What is confluent used for?

The Confluent Platform is a stream data platform that enables you to organize and manage the massive amounts of data that arrive every second at the doorstep of a wide array of modern organizations in various industries, from retail, logistics, manufacturing, and financial services, to online social networking.

Who uses confluent?

The Palo Alto, California-based company says 60 percent of Fortune 100 companies use this type of event streaming platforms. And its own customers include Audi, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, and Priceline, among others. Audi uses the Confluent Platform and Kafka to support its autonomous car development.

What kind of company is confluent?

software company Confluent, Inc. operates as a software company. The Company offers a new category of data infrastructure designed to connect all the applications, systems, and data layers of a company around a real-time central nervous system, as well as generates revenue from the sale of subscriptions and services.

What is confluent vs Kafka?

Confluent Kafka is mainly a data streaming platform consisting of most of the Kafka features and a few other things. … While on the other hand, Apache Kafka is a pub-sub platform that helps companies transform their data co-relation practices.

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Why is Confluent better?

Kafka as a product confluent provides the best cloud service, regular updates, multi-region clusters, auto data balancer. It has connectors where we can integrate multiple technologies. Better monitoring for Kafka cluster and topic statistics.

Is Confluent a good company?

Confluent frequently graces Top and Best Of lists, most recently landing in the top 20 of Forbes’ 2019 Best Companies for Corporate Culture.

Is confluent a database?

Now that your data is in motion, it’s time to make sense of it. Stream processing enables you to derive instant insights from your data streams, but setting up the infrastructure to support it can be complex. That’s why Confluent developed ksqlDB, the database purpose-built for stream processing applications.

Is SaaS confluent?

Confluent is a high-burn SaaS company that is almost old-school. It has amassed a large sum of money and invested it in an increasingly costly sales technique. Confluent’s sales and marketing expenditure increased from $54.5 million in 2018 to $115.8 million in 2019 and $166.4 million in 2020.

What is ZooKeeper in Kafka?

Kafka uses ZooKeeper to manage the cluster. ZooKeeper is used to coordinate the brokers/cluster topology. ZooKeeper is a consistent file system for configuration information. ZooKeeper gets used for leadership election for Broker Topic Partition Leaders.

How many countries is confluent in?

As we enter 2020, Confluent now has a footprint that spans 17 countries, 34 states, and 20 offices around the world, including a new headquarters in Mountain View. Each of these offices is filled with some of the smartest, most driven, and humble humans on the planet.

Who are confluent’s competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Confluent

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Apache Software Foundation.
  • Cloudera.
  • Microsoft.
  • IBM.
  • Google.
  • TIBCO Software.
  • Oracle.

What is confluent for Kubernetes?

Confluent for Kubernetes (CFK) is a cloud-native control plane for deploying and managing Confluent in your private cloud environment. It provides standard and simple interface to customize, deploy, and manage Confluent Platform through declarative API.

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Is Kafka owned by Confluent?

Confluent will continue to make contributions to the development, maintenance and improvement of Apache Kafka, licensed under Apache 2.0. And Kafka remains the core of Confluent Platform.

Why use Kafka over RabbitMQ?

Kafka offers much higher performance than message brokers like RabbitMQ. It uses sequential disk I/O to boost performance, making it a suitable option for implementing queues. It can achieve high throughput (millions of messages per second) with limited resources, a necessity for big data use cases.

What does it mean to be confluent?

1 : flowing or coming together also : run together confluent pustules. 2 : characterized by confluent lesions confluent smallpox compare discrete.

How many employees does confluent have?

Confluent, which has close to 1,500 employees, said in its prospectus that over 70% of Fortune 500 companies are estimated to have used Kafka. Its customers include Citigroup, Humana, Intel and Walmart, according to Confluent’s website.

How much does confluent cost?

Apache Kafka is free, and Confluent Cloud is very cheap for small use cases, about $1 a month to produce, store, and consume a GB of data. As your usage scales and your requirements become more sophisticated, your cost will scale too.

Why do you want to work at Confluent?

With Confluent, organizations benefit from the first event streaming platform built for the enterprise with the ease-of-use, scalability, security and flexibility required by the most discerning global companies to run their business in real time.

What is K SQL?

Confluent KSQL is the streaming SQL engine that enables real-time data processing against Apache Kafka. It provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful interactive SQL interface for stream processing on Kafka, without the need to write code in a programming language such as Java or Python.

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Is confluent an IPO?

The Mountain View-based company raised around $828 million through its IPO. Confluent priced its shares at $36 apiece, above its intended range of $29 to $33. … Confluent last raised a $250 million Series E in April 2020, and is now valued at more than $10 billion after its first day of trading.

Can you query a Kafka topic?

These Key-Value stores can be continuously filled with new messages from a Kafka topic by defining an appropriate stream processor, so that it is now possible to quickly retrieve messages from the underlying topic. …

Is Apache Kafka old?

Apache Kafka is a framework implementation of a software bus using stream-processing. … Apache Kafka.

Original author(s) LinkedIn
Initial release January 2011
Stable release 3.0.0 / September 21, 2021
Repository github.com/apache/kafka
Written in Scala, Java

Is Kafka a messaging queue?

In short, Kafka is a message queuing system with a couple of twists. It offers low-latency message processing just like a great message queue, along with high availability and fault tolerance, but it brings additional possibilities that simple queuing can’t offer.

What is confluent cloud?

Cloud-native service for Apache Kafka Confluent Cloud is a fully managed, cloud-native Kafka service for connecting and processing all of your data, everywhere it’s needed. Try FreeWatch Demo. Quick StartPricingSecurityCompare ConfluentSupportResourcesFAQsKafka 101.

What is bootstrap server in Kafka?

bootstrap. servers is a comma-separated list of host and port pairs that are the addresses of the Kafka brokers in a bootstrap Kafka cluster that a Kafka client connects to initially to bootstrap itself. Kafka broker. A Kafka cluster is made up of multiple Kafka Brokers. Each Kafka Broker has a unique ID (number).

What is sharding in Kafka?

Kafka’s sharding is called partitioning. (Kinesis which is similar to Kafka calls partitions shards.) A database shard is a horizontal partition of data in a database or search engine. Each individual partition is referred to as a shard or database shard.

What is partitions in Kafka?

Partitions are the main concurrency mechanism in Kafka. A topic is divided into 1 or more partitions, enabling producer and consumer loads to be scaled. Specifically, a consumer group supports as many consumers as partitions for a topic.