What is angular Incisure of stomach?

The angular incisure (or angular notch) is a small notch on the stomach. It is located on the lesser curvature of the stomach near the pyloric end. Its location varies depending on how distended the stomach is. Angular incisure. Outline of stomach, with angular incisure stated as incisura angularis near center. What Incisura means?
notch Medical Definition of incisura 1 : a notch, cleft, or fissure of a body part or organ. 2 : a downward notch in the curve recording aortic blood pressure that occurs between systole and diastole and is caused by backflow of blood for a short time before the aortic valve closes.

Where is the gastric antrum?

It’s also commonly known as the gastric antrum. This is the wider part of the pylorus, which is the narrower part of the stomach. It resides upstream from the pyloric canal and its junction of the pyloric sphincter to the duodenum, or first part of the small intestine. Where is the pyloric antrum located?
stomach The pyloric antrum is the lower or distal portion above the duodenum. The opening between the stomach and the small intestine is the pylorus, and the very powerful sphincter, which regulates the passage of chyme into the duodenum, is called the pyloric sphincter.

What is Prepyloric vein of Mayo?

One of the anterior veins – the prepyloric vein (of Mayo) ascends anterior to the pylorus and drains into the right gastric vein. This vein consistently runs over the gastroduodenal junction and is an important guidepost to surgeons. What is the Incisura Fibularis?

[TA] a hollow on the lateral surface of the lower end of the tibia in which the fibula is lodged. Synonym(s): incisura fibularis [TA]

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What neural structure passes through the Tentorial Incisura?

The tentorial notch (also known as the tentorial incisure or incisura tentorii) refers to the anterior opening between the free edge of the cerebellar tentorium and the clivus for the passage of the brainstem. The midbrain continues with the thalamus of the diencephalon through the tentorial notch.

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What is the cardiac orifice?

Anatomical Parts The opening by which the esophagus communicates with the stomach is known as the cardiac orifice, and is situated on the left of the middle line at the level of the tenth thoracic vertebra.

What is the gastric fundus?

Definitions related to gastric fundus: The superior portion of the body of the stomach above the level of the cardiac notch. (fundus of the stomach) The portion of the stomach that lies above the cardiac notch. It allows for the accumulation of gases produced by chemical digestion.

What part of the stomach is the Incisura?

The angular incisure (or angular notch) is a small notch on the stomach. It is located on the lesser curvature of the stomach near the pyloric end.

What is antrum in bio?

What does gastric antrum mean in medical terms?

Antrum: A general term for a nearly closed cavity or chamber. For example, the antrum of the stomach (gastric antrum) is a portion before the outlet, which is lined by mucosa and does not produce acid. The paranasal sinuses can be referred to as the frontal antrum, ethmoid antrum, and maxillary antrum.

What causes inflammation in the gastric antrum?

The inflammation of gastritis is most often the result of infection with the same bacterium that causes most stomach ulcers. Regular use of certain pain relievers and drinking too much alcohol also can contribute to gastritis.

What is the cardiac antrum?

a dilation that occasionally occurs in the abdominal part of esophagus. See also: abdominal part of esophagus. Synonym(s): antrum cardiacum, forestomach.

What stores bile and lies underneath the liver?

Gall bladder Gall bladder. This greenish organ is located underneath the liver; the bile duct attaches the gall bladder to the duodenum. The gall bladder stores bile and sends it to the duodenum, via the bile duct.

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Where is the pylorus located in a human?

It is near the bottom of the stomach, proximal to the pyloric sphincter, which separates the stomach and the duodenum.

What does the right gastric vein drain?

The right gastric vein (pyloric vein) drains blood from the lesser curvature of the stomach into the hepatic portal vein. It is part of the portal circulation.

Where does splenic vein drain into?

hepatic portal vein The splenic vein (formerly the lienal vein) is a blood vessel that drains blood from the spleen, the stomach fundus and part of the pancreas. …

Splenic vein
Source short gastric veins, left gastroepiploic vein, pancreatic veins, inferior mesenteric vein
Drains to hepatic portal vein
Artery splenic artery

Why it is called criminal nerve of Grassi?

The right (posterior) vagus gives rise to a posterior gastric branch called the criminal nerve of Grassi—so called because it is often missed during vagotomy and is then responsible for the recurrence of PUD—which traverses to the left and supplies the cardia and the fundus.

What is Bosworth fracture?

The Bosworth fracture is a rare fracture dislocation of the ankle caused by extreme external rotation of a supinated foot. The proximal part of the fibular oblique fracture becomes dislocated and trapped behind the posterolateral ridge of the lateral tibial tubercle.

What is fibular notch?

Anatomical terminology The fibular notch of the tibia is an indentation at the inferior portion of the tibia where it articulates with the fibula to form the inferior tibiofibular articulation.

What is lateral malleolus of left fibula?

The knob on the outside of the ankle, the lateral malleolus, is the end of the fibula, the smaller bone in the lower leg. When this part of the bone fractures, or breaks, it’s called a lateral malleolar fracture.

What is the clinical importance of the tentorial notch?

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7). The tentorial notch allows for the presence of a gap, which lodges the midbrain [1,6]. The midbrain inhabits the anterior portion of the incisura and the posterior half is occupied by the superior vermis or the splenium of the corpus collosum.

Where is the tentorial notch found?

The tentorial notch refers to the anterior opening between the free edge of the tentorium cerebelli and theclivus for the passage of the brainstem. It’s located between the tentorial edges and communicates the supratentorial and infratentorial spaces.

What is tentorial?

noun. : a bony ridge on the inner surface of the skull that marks the attachment of the tentorium.

How large is the cardia?

The stomach is about 30 cm long and 15 cm wide at its widest point. Its capacity is about 1500 cc in the adult. The surface of the mucosa is honeycombed with over 35,000 gastric glands and is folded into numerous ridges that almost disappear when the stomach is distended with food.

What is stomach rugae?

The gastric folds (or gastric rugae) are coiled sections of tissue that exist in the mucosal and submucosal layers of the stomach. They provide elasticity by allowing the stomach to expand when a bolus enters it.

What is gastric Rugae?

Gastric rugae are the redundant folds of gastric mucosa that are most prominent when the stomach is collapsed. The reservoir and mixing functions of the stomach demand a thick, expansile, muscular vessel, which characterizes gastric morphology.

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