What is a synonym for imperiously?

synonyms for imperiously

  • arrogantly.
  • boastfully.
  • bombastically.
  • conceitedly.
  • disdainfully.
  • egotistically.
  • flamboyantly.
  • gaudily.

What is the best definition of imperiously?
in a domineering or haughty manner:She held out her hand imperiously, but the messenger did not immediately hand over the letter. in an imperative way; urgently: The need to be accepted can be felt as imperiously as the needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

Who is an imperious person?

Someone who is imperious gives orders in a way that shows they feel superior or more important than other people. You might want the smartest kid in the class as your lab partner, but not if they have an imperious attitude and boss you around. Near synonyms are arrogant, overbearing, and domineering. What is imperiously mean?
1a : marked by arrogant assurance : domineering. b : befitting or characteristic of one of eminent rank or attainments : commanding, dominant an imperious manner. 2 : intensely compelling : urgent the imperious problems of the new age— J. F. Kennedy.

What is a pugnacious person?

pugnacious pug-NAY-shus adjective. : having a quarrelsome or combative nature : truculent. Is imperiously a word?

Imperiously is defined as something done in an overbearing way, or with a feeling of superiority. When you look at someone with disdain, this is an example of a time when you look at him imperiously.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a gossamer web?

Gossamer is something super fine and delicate — like a spider web or the material of a wedding veil. The original gossamer, from which these meanings come from, is the fine, filmy substance spiders excrete to weave their webs.

Is imperiously an adjective or adverb?

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imperiously adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What is a fussy person called?

A person who makes a fuss, particularly about trivial things. fusspot. fussbudget. grumbler. baby.

What is the synonym of the word fussy?

scrupulous, choosy, discriminating, squeamish, conscientious, finicky, careful, dainty, difficult, exact, fastidious, fretful, fuddy-duddy, heedful, painstaking, persnickety, picky, punctilious, punctual, querulous.

What is a fussbudget person?

What is the opposite of imperiously?

imperious. Antonyms: yielding, submissive, compliant, docile, ductile, lenient, gentle, mild. Synonyms: arrogant, exacting, dictatorial, authoritative, domineering, haughty, lordly.

What does arrogance mean?

1 : exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner an arrogant official. 2 : showing an offensive attitude of superiority : proceeding from or characterized by arrogance an arrogant reply.

How do you use capricious?

Capricious in a Sentence

  1. Because of his capricious nature, Jeremy found it hard to keep a steady job.
  2. Since he started taking the medication, Henry has been less capricious.
  3. Even though the couple wanted to get married outside, they knew their ceremony depended on the capricious weather.

What is the meaning of ostentatious living?

: attracting or fond of attracting attention by showing off wealth or cleverness They lived in a huge, ostentatious house.

What is a impertinence?

1 : the quality or state of being impertinent: such as. a : incivility, insolence. b : irrelevance, inappropriateness.

What part of speech is imperiously?

adverb Use the adverb imperiously to describe a manner that is domineering and authoritative. Shouting, Sit!

What is pugnacious and example?

The definition of pugnacious is eager to fight or disagree. An example of pugnacious is the small dog who barks and nips at the other dogs in the park. adjective. 2. Naturally aggressive or hostile; combative; belligerent.

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What is a sentence for sagacity?

Sagacity Sentence Examples This discovery was not accidental or unforeseen, but was due to the sagacity of those who designed the voyage.This Dr Parkman, a man of rare sagacity and exquisite humour, was the father of Francis Parkman, the historian.His sagacity was indeed sometimes at fault.

What does the word pugilistic mean?

: fighter especially : a professional boxer.

What is a word for self love?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-love, like: self-esteem, amour-propre, narcissism, arrogance, self-will, vanity, self-knowledge, narcism, self-realisation, haughtiness and egotism.

What is the meaning of Yammered in English?

to whine or complain. to make an outcry or clamor. to talk loudly and persistently. verb (used with object) to utter clamorously, persistently, or in complaint: They yammered their complaints until she let them see the movie.

How do you use the word anguished in a sentence?

Anguished sentence example

  1. Sofia’s anguished scream was still muffled. …
  2. This dilemma is at the heart of many people’s anguished indecision over the wisdom of our action in Iraq. …
  3. When he reached her vehicle, he could hear her anguished sobs through the closed windows.

Is gossamer a cobweb?

a fine, filmy cobweb seen on grass or bushes or floating in the air in calm weather, especially in autumn.

Is gossamer transparent?

The word gossamer means any sort of thin, fragile, transparent material — in particular, it can refer to a kind of delicate, sheer gauze or a light cobweb.

How is gossamer made?

Gossamer fabric is a thin, sheer woven fabric. The structure of the fabric is similar to a gauze. It is usually made of silk, cotton, or wool. The fabric may be coated with rubber to make it waterproof.

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What does Highhand mean?

: having or showing no regard for the rights, concerns, or feelings of others : arbitrary, overbearing. Other Words from high-handed Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More About high-handed.

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