What is audio response unit?

An Audio Response Unit is an output device that provides a spoken response to digital inquiries from a telephone or other device. For example, Press 1 to hear this information again; Press 2 to hear more options. It is also known by the generic name audiotex.

What is the function of audio response units?

An ARU (Automatic Response Unit, also referred to as Automated Response Unit or Audio Response Unit) allows you to obtain information from a phone system without talking to an operator. Telephone keypad selections are made in response to voice prompts.

What is an ARU system?

An ARU (Audio Response Unit) is a computer telephony system that also integrates a system to store and forward your voice.

How does a voice response unit works?

Voice response units (VRUs) typically play a recorded greeting for callers and then present them with menu options. Callers may interact with the menu by pressing buttons on their phone’s keypad or, if the VRU uses speech recognition, they can speak their responses.

What is a VRU ID?

A Voice Response Unit (VRU) is typically used by companies with call centres, such as banks that wish to provide customers with access to accounts, or companies who provide customer service through this unit.

Where is the ARU system?

The Aru System is a star and the five planets and asteroid belt that orbit it within the Aethon Cluster. It is the gateway system to the rest of the cluster and houses the Volus homeworld of Irune.

What is a N64 VRU?

It came in two parts: the Voice Recognition Unit, which was a grey box that plugged into a controller port in the front of the the N64 unit (typically controller port #4), and coded your voice into signals the game software could understand; and a grey microphone that plugged into the VRU’s microphone slot.

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What does IVR mean in a call center?

Interactive voice response Interactive voice response or IVR is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu. It then performs actions based on the answers of the caller through the telephone keypad or their voice response.

How do you make an IVR call?

What is VRU access number?

Access the First United Telephone Banking Service by dialing 1-800-218-1014. Please listen to the options carefully, as the menu has changed recently.

What is a Internet VRU transfer?

Voice Response Unit is the Credit Union’s 24 hour banking service, offering balance inquiries, transfers between sub-accounts, and the ability to have a withdrawal mailed to your address. Our VRU system allows you to process transactions without making a trip to the Credit Union.

What does xfer mean on bank statement?

XFER. Transfer. Business General Business — and more…