What is a kitty moth?

noun. any of three prominent moths, notably the poplar kitten (Furcula bifida), that have larvae like those of the related puss moth. Is kitten related to Killer Moth?
Kitten is the daughter of the villain Killer Moth and the girlfriend of the mutant Fang. Bratty, bossy and spoiled, she is perhaps the only person her father ever knuckles under.

Is Silkie a boy or girl Teen Titans?

Despite being male, Silkie has been seen wearing feminine attire. Silkie has some similarities to Gary from SpongeBob SquarePants and Plank from Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy. Silkie also appears as cameos in the DC Super Hero Girls webseries. Is Killer Moth an actual moth?
Killer Moth (Drury Walker) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, usually as an adversary and dedicated evil counterpart of Batman. Like Batman, he has no superpowers and relies on his technical equipment, including a Mothmobile and numerous gimmicks.

Is Firefly a Batman villain?

Garfield Lynns, also known as Firefly, is an antagonist from DC Comics, most often going against Batman and Robin, and sometimes Green Arrow. He is a pyromaniac who became horrendously scarred all over his body after a chemical explosion, leading him to wear a flame proof bodysuit during his crimes. Does Robin like Starfire or Raven?

Robin. Robin has a huge romantic crush on Starfire, which borderlines nearly on obsessive love. Throughout the series, he resorts to every means possible to win her over.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do Robin and Starfire get together?

Even the straight-laced Dick Grayson couldn’t deny the instant attraction between them. That first kiss was the beginning of a long romance, but one fraught with obstacles. As the New Titans went on many adventures together, Robin and Starfire grew closer, and eventually they started formally dating.

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Who is the girl with pink hair in Teen Titans?

Jinx. Jinx is a pink-haired, gray-skinned, doll-like teen girl who wields magic powers of her namesake which create bad luck for its targets.

Who is the girl with pink hair in Titans?

Starfire Starfire is the overall tritagonist of Teen Titans Go!. alien girl with peach-colored skin, long hot pink hair, purple midriff shirt and purple miniskirt. Most importantly, she also wearing a silver bracelets on her wrists.

Who is the oldest person in Teen Titans Go?

Cyborg Cyborg’s voice actor, Khary Payton, also voiced him in the original Teen Titans series, DC Super Hero Girls, Justice League Action, LEGO DC Comics works, and in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. In Body Adventure, Cyborg is confirmed to be 18, making him the oldest Teen Titan.

Is Killer Croc in Gotham?

Is Killer Moth dead?

During Red Hood’s Storyline, when fighting Black Mask’s Henchmen during the Predator sequence, one of the thugs may say: Is this Red Hood guy the same guy who took out Killer Moth last month? That not only confirmed that Killer Moth was dead, but also implied that Jason Todd was the one who did the deed.

Why is Killer Moth in Teen Titans?

Trivia. In the comics, Killer Moth was a D-list supervillain who used a cocoon gun in his crimes, but who later sold his soul to a demon called Neron for greater power. This resulted in a form named Charaxes, an actual moth creature whose appearance served as the basis for his Teen Titans design.

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Is Butch gilzean Swamp Thing?

The third season finale gives the revelation that Butch Gilzean is actually Cyrus Gold, the alter-ego of zombie supervillain Solomon Grundy from the DC Comics Universe, and after being dumped into Slaughter Swamp by Penguin’s thugs posing as orderlies, he reemerges as the monstrous Grundy – teaming up with Edward Nygma …

Who is Batman’s first villain?

The Joker debuted in Batman #1 (April 1940) as the eponymous character’s first villain, about a year after Batman’s debut in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

How did Firefly get burned?

In a recent attempt to burn Gotham to the ground, Firefly was horribly burned when a chemical factory he set erupted in an explosion. Ninety-percent of his body was burned, and he began his recovery in Blackgate Prison.

Who did Beast Boy marry?

Marriage. Beast Boy and Raven are married in a large group ceremony along with all the other occupants of their camp.

What is Beast Boy favorite food?

Beast Boy is a proud vegetarian, but he does love eating tofu, much to Cyborg’s annoyance. Though I don’t think he really cares if other people eat it. There have been a couple of times in the show when Beast Boy did eat meat, but he wasn’t exactly himself when he was doing that.

Who is Beast Boy in love with?

Raven is the love interest of Beast Boy from the Teen Titans , Damian Wayne from DCAMU and Kid Flash in the comics. She is the daughter of Trigon. She grew up in an alternate dimension called Azarath. She eventually joined the Teen Titans where she first met Garfield and eventually Damian.

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Who married Damian Wayne?

Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (2009) reveals that he would eventually marry Nightstar (Mar’ i Grayson) with whom he would have a daughter and son, and his family has inherited the Wayne Estates after Batman’s death.

Who does cyborg end up with?

Sarah Simms is a girl who appeared in the comic book series Teen Titans Go! She works with disabled kids in Jump City and later ends up dating Cyborg.

Who is Nightwing true love?

Barbara Gordon Starfire Dick Grayson / Significant others In most modern adaptations of Dick’s character, he is in a relationship with Starfire or feels strongly attracted to her. The wildly popular Teen Titans Go!

How did killer moth become to be a villain?

Having decided that the lawbreakers of Gotham City needed a costumed protector just as honest citizens had Batman, Killer Moth emulated the Dark Knight in every way, copying his paraphernalia and building on his legend to create his own super villain identity.

Is Batman a supervillain?

Batman is Gotham’s greatest villain. Gotham City is under the protection and defense of The Dark Knight. … The Batman abides by a strict moral code that has allowed some of DC’s most notorious villains to terrorize the citizens of Gotham.

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