What is another term for fine-grained?

delicious. delightful. elegant. exquisite.

What are fined grains?

1 : producing images of low graininess so that considerable enlargement without undue coarseness is permitted used of a photographic developer.

What is fine-grained material?

Fine grain steels have good cold formability and toughness. They have fine grain structure due to the low carbon content and micro-alloying elements (e.g. titanium and niobium). Fine grain structure and high purity guarantee excellent properties for various uses.

What does fine-grained analysis mean?

2Involving great attention to detail. ‘fine-grained analysis’ ‘To achieve this fine-grained control, detailed, real-time, asynchronous messages are sent back and forth. ‘

What is the opposite of fine grained?

What is the opposite of fine-grained?

coarse grainy
granular granulated

What does it mean to be grained?

1 : resembling or having some characteristic of grain : not smooth or fine.

What are cereals give two examples?

Examples of Cereals

  • Wheat.
  • Maize.
  • Rice.
  • Barley.
  • Oats.
  • Rye.
  • Sorghum.

What does fine-grained look like?

Fine-grained textures generally indicate magmas that rapidly cooled at or near the Earth’s surface. … You can see in this close up of the boulder shown above a crystalline texture, but the individual grains are less than 1 mm across (and are too small to identify by eye). Thus, this is a fine-grained texture.

What is the difference between coarse and fine grain?

Coarse-grained materials or systems have fewer, larger discrete components than fine-grained materials or systems. A coarse-grained description of a system regards large subcomponents. A fine-grained description regards smaller components of which the larger ones are composed.

What is a fine grain size?

A finer grain size means a greater density of grain boundaries, which affects a material’s ductility in different ways. Grain boundaries are known for dislocation-anchoring, which lowers ductility. Finer grains also mean there are more grain boundaries.

What is the difference between fine grained and coarse-grained igneous rock?

Coarse grain varieties (with mineral grains large enough to see without a magnifying glass) are called phaneritic. Granite and gabbro are examples of phaneritic igneous rocks. Fine grained rocks, where the individual grains are too small to see, are called aphanitic. Basalt is an example.

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What is the very fine grain size?

1 to 2. 24 mm. 0.0790.157 in. Very fine gravel. Granule.

What is fine-grained in deep learning?

Fine-grained categorization, as a sub-field of object recognition, aims to distinguish subordinate categories within entry level categories. Examples include recognizing species of birds such as northern cardinal or indigo bunting; flowers such as tulip or cherry blossom.

What is fine-grained control?

Fine-grained access control is a method of controlling who can access certain data. Most often used in cloud computing where large numbers of data sources are stored together, fine-grained access control gives each item of data its own specified policy for access. …

What is fine-grained rock?

Definition: Igneous rock in which the framework of the rock consists of crystals that are too small to determine mineralogy with the unaided eye; framework may include up to 50 percent glass. A significant percentage of the rock by volume may be phenocrysts.

What do you mean by coarse grain?

Coarse grains generally refers to cereal grains other than wheat and rice in the OECD countries, those used primarily for animal feed or brewing. Context: … In Mexico, most maize is produced for human consumption rather than animal feed.

Is soil coarse-grained?

Coarse-grained soil is frequently identified based on the particle size or grain size. … Particles with a diameter larger than 4.75 mm are termed gravel and particles with diameter range between 4.75 mm to 75 micron is known as sand.

What does the term granular mean?

1 : consisting of or appearing to consist of granules : grainy. 2 : finely detailed granular reports. Other Words from granular Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About granular.

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What is the definition of fine-grained in science?

Definitions of fine-grained. adjective. consisting of fine particles. synonyms: powdered, powdery, pulverised, pulverized, small-grained fine. of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles.

What is a grainy texture?

Grainy means having a rough surface or texture, or containing small bits of something.

What is another word for grainy?

What is another word for grainy?

granular granulated
ground sandy
chapped coarse
crushed dusty
loose particulate

Is Pulse a grain?

Pulses are annual crops that yield between one and 12 grains or seeds. The term pulses is limited to crops harvested solely as dry grains, which differentiates them from other vegetable crops that are harvested while still green. … Pulses are healthy, nutritious and easy to cook with.

What are the six cereals?

The term grain is given either to this type of fruit or to the plant that produces it. There are six true cereals in the world today, which are Wheat, Rye, Rice, Oats and maize. Of these wheat, maize and rice are the most important, and each has played roles in the development of civilizations.

Is rice a grain?

Any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or another cereal grain is a grain product. Bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, grits, and tortillas are examples of grain products. Foods such as popcorn, rice, and oatmeal are also included in the Grains Group.

Does Obsidian exist?

obsidian, igneous rock occurring as a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava from volcanoes. Obsidian is extremely rich in silica (about 65 to 80 percent), is low in water, and has a chemical composition similar to rhyolite.

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Why do rocks sparkle?

Mica minerals make some rocks sparkle! … They sparkle because light is reflected on their flat surfaces, which are where the mineral breaks along its plane of cleavage. These minerals break so easily along their cleavage that some crystals have broken into many thin layers that look like the pages of a little book.

Is quartz an Aphanitic?

Aphanites are commonly porphyritic, having large crystals embedded in the fine groundmass, or matrix. … They consist essentially of very small crystals of minerals such as plagioclase feldspar, with hornblende or augite, and may contain also biotite, quartz, and orthoclase.

What is fine and coarse?

Fine aggregates are small size filler materials in construction. Coarse aggregates are larger size filler materials in construction. … The surface area of fine aggregates is higher. The surface area of coarse aggregate is less than fine aggregates.

What does finer granularity mean?

It is the extent to which a larger entity is subdivided. For example, a yard broken into inches has finer granularity than a yard broken into feet.

What is fine grained and coarse grained multithreading?

The main difference between fine grained and coarse grained multithreading is that, in fine grained multithreading, the threads issue instructions in round-robin manner while in coarse grained multithreading, the threads issue instructions until a stall occurs. … These threads can share their process resources.