What is culminate meaning?

culminate KUL-muh-nayt verb. 1 : (of a celestial body) to reach its highest altitude; also : to be directly overhead 2 : to rise to or form a summit 3 : to reach the highest or a climactic or decisive point. Examples: My son and I are very interested in science and discovery.

What is a culmination of something?

A combination is a grouping together of separate things. … Combination is the act of combining, which comes from the Latin for joining together two by two, although it’s not necessary that you combine things in pairs.

How do you use the word culmination?

1. The space race reached its culmination in the first moon walk. 2. This massive autobiographical work was the logical culmination of her long career.

Does culminate mean end?

culminate. / (klmnet) / verb. (when intr, usually foll by in) to end or cause to end, esp to reach or bring to a final or climactic stage.

How do you use culminated in a sentence?

Culminate in a Sentence

  1. At the end of the night, the concert will culminate in a huge fireworks display.
  2. Why is it that men always believe kissing should culminate in sex?
  3. The holiday parade will culminate with the arrival of Santa Claus on his sleigh.

What is the synonym of culmination?

Some common synonyms of culmination are acme, apex, climax, peak, pinnacle, and summit.

What is another way to say can be?

What is another word for can be?

perchance perhaps
happen percase
imaginably it is possible
it could be could be
it could be that it is possible that

What do you call the combination of two things?

mixture. noun. a combination of two or more different things, people, qualities etc.

What is a synonym for when?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for when, like: just as soon as, while, at the moment that, during, at which instant?, in what period?, on the condition that, meanwhile, immediately upon, although and at the same time that.

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What does culminating mean in a sentence?

to reach the highest point, summit, or highest development (usually followed by in). to end or arrive at a final stage (usually followed by in): The argument culminated in a fistfight. to rise to or form an apex; terminate (usually followed by in): The tower culminates in a tall spire.

What is the synonym of culminated?

conclude, finish, round (off or out), terminate, wrap up.

What do you think conscientiously means?

1 : meticulous, careful a conscientious listener. 2 : governed by or conforming to the dictates of conscience : scrupulous a conscientious public servant.

Can you say culminate into?

If you say that an activity, process, or series of events culminates in or with a particular event, you mean that event happens at the end of it. They had an argument, which culminated in him storming off.

What does Perative mean?

absolutely necessary or required; unavoidable: It is imperative that we leave. of the nature of or expressing a command; commanding. Grammar. noting or pertaining to the mood of the verb used in commands, requests, etc., as in Listen!

What is a better word for Which?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for which, like: that, and which, and-that, what, whichever, who, whatever, thus, therefore, for-which and so-that. 260+ Love Quotes for Him That Make Every Moment Count.

How do you use deceptive in a sentence?

Deceptive sentence example

  1. He was good at deceptive conversation too good. …
  2. Damian knew better than to trust the deceptive appearance of this type of creature. …
  3. The advantage to the fly of its deceptive resemblance to the bee is theoretically perfectly evident and practically can be demonstrated by experiment.
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Can you culminate something?

If an event or series of events culminates in something, it ends with it, having developed until it reaches this point: My arguments with the boss got worse and worse, and finally culminated in my resignation. Their many years of research have finally culminated in a cure for the disease. Want to learn more?

How do you use recall in a sentence?

Recall sentence example

  1. She definitely didn’t recall this place. …
  2. I cannot recall what happened during the first months after my illness. …
  3. I do recall hearing about the grandfather paradox. …
  4. Neither of us could recall anything unusual. …
  5. I recall him talking about maple sugaring on a farm when he was a kid, Charlie said.

What’s another way to say resulting in?

What is another word for resulting in?

causing effecting
inducing creating
giving rise to prompting
bringing on begetting
leading to effectuating

What is a antonym for culmination?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms culmination. Antonyms: fall, descent, decline, failure, downfall, degradation, defeat, abortion. Synonyms: consummation, zenith, acme, meridian, apex, success, completion.

What is the difference between a climax and culmination?

Usually in a film the climax is when the plot has thorough unravelled and the movie is nearing the end. Same thing is theater. Culmination is when all the previous actions that took place are leading to a desired result.

What is a fancy word for tell?

advise, announce, confess, declare, disclose, explain, express, inform, instruct, mention, notify, order, report, reveal, say, speak, state, summon, portray, recount.

Whats another word for tells us?

What is another word for tells us?

informs us notifies us
instructs us reports to us
sends us word teaches us
tips us off updates us
warns us cautions us
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Which means synonym?

What is another word for which means?

meaning that the corollary being that
which argues which attests
which conveys which determines
which expresses which implies
which indicates which insinuates

What inclination means?

1 : a tendency to a particular aspect, state, character, or action the clutch has an inclination to slip. 2a : a deviation from the true vertical or horizontal : slant also : the degree of such deviation. b : an inclined surface : slope. c(1) : the angle determined by two lines or planes.

What does the prefix de mean in the word deflate?

deflate (v.) 1891, in reference to balloons, a coinage (with de-) based on inflate (q.v.). Latin deflare meant to blow away, but in the English word the prefix has the sense of down. Related: Deflated; deflating.

What is it called when you do something again?

replay. verb. to do something again in the same way.

What is the synonym of big?

colossal, considerable, enormous, fat, full, gigantic, hefty, huge, immense, massive, sizable, substantial, tremendous, vast, leading, main, popular, powerful, serious, significant.

What does when D mean?

contraction of when did: When’d that happen?

What is the synonym of social?

communal, community, community-based, collective, group, general, popular, civil, civic, public, societal. endemic, pandemic. individual.