What is a lace stay?

noun. that part of an Oxford shoe into which eyelets and laces are inserted. What does full of lace mean?
adj. 1 holding or containing as much as possible; filled to capacity or near capacity.

How do you lace front lacing stays?

What is lace slang for?
Laced is a slang term with many meanings. It can refer to a drink or drug mixed with another substance (e.g., laced with vodka or cocaine). It can refer to being intoxicated on such a drink or drug.

What lace stands for?

One of the simplest communication techniques is called LACE. It’s an acronym that stands for Listen, Acknowledge, Check, and Explore. What is lace used for?

How Is Lace Used? Lace is a decorative fabric that has a variety of uses throughout the home and in fashion. Lace trim: Lace is often used as a trim for garments or home items, like towels and curtains. It provides a decorative, patterned edge to the fabric of the item.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is spiral lacing?

Spiral lacing is a tradition method of closure using one single cord or ribbon that passes through bound eyelets or rings at the edges of a garment opening.

What were 18th century stays made of?

18th century stays were made from wool, linen, twill/jean fabric, stiffened linen (buckram), and silk brocade. The interlining layer was the stiffened layer, while the outer layer could be something decorative.

What were 18th century stays laced with?

18th century stays were usually boned with whalebone. But since whalebone isn’t available anymore, I used synthetic whalebone as boning for the stays.

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How do you wear 18th century stays?

How do you wear a Bellyer?

What are Regency stays made of?

Both terms were in common use during the Regency. Stays of the Regency era were typically long, reaching the hip bones, with shoulder straps and a busk in front. They are most often made of linen or cotton, lightly boned for additional stiffness, and laced up the back.

What does lace me up mean?

lace someone up to tie someone’s laces; to help someone get dressed in a garment having laces. Would you please lace me up?

How do you use laced in a sentence?

Laced sentence example

  1. He even laced the invitation with a ration of all-is-forgiven comments. …
  2. His hands slid down her arms and his palms touched hers warmly as his fingers laced through hers. …
  3. His tone was terse, and yet laced with excitement.

What does too lax mean?

negligent, neglectful, lax, slack, remiss mean culpably careless or indicative of such carelessness.

Why is lace so expensive?

There is a reason white lace fabric wedding dresses are so expensive. Working with lace is a time-consuming process, that requires skill and dedication. It is highly labour-intensive, with couture sewing techniques applied to the construction.

Where is famous for lace?

Belgium Still Famous For Handmade Lace Today, Belgium is one of the few places in the world known for its fine lace.

What is lace tool?

The “LACE” index is one such tool that is widely used. The LACE index identifies patients that are at risk for readmission or death within thirty days of discharge. It incorporates four parameters. “L” stands for the length of stay of the index admission. “A” stands for the acuity of the admission.

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What is lace SAFe?

According to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) is a “small team of people dedicated to implementing the SAFe Lean-Agile way of working”. … Conducting or coordinating training for executives, managers/leaders, and development teams.

Is lace in Style 2021?

You are going to see absolutely stunning wardrobe ideas where ladies, fashion bloggers and fashionistas mix lace with slouchy silhouettes, combining it with leather, casual sneakers and dresses. … The colored lace is a hot trend right right now. Choose bright red, yellow, blue or pink colors instead of white and black.

Is lace woven or knitted?

Lace is an elegant, delicate fabric made from looped, twisted or knitted yarn or thread. It was originally made from silk and linen, but lace is now made with cotton thread, wool or synthetic fibers. There are two main elements to lace: the design and the ground fabric, which holds the pattern together.

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