What is does incidental mean?

1a : being likely to ensue as a chance or minor consequence social obligations incidental to the job. b : minor sense 1. 2 : occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation. incidental. noun. What is an example of incidental?
The definition of incidental is an unintended consequence of something, or a related but unimportant part. Destruction of the forests is an example of an incidental or unintended consequence of population growth. Paperwork is an example of an incidental part of the job of an airline pilot.

What is the meaning of incidental cause?

Accidental and incidental can both mean something happening by chance, but usage suggests that accidental also implies an element of carelessness or inattention while incidental implies the occurrence would have happened with or without attention or care. What is incidental work?
Incidental work includes any work not shown on Drawings or described in Specifications that is necessary or normally or customarily required as a part of the Work shown on Drawings or described in Specifications.

What is an incidental in law?

Incidental are those things related to the main purpose, main thing or main expense. The following are two examples for incidental in two different contexts. An incidental beneficiary is someone who indirectly obtains a benefit as the result of the main purpose of the trust. What is the meaning of incidental learning?

learning that is not premeditated, deliberate, or intentional and that is acquired as a result of some other, possibly unrelated, mental activity. Some theorists believe that much learning takes place without any intention to learn, occurring incidentally to other cognitive processing of information.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is an incidental at a hotel?

Incidental Charges are considered any extra charges that you have not already paid like your room and taxes. Usually we hold certain amount of money to cover potential Food & Beverage charges to the room, phone calls, parking, movies, etc.

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How do you use incidental in a sentence?

not of prime or central importance.

  1. Try not to be distracted by incidental details.
  2. Increased motivation is more than an incidental benefit of reward schemes.
  3. The discovery was incidental to their main research.
  4. Drinking too much is almost incidental to bartending.
  5. It’s just a risk incidental to the job.

What does incidental benefit mean?

What is an Incidental Benefit? A benefit is considered more than incidental if, as a result of a distribution from a donor advised fund, such person receives a benefit that would have reduced or eliminated a charitable contribution deduction if the benefit was received as part of the transaction.

What is incidental business?

Incidental expenses, also known as incidentals, are gratuities and other minor fees or costs incurred in addition to the main service, item, or event paid for during business activities. Incidental expenses ancillary to the costs of transportation, meals, and lodging are common when an employee travels for business.

What does incidental mean in insurance?

What is the difference between Incidentally and coincidentally?

Senior Member. Coincidentally describes something that happens by chance. So in the example above, Bart wants to talk to Ivy after being away from town, and coincidentally, they are both around the corner from each other. Incidentally describes something that is different from the main topic being discussed.

What does Incredentials mean?

adjective. happening or likely to happen in an unplanned or subordinate conjunction with something else. incurred casually and in addition to the regular or main amount: incidental expenses. likely to happen or naturally appertaining (usually followed by to).

What is the synonym of incidentally?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for incidentally, like: unexpectedly, accidentally, coincidentally, by-the-by, by-chance, by-the-way, parenthetically, in-passing, en passant (French), apropos-of and speaking-of.

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What are incidentals in construction?

Incidental Costs — In addition to aid for construction costs, certain expenditures for site purchase, grading or improvement of the site, original furnishings, equipment, machinery, or apparatus, or professional fees (design and legal) and other incidental costs (such as insurance during construction and general …

What is incidental contact?

Incidental contact is defined as “Any contact which is not dangerous in nature and does not affect the play.” So put yourself in the shoes of a defender making deliberate contact, for example leaning in to a receiver.

What is an incidental finding in medicine?

Incidental findings are previously undiagnosed medical or psychiatric conditions that are discovered unintentionally and during evaluation for a medical or psychiatric condition.

What is an example of incidental learning?

Incidental learning happens when we don’t have a specific aim in mind. For example, when you spend time in a country where people speak a language that is different from your own, you learn random vocabulary from the various situations you find yourself in.

What is incidental science?

Great preschool science activities don’t have to be planned. Start with the child’s interest and go from there! A good example of incidental learning is when a child finds a bug outside (or sometimes inside!) At that point, you can ask the child how many legs it has, or something similar.

What is the difference between incidental and intentional learning?

Incidental learning is the learning of one stimulus feature while concentrating on another stimulus feature too. … Whereas, intentional learning is described as the having the intention to learn the material and to commit it to ones memory.

Do all hotels charge incidentals?

Most hotels will let you know about any incidental authorizations upfront, but every so often, one doesn’t. To avoid surprises, always ask about incidental or security deposit charges before you hand over your card to be authorized for the room.

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Why did my hotel charge me an extra $100?

It is just a deposit for incidentals (i.e. damages, mini-bar, room orders, etc). As a standard, they will credit this back to you either via cash or your credit card a few business days after your stay.

Is incidental charges legal in India?

The Forum observed that collecting ‘incidental charges’ does not have any statutory backing, and hence not legally valid. Customers can always approach consumer forums when they are asked to pay such charges.

How do you use incidentally?

Incidentally is a word you use when you’ve got more to say on a topic or want to transition into a new subject. Think of the word incidentally as a more formal way to say by the way. Incidentally can also mean by chance if you want to remark on a coincidence.

What does incidentally mean in reading?

1 : in an incidental manner : not intentionally the arrant nonsense of some of his statements is incidentally hilarious— John Lahr. 2 : by way of interjection or digression : by the way fortunate in having a good teacher … —

Is Incipiently a word?

adj. beginning to exist or appear: an incipient cold. in•cip′i•ent•ly, adv.

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