What Is the Indefinite Article? (with Examples) The indefinite article is the word a or an. It is used before a noun to define it as something non-specific (e.g., something generic or something mentioned for the first time). I’m a pirate. What are the 4 indefinite articles?
1 The basic rules In English, the indefinite article is a, which changes to an when it comes before a vowel or a vowel sound, for example, an apple. In the plural, we use some or any. In Spanish, you have to choose between four indefinite articles: un, una, unos and unas.

What is an indefinite word?

: not definite: such as. a : not precise : vague. b : having no exact limits. What is indefinite article short answer?
: the word a or an used in English to refer to a person or thing that is not identified or specified In I gave a book to the boy the word a is an indefinite article and the word the is a definite article. also : a word that has a similar use in another language.

How do you use an indefinite article?

Indefinite articles are used when we are referring to an unspecified thing or quantity. We use them when we don’t know (or don’t care) which thing we’re talking about. There once was a sheep. When should I use the?

Use the with any noun when the meaning is specific; for example, when the noun names the only one (or one) of a kind. Adam was the first man (the only ‘first man’). New York is the largest city in the United States (only one city can be ‘the largest’). We live on the earth (the only Earth we know).

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why is it called indefinite article?

A and An are called indefinite articles because they are used when we do not specify a particular person or thing we are referring to, the person or thing remains indefinite.

How do you pronounce article A?

What is definite article give two examples in sentences?

Examples of Definite Articles in Literature First she kissed her father, then she kissed her mother. Then she opened the lid again, lifted the pig out, and held it against her cheek.” See the underlined word “the,” which is a definite article, specifying the nouns “carton,” “lid,” and “pig.”

What is definite article where is it used give three examples?

Answer: Singular, countable noun – Used before a singular noun, something that can be counted, the definite article specifies which one is being referred to. For example, “The thief has run away.” … Particular noun – No definite article is used with a particular noun, such as “Mr.

What is a definite article in language?

What is indefinite sentence?

Indefinite imprisonment or indeterminate imprisonment is the imposition of a sentence by imprisonment with no definite period of time set during sentencing.

What is indefinite subject?

An indefinite pronoun does not refer to any specific person, thing or amount. It is vague and not definite. Some typical indefinite pronouns are: all, another, any, anybody/anyone, anything, each, everybody/everyone, everything, few, many, nobody, none, one, several, some, somebody/someone.

What does Immodist mean?

: not modest specifically : not conforming to the sexual mores of a particular time or place.

What is indefinite determiner?

English has a large set of words which refer to indefinite quantities, or to definite but unknown people and objects. If they occur alone, they are pronouns, if they occur in front of a head noun, they are determiners.

What are French indefinite articles?

Indefinite articles The indefinite articles are un (masculine singular), une (feminine singular), and des (masculine, feminine plural). The indefinite article agrees in number and (for the singular forms) in gender with the nouns they modify (see Nouns): un vase. une revue. des tomates.

Where do we use an?

Use “a” before words that start with a consonant sound and “an” before words that start with a vowel sound. Other letters can also be pronounced either way. Just remember it is the sound that governs whether you use “a” or “an,” not the actual first letter of the word.

How do you write an article?

The structure of an article for a newspaper, magazine or website, is usually in three parts:

  1. introduction – engaging the reader, or outlining the main point of the article to follow.
  2. middle – making clear and interesting points about the topic.
  3. end – a concluding paragraph that draws the points together.

How do we use an?

If the first letter makes a vowel-type sound, you use an; if the first letter would make a consonant-type sound, you use a. However, even if you follow these basic rules when deciding to use a or an, remember that there are some exceptions to these rules. A goes before words that begin with consonants.

Which is correct a apple or an apple?

an’ before words that have a vowel sound. People would understand you either way, but an apple is correct and a apple is incorrect. An is always used with words that start with a vowel, such as apple, animal, elephant, etc. A is used with words that start with a consonant such as dog, cat, peach, etc.

What mean M?

m is the standard abbreviation for metre (or meter) in the International System of Units (SI). However, m is also used as an abbreviation for mile. M is used as the unit abbreviation for molarity. With money amounts, m means one million: For example, $5m is five million dollars.

Where do we not use?

Note that plural nouns take the article the when they are used in a particular sense. We do not use articles before the names of countries, people, continents, cities, rivers and lakes.

Where do we use has and have?

While the verb to have has many different meanings, its primary meaning is “to possess, own, hold for use, or contain.” Have and has indicate possession in the present tense (describing events that are currently happening). Have is used with the pronouns I, you, we, and they, while has is used with he, she, and it.

How do you speak pizza?

Can pronunciation in English?

The word ‘can’ can be a noun, as in, It’s a trash can, or, The beans are from a can, they’re not fresh. In this case, ‘can’ is pronounced with the ‘aa’ as in ‘bat’ vowel. So it begins with the K consonant sound, then the AA vowel, ca-, ca-, and finally the N consonant sound. Can, can.

How do you pronounce GIF?

“It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.” Just like the peanut butter. “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Wilhite told The New York Times. “They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.

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