What is a lawbreaker called?

Noun. 1. lawbreaker – someone who violates the law. law offender, violator. criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw – someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime. What is the violator mean?
someone who violates the law. synonyms: law offender, lawbreaker. type of: criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw. someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime. someone who assaults others sexually.

Who is a pilferer?

Definitions of pilferer. a thief who steals without using violence. synonyms: sneak thief, snitcher. types: wharf rat. What is the opposite of lawbreaker?
Opposite of an unkind, evil or unscrupulous person. hero. heroine. savior US.

What is law violator?

violator noun [C] (OF LAW) a person or organization that acts against something, especially a law, agreement, principle, or something that should be treated with respect: The regime is one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. What is another word for violator?

What is another word for violator?

lawbreaker criminal
crook offender
culprit convict
delinquent felon
miscreant villain

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does alleged violator mean?

A Respondent or alleged violator is a person or entity against whom a complaint or petition is filed or to whom a citation or notice of an opportunity for hearing is directed.

What is the most commonly broken law?

1. Speeding – It’s no surprise that speeding is one of the most commonly broken laws. In fact, roughly 112,000 people get a speeding ticket every day! One of the biggest reasons police target speeders is because speeding is one of the leading causes of crashes and injuries on our roads.

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What does law breaker mean in a relationship?

a person who breaks or violates the law.

Is pilfering stealing?

Pilfer is a synonym of steal, but it typically implies a particular kind of stealing. What is pilfered is usually stolen stealthily—furtively, so that no one will notice—in small amounts and often again and again. One might, for example, pilfer cookies from a cookie jar until a plentiful supply has dwindled to nothing.

What is a Larsonist?

What are types of pilferer?

There are two types of Pilferers; the Casual Pilferer and the Systematic Pilferer. The Casual Pilferer steals primarily because of an inability to resist the temptation of an unexpected opportunity and has little fear of being caught. The thefts are usually not premeditated and the pilferer usually acts alone.

Can’t be described synonyms?

incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible: ineffable joy. not to be spoken because of its sacredness; unutterable: the ineffable name of the deity.

What is the synonym of outlaw?

Words related to outlaw bandit, crook, desperado, fugitive, gangster, hoodlum, hooligan, marauder, mobster, outcast, pariah, robber, ban, bar, condemn, disallow, exclude, forbid, prevent, proscribe.

Is violating the law a crime?

Legal wrong A violation of law is any act (or, less commonly, failure to act) that fails to abide by existing law. Violations generally include both crimes and civil wrongs.

Is violating a statute a crime?

A violation of the statute is a misdemeanor unless prosecutors prove one of the statutory aggravating factors such as a bodily injury, use of a dangerous weapon, kidnapping , aggravated sexual abuse, death resulting from the offense, or attempt to kill, in which case there are graduated penalties up to and including …

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What is moral wrong?

Morally wrong acts are activities such as murder, theft, rape, lying, and breaking promises. Other descriptions would be that they are morally prohibited, morally impermissible, acts one ought not to do, and acts one has a duty to refrain from doing.

What is a synonym for transgressor?

offender, wrongdoer, culprit, lawbreaker, criminal, delinquent, villain, felon, reprobate, outlaw, malefactor, guilty party, black hat. sinner, trespasser, evil-doer.

What is an outlaw?

1 : a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law. 2a : a lawless person or a fugitive from the law. b : a person or organization under a ban or restriction.

What do you call a person who doesn’t follow rules?

A nonconformist is someone who doesn’t conform to other people’s ideas of how things should be. … Nonconformist is one of those words that has both a noun and an adjective form.

What is a perpetrator legal definition?

a person who perpetrates, or commits, an illegal, criminal, or evil act: The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be found and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Will be prosecuted meaning?

to officially accuse someone of committing a crime in a law court, or (of a lawyer) to try to prove that a person accused of committing a crime is guilty of that crime: Shoplifters will be prosecuted. He was prosecuted for fraud.

Why is it illegal to eat oranges in the bathtub?

1. The orange-based CBD is free of THC, meaning that users would not feel any psychoactive effects. Unfortunately, it looks like folks in California may have to sit this one out, since it’s illegal to eat oranges in the bathtub there.

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What are some dumb laws in America?

50 Dumbest Laws In The US

  • A door on a car may not be left open longer than is necessary.
  • Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.
  • It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway.

Is it illegal to walk backwards while eating a donut?

Ohio. In Marion, Ohio, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backward.

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