What is an example of immanence?

The definition of immanent is something that is existing within. A belief in God is an example of something that is immanent in the texts of Christianity. What is another word for immanence?
In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for immanent, like: indwelling, native, inborn, inherent, innate, instinctive, internal, intrinsic, transcendent, subjective and transeunt.

What does it mean when a person say that his her God is immanent?

When people talk about God as immanent, it means something closer to omnipresent, as opposed to transcendent for unknowable. It’s a formal word, popular with philosophers and religious people: God is in all; He is over all; He is both immanent and transcendent. ( What immanence means?
immanence, in philosophy and theology, a term applied, in contradistinction to “transcendence,” to the fact or condition of being entirely within something (from Latin immanere, “to dwell in, remain”).

What is an immanent God?

According to Christian theology, the transcendent God, who cannot be approached or seen in essence or being, becomes immanent primarily in the God-man Jesus the Christ, who is the incarnate Second Person of the Trinity. … The Holy Spirit is also expressed as an immanence of God. How do you use immanent in a sentence?

1. God is immanent in the world. 2. Love is a force immanent in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you pronounce immanence?

What is the opposite of immanent?

Antonyms: accidental, casual, external, extrinsic, fortuitous, incidental, outward, subsidiary, superadded, superficial, superfluous, superimposed, supplemental, transient, unconnected.

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What does immanent mean in the Bible?

Immanent – God is active and ‘in the world’ today. Transcendent – God is also ‘outside the world’. God is not active in human affairs. It is up to humans to act in the world on God’s behalf.

Is Islam transcendent or immanent?

The attributes of Allah Muslims believe that Allah is: Transcendent – Allah is above and beyond anything that exists in the world. Fair and just – Allah judges everyone equally. Immanent – Allah is close to every human and within all things on Earth.

What is a Gnostic person?

How can God be both immanent and transcendent?

Such a God must be immanent. On the other hand, if God is absolutely perfect beyond all experience and understanding, then God must also be transcendent. If God is timeless (outside of time and space) and unchangeable, then God cannot also be immanent within us, beings who are within time.

Is Buddhism immanent or transcendent?

In Daoism and Shintoism – and arguably Buddhism and Confucianism – divinity is said to be rather immanent than transcendent and human beings at one with divinity or the natural world.

What is eminence immanence?

Eminent is often used to describe someone or something that stands out above others in a noticeable way, while imminent is used to describe something that is about to happen very soon.

What does Scandare mean?

to climb Transcendence comes from the Latin prefix trans-, meaning beyond, and the word scandare, meaning to climb. When you achieve transcendence, you have gone beyond ordinary limitations. The word is often used to describe a spiritual or religious state, or a condition of moving beyond physical needs and realities.

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Is God imminent or immanent?

What’s The Difference Between “Imminent,” “Immanent,” And “Eminent”? When something is imminent, that means it’s “impending.” Immanent isn’t a typo; it means “inherent.” And, e minent means “distinguished.”

What does immanent mean when describing the nature of God?

Immanent – This is the belief that God is nearby and we can feel His presence. This might help a religious believer as they feel God hears them and cares for them. Transcendent – This is the belief that God is completely different to us and outside our world.

What is the opposite of deism?

Atheism is the direct opposite of theism and deism, as it believes that God or gods do not exist. Theism is the belief that at least one god exists and that he or they created the universe and governs it.

How do you use immanence?

Examples of immanence

  1. In other words, immanence implies transcendence; they are not opposed to one another.
  2. He instead conceives of a plane of immanence that already includes life and death.
  3. The plane of immanence necessitates an immanent philosophy.

What is inherent beauty?

That which by its nature is inherently beautiful is corrupted in its popular presentation. … Tourist attraction – place of interest where tourists visit, typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, offering leisure, adventure and amusement.

What is the difference between immanent Trinity and Economic Trinity?

the relationship between the immanent (or ontological) and the economic Trinity. The basic idea here is that the economic Trinity is the epistemological ground of the immanent Trinity whereas the immanent Trinity is the ontological ground of the economic Trinity.

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What is one synonym given for the word imminent?


  • forthcoming.
  • immediate.
  • inevitable.
  • likely.
  • looming.
  • possible.
  • probable.
  • unavoidable.

What is another word for transcendent?

What is another word for transcendent?

superior consummate
great sublime
transcendental unsurpassed
excelling magnificent
absolute abstract

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