he or she feels superior to them. To patronise someone is to treat them condescendingly, but in a particular way as though dealing with a child. A stereotypically patronising remark (by a man to a woman) is Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.

What is an example of patronizing someone?

The definition of patronize is to be kind or helpful to someone, but to talk to them as if they are inferior. An example of patronize is when someone speaks slowly to an older person who can hear perfectly well.

Do not patronize me meaning?

If someone patronizes you, they speak or behave towards you in a way which seems friendly, but which shows that they think they are superior to you in some way. [disapproval] Don’t you patronize me! [

What is an example of conciliatory?

The definition of conciliatory is something done to reconcile or to try to make someone feel better and more pacified. An example of something that would be described as conciliatory is a handshake after you have just clearly defeated and angered your opponent.

How do you use conciliatory in a simple sentence?

Conciliatory in a Sentence

  1. Even though Henry hated fruit cake, he still accepted the conciliatory gift from his neighbor.
  2. In a conciliatory tone, the presidential candidate promoted himself as a man of the people.
  3. Don’t think you are going to appease me with your conciliatory attitude!

How do you use concomitant in a sentence?

Concomitant in a Sentence

  1. Because the contractor and decorator agreed to concomitant work schedules in the final stages of construction, the house was ready to show well ahead of time.
  2. The concomitant sensations I received from the mixture of warm blackberry pie and melting vanilla ice cream took me to dessert heaven.

What is propitiation in the Bible?

Propitiation is the act of appeasing or making well-disposed a deity, thus incurring divine favor or avoiding divine retribution. While some use the term interchangeably with expiation, others draw a sharp distinction between the two.

How do you propitiate?

How do you memorize propitiate?

PROPITIATE; PRO-PITI-ate; Look at the first two; they sound like Pro(for), piti (Pity). That is FOR PITY. Thus if you are for pity, you are certainly willing to make peace & allow pardon to be granted. You are Pro Peace/for peace.

What causes scintillation?

Scintillation is caused by small-scale (tens of meters to tens of km) structure in the ionospheric electron density along the signal path and is the result of interference of refracted and/or diffracted (scattered) waves. … The indexes reflect the variability of the signal over a period of time, usually one minute.

How do you use scintillating in a sentence?

Scintillating in a Sentence

  1. The host’s scintillating conversations with celebrities have earned her numerous awards.
  2. During the interview, the clever comedian came up with one scintillating response after another.

Is tantalizingly a word?

Meaning of tantalizingly in English. in a way that makes you feel excited and hope that you might get or do something, especially when this does not in fact happen: They came tantalizingly close to winning.

What is an example of homage?

The definition of homage is a public show of respect or honor to someone. An example of homage is publicly promoting and congratulating someone. Formal acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law.

What is Homege?

The homepage or home page is the name of the main page of a website where visitors can find hyperlinks to other pages on the site. By default, the homepage on all web servers is index. … A home page may also be referred to as a front page, welcome page, or landing page. Website homepage vs. browser homepage.

Is there a word omage?

2 min read. Most people pronounce these two words the same way; they seem like Homophones, but one exists while the other doesn’t in the English dictionary. Homage is a recognized English word, while Omage doesn’t exist in the English dictionary.