What is a cue sheet used for?

A cue sheet is a document that lists all of the musical elements of an audio/visual program. ASCAP uses cue sheets to determine to whom it distributes performance royalties.

What is a cue sheet in media?

A cue sheet is a document containing a detailed listing of all the music used within a television show, feature film, documentary or other audiovisual production.

How do you write a cue sheet?

Fill in the Cue numbers in chronological order, i.e. in the order in which each music track you used – each is called a Cue – appears in your production. Cue Title: The title of the Cue goes here! Use: This describes how the specified Cue is being utilized in your production.

Who prepares a cue sheet?

Cue sheets are usually prepared by producers or end-users (clients, owners) of a produced film, video, TV show, etc. Then the cue sheets are provided to a broadcaster, so that the broadcaster can report the use of the music to a performing rights organization (PRO) every time a project is broadcast.

What does a cue sheet consist of?

A cue sheet is a listing of all the music used in a television program or motion picture, broken down by title, running time, composer, publisher, affiliation, type of usage (e.g., background, feature, theme), and other important details.

What is a cue sheet Ascap?

A cue sheet is a schedule of the music contained in a film or television program and is the essential document for ASCAP to distribute royalties for musical performances in audio-visual media.

What is a cue in film music?

Cue. Any piece of music that has a start and en ending. Some cues reside within a single scene while some others can span across multiple scenes. Sometimes a cue crosses with the consequent cue, we refer to such such scenario as segue.

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What is a cue title?

Cue Title: Title of the music performed, in sequence. Usage Codes (use drop-down): The way in which music was performed, as noted below: BI = Background Instrumental: Underscore and non-visual (off camera) source.

What is a cue sheet cycling?

By Emily O’Brien. Reading a cue sheet isn’t difficult; just keep an eye on the distance for each cue, and do what the cue says when you get there. A cue sheet is essentially just a list of directions, each of which gives you two pieces of information: What to do, and when to do it.

What is cue list?

Share. By Sweetwater on Oct 7, 1999, 12:00 AM. A columnar, chronological breakdown of the events happening during the course of a piece of music or film.

How do I submit a cue sheet to BMI?

The standardized cue sheet enables data to be submitted once through a single point of entry to cuesheets@rapidcue.com, instead of separately to each PRO. The data will then be automatically ingested into BMI and ASCAP’s respective databases.

What is a spotting sheet?

The results of spotting are spotting sheets which contain the time cues organized by scene, shot, and time code reference that will subsequently be useful to those artists contributing to the project’s sound design. …

What is a cue other file?

CUE is a file extension for a Cue sheet description file for a disk image format. The format was originally used in CDRWIN CD recording program. The file describes the way tracks are laid out on a disc and their length. … CUE files are written in plain ASCII and are recognized by most burning programs.

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What were the three types of music used for silent films?

Types of scores. When it comes to producing a film score for a silent film, there were three types: improvised, compiled, and original.

What is a production cue sheet?

An event production cue sheet is a document that states the sequence of technical cues for a particular show (concert, session, broadcast, etc) in a way that the technical (AV) and creative teams can understand easily.

What is a cue film?

Cue. A cue is the basic building block of a film score. Essentially, it is one complete piece of music from start to end, meant to play against a scene or sequence. Think of it this way: if the score was to be released as an album, one cue would be one track.

How do you write cues in a screenplay?

How do I insert a specific song in a screenplay? You insert a song in your script by writing: MUSIC CUE: followed by the Song Title and then the Artist Name. Then you can write as usual. And when you plan on ending your song write End MUSIC CUE.

What is a visual instrumental cue sheet?

Visual Instrumental A term used in cue sheet preparation meaning an on-camera Instrumental performance. This is most-often considered a featured use, especially if it is the prime focus of the scene. Visual Vocal. A term used in cue sheet preparation meaning an on-camera Vocal performance.

How do you print a cue sheet from GPS?

Go to your club page. Go down to the route library and select the route to be made into a PDF. In the right side panel, click PRINT PDF MAP & CUE SHEET.

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How do you add cues to GPS?

We recommend adding the custom cues after you have finalized the route and aren’t going to make any other changes.

  1. In the right side panel, click CUSTOM CUE.
  2. As you hover over a step in the cue sheet, you’ll see the cue highlighted on the map. …
  3. Click the cue from the list on the left to display it on the map.

Does ride with GPS give turn by turn?

Premium and Basic subscribers can unlock voice navigation and turn-by-turns for the iPhone and Android app.