What is a KT in weight?

kt. 1. A unit of weight or capacity equal to 1,000 metric tons. 2. What is 1000 kilotons called?
… words kiloton (1,000 tons) and megaton (1,000,000 tons) to describe their blast energy in equivalent weights of the conventional chemical explosive TNT.

What is a kiloton bomb?

atomic bombs is measured in kilotons, each unit of which equals the explosive force of 1,000 tons of TNT. The explosive power of hydrogen bombs, by contrast, is frequently expressed in megatons, each unit of which equals the explosive force of 1,000,000 tons of TNT. What measurement is MT?
Megatonne, abbreviated as Mt, is a metric unit equivalent to 1 million (106) tonnes, or 1 billion (109 ) kilograms.

How many pounds is 21 kilotons?

Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Foot-pounds table

Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Foot-pounds
21 kt 64805159700348.62
22 kt 67891119686079.51
23 kt 70977079671810.39
24 kt 74063039657541.28

How many megatons was Hiroshima?

It exploded with an energy of approximately 15 kilotons of TNT (63 TJ) and caused widespread death and destruction throughout the city. The Hiroshima bombing was the second man-made nuclear explosion in history, after the Trinity nuclear test. …

Little Boy
Filling weight 64 kg
Blast yield 15 kilotons of TNT (63 TJ)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many joules are in a nuclear bomb?

Thus, a 1 kiloton nuclear weapon is one which produces the same amount of energy in an explosion as does 1 kiloton (1,000 tons) of TNT. Similarly, a 1 megaton weapon would have the energy equivalent of 1 million tons of TNT. One megaton is equivalent to 4.18 x 1015 joules.

What is the biggest nuclear bomb today?

With its retirement, the largest bomb currently in service in the U.S. nuclear arsenal is the B83, with a maximum yield of 1.2 megatons.

What’s the difference between a ton and a kiloton?

is that ton is a unit of weight (mass) equal to 2240 pounds (a long ton) or 2000 pounds (a short ton) or 1000 kilograms (a metric ton) or ton can be fashion, the current style, the vogue or ton can be the common tunny, or house mackerel while kiloton is a measure of the strength of an explosion or a bomb based on how …

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What kind of bomb was dropped in Hiroshima?

bomber Enola Gay On August 6, 1945, the American bomber Enola Gay dropped a five-ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. A blast equivalent to the power of 15,000 tons of TNT reduced four square miles of the city to ruins and immediately killed 80,000 people.

How do you convert mT to T?

How many kilotons was Chernobyl?

According to several independent studies, while the first explosion was normal – chemical, the second explosion with the burning of the prompt neutrons, it had characteristics of a nuclear explosion with a yield of 0.3 kilotons (equal to around 300 tons of TNT).

How explosions are measured?

Explosions are measured in terms of how much TNT (or trinitrotoluene) you would need to create an explosion of equivalent size. … For the sake of measuring explosions, scientists use a constant 4184 Joules per gram to represent that range.

What does TNT stand for in dynamite?

trinitrotoluene trinitrotoluene (TNT), a pale yellow, solid organic nitrogen compound used chiefly as an explosive, prepared by stepwise nitration of toluene.

What is mt in volume?

The abbreviation mt means in weight as simply the unit metric ton. … The metric ton or tonne is equivalent to 0.984 long tons and similarly 1.102 short tons.

How do you calculate MT?

To convert a kilogram measurement to a metric ton measurement, divide the weight by the conversion ratio. The weight in metric tons is equal to the kilograms divided by 1,000.

What is metric ton vs ton?

The main difference between the ton and metric ton is that the ton has traditionally been a unit of mass in Imperial and US Customary systems of units, whereas metric ton is a unit of mass that has been defined using the international “SI” system of units (“Système International d’Unités“).

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Are in a ton?

Ton, unit of weight in the avoirdupois system equal to 2,000 pounds (907.18 kg) in the United States (the short ton) and 2,240 pounds (1,016.05 kg) in Britain (the long ton). The metric ton used in most other countries is 1,000 kg, equivalent to 2,204.6 pounds avoirdupois.

How many pounds is 2.2 kilotons?

Kiloton (metric) to Pound Conversion Table

Kiloton (metric) [kt] Pound [lbs]
2 kt 4409245.2436976 lbs
3 kt 6613867.8655463 lbs
5 kt 11023113.109244 lbs
10 kt 22046226.218488 lbs

How many kilotons are in a megaton?

Megaton to Kiloton Conversion Table

Megaton [Mton] Kiloton [kton]
1 Mton 1000 kton
2 Mton 2000 kton
3 Mton 3000 kton
5 Mton 5000 kton

How did little boy detonate?

Little Boy triggered a nuclear explosion, rather than implosion, by firing one piece of uranium 235 into another. When enough U235 is brought together, the resulting fission chain reaction can produce a nuclear explosion. … The plug was propelled down the cannon barrel by several thousand pounds of high explosive.

How much did the Little Boy bomb weigh?

9,700 pounds This gun-type uranium bomb, nicknamed Little Boy, weighed 9,700 pounds. The bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, August 6, 1945, at 8:15 AM. A B-29 dropped the bomb from 31,000 feet. The bomb exploded about 1,500 feet above the city with a force of 15,000 tons of TNT.

How many megatons does it take to destroy the earth?

The gravitational binding energy of Earth is about 2.2*1032 J, corresponding to 5*1022 tons of TNT. The largest weapon tested so far (Tsar bomba) had 50 megatons, we would need 1015 or 1 quadrillion of them.

What is a calorie in joules?

approximately 4.2 joules The calorie was originally defined as the amount of heat required at a pressure of 1 standard atmosphere to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1° Celsius. Since 1925 this calorie has been defined in terms of the joule, the definition since 1948 being that one calorie is equal to approximately 4.2 joules.

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How much TNT is in a nuke?

Nuclear bombs have had yields between 10 tons TNT (the W54) and 50 megatons for the Tsar Bomba (see TNT equivalent). A thermonuclear weapon weighing little more than 2,400 pounds (1,100 kg) can release energy equal to more than 1.2 million tons of TNT (5.0 PJ).

How many joules is TNT?

One of the most popular explosive compounds is TNT (trinitrotoluene). The energy released in an explosion of 1 gram of TNT is approximately 4000 Joules. It is common to measure the power of an explosion by asking how much TNT would be needed to produce an explosion as powerful.

How many tsar bombs does India have?

China and Pakistan have more nuclear warheads as compared to India, according to the SIPRI Yearbook 2020. India has 150 nuclear warheads, while China and Pakistan have 320 and 160. The figures are until January. Last year, India had 130-140 warheads, while China had 290 and Pakistan 150-160.

Does Russia still have Tsar Bomba?

Because only one bomb was built to completion, that capability has never been demonstrated. The remaining bomb casings are located at the Russian Atomic Weapon Museum in Sarov and the Museum of Nuclear Weapons, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Of Technical Physics, in Snezhinsk.

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