What is a hollow sea?

an ocean wave formation in which the rise from troughs to crests is very steep. What is hollow?
having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere. having a depression or concavity: a hollow surface. sunken, as the cheeks or eyes. (of sound) not resonant; dull, muffled, or deep: a hollow voice. without real or significant worth; meaningless: a hollow victory.

What is a holler in the woods?

Hollow, A Hollow often pronounced Holler, a small valley, most commonly between mountains as commonly pronounced in Appalachia (Appalachian Mountain Regions) What is a natural hollow?
Natural phenomena Hollow, a low, wooded area, such as a copse. Hollow (landform), a small vee-shaped, riverine type of valley.

What does holler mean in Kentucky?

Holler is the regional dialect pronunciation of hollow, referring to a broad natural hollow, as of one a creek has carved, i.e. a small valley. What is living in a holler?

A holler is a place where the sun comes up late and sets early. After the sun sets, it’s still a couple of hours before it gets dark. It’s a place where you can let your young’uns, dog, cat and chickens run loose in the yard.

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Why do they call it a holler in West Virginia?

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: Holler is a phonetic spelling of an Appalachian pronunciation of hollow. A village in West Virginia, for example, might identify itself as a holler, after the surrounding geography. … The Southern Appalachians are not the only place with hollows, although they may be the only place where they are call hollers.

Whats the difference between a hollow and a holler?

As nouns the difference between hollow and holler is that hollow is a small valley between mountains; a low spot surrounded by elevations while holler is a yell, shout or holler can be (southern us|appalachia) (small valley between mountains).

What is a large hollow place?

: a place or area (especially on the ground) that is lower than the area around it. : an empty space inside of something. hollow. adjective.

What animal lives in hollow?

Are there hollow trees?

Many trees have a hollow or otherwise rotten core to their main trunk. For example, surveys of savannah woodland in Australia have found hollow cores (a phenomenon called piping) in 66–89% of trees of different species; on average, hollow cores extended to 50% of the total diameter [1–3].

Can a hollow tree still be alive?

The heartwood is already dead, so all the tree loses is a little bit of structural stability. … In order for a tree to become hollow, though, it must start the process while it is still alive. Trees that are not already hollow will not become hollow after they are dead.

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