What is another word for just as?

What is another word for just as?

as equally
equivalently likewise
similarly every bit
to the same extent to the same degree
uniformly fairly

Is just as in a sentence?
(1) It’s just as I thought. (2) Men can be just as vain as women. (3) It is just as I imagined. (4) Just as if it were nothing.

What does just as such mean?

The Macquarie Dictionary defines ‘as such’ to mean ‘being what is indicated’, ‘in that capacity’ or ‘in itself or themselves’. ‘Such’ in the phrase ‘as such’ acts as a pronoun (a part of speech used in the place of a noun). How do you use just as so?
Just so is used to agree with or confirm a statement that has been made. ‘She has a large flat in Mayfair. ‘—’Just so. ‘

What is a better word for as?

to the same degree. in the manner that. in the same manner with. in the same way as. Where do we use just as?

1 : to an equal degree as Our house is just as nice as theirs. This one is just as good as that one. She performs just as well as he does. 2 : in the same way as Just as we hope to be forgiven, so we should forgive others.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does just as means?

To the same degree as. For example, Jim’s running just as fast as his friend, or He intended to give them just so much work as they could do in a day. [Late 1600s] Also see just so.

What does just as good mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjust as good/bad/big etcjust as good/bad/big etcequally as good, bad, big etc Brad is just as good as the others.

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What does it mean as well as?

in addition (Entry 1 of 2) : and in addition : and brave as well as loyal.

What is as so?

—used to say that one/someone thinks a statement is true but that there may be something he or she does not know which makes it untrue.

Is just as a correlative conjunction?

Is as such rude?

It’s not rude, but it is often used unnecessarily, and it does not mean so or hence. And you should have phrased it These are not discrepancies as such… That means that while they could be mistaken for discrepancies, they are not actually discrepancies.

What can I say instead of as such?

synonyms for as such

  • alone.
  • by and of itself.
  • by definition.
  • by its very nature.
  • by itself.
  • fundamentally.
  • in essence.
  • independently.

When we use as such in a sentence?

You use as such after a noun to indicate that you are considering that thing on its own, separately from other things or factors. House prices are easily upset by factors which have nothing to do with property as such. The fall in prices in the South-East results largely from the high rate of interest on mortgages.

What does so as mean?

In order to, as in We took off our shoes so as to avoid scratching the newly finished floors. This idiom is always followed by an infinitive.

Is just as a conjunction?

Some of the most common correlative conjunctions are: both … and. either … or. just as … so.

How do you use so as a conjunction?

We use so as a subordinating conjunction to introduce clauses of result or decision:

  1. I got here late. It was a long journey, so I’m really tired now.
  2. You are right, of course, so I think we will accept what the bank offers.
  3. It’s much cheaper with that airline, isn’t it, so I’ll get all the tickets for us with them.
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Why do we use as?

We use as to introduce two events happening at the same time. After as with this meaning, we usually use a simple (rather than continuous) form of the verb: As the show increases in popularity, more and more tickets are sold daily. When you get older, moving house gets harder.

What is the synonym of as?

Synonyms for as. ’cause, as long as, because, being (as or as how or that)

What can I say instead of as I?

Ways of Avoiding Pronouns “I”, “You” and “We” in an Essay. You can replace the pronouns ‘I’, ‘You’, and ‘We’ by replacing them with an acceptable wording, applying passive voice instead of pronouns, Using a third-person perspective, adopting an objective language and including strong verbs and adjectives.

Is it just like or just as?

Senior Member. Lucia, The rule is that you use like if what follows is not a complete subordinate clause. You use as if what follows isa complete subordinate clause. There are however many many MANY English speakers who use like in places where it should not be used.

What does just as much mean?

Here just as much means that you like one thing equally or just as much as the other thing.

How do you use just as an adverb?

just adverb uses. Please look at meanings [sense 17]–, [sense 19] to see if the expression you are looking for is shown under another headword. You use just to say that something happened a very short time ago, or is starting to happen at the present time.

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Is as good as synonym?

“I thought the battle was as good as won and we were no longer required.” … What is another word for as good as?

comparable with equivalent to
equal to on a par with
the same as tantamount to
of near
on a level with much like

What is as basis?

As is denotes that the seller is selling, and the buyer is buying an item in whatever condition it presently exists, and that the buyer is accepting the item with all faults, whether or not immediately apparent.

What does as it mean?

: in the present condition : the way it is.

What does just as bad mean?

It means when one this is bad as the other Example: Being late is just as bad as not going.

Is As Good As It Gets meaning?

1 —used to say that nothing better is possible or available It’s not a great restaurant, but in this part of the city, it’s as good as it gets. 2 —used to say that something is very good and cannot be improved There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time at home with my family.

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