What is indefatigable person?

: incapable of being fatigued : untiring an indefatigable worker. What is an example of indefatigable?
The definition of indefatigable is a person or something that has tireless persistence. Someone who keeps trying and trying to learn a skill and who never gives up is an example of a person who would be described as indefatigable. That cannot be tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring.

How do you use indefatigable in a sentence?

Indefatigable sentence example

  1. Moreover Frederick, who had proved by his wars the importance which he attached to Silesia, was indefatigable in times of peace in his attempts to justify his usurpation. …
  2. The energies of the indefatigable parson knew no bounds.

How do I become indefatigable?
Do this enough β€” create enough, write enough, speak enough β€” and out of your prolificness comes indefatigability. It becomes so easy to create and to reject the minutiae of the day that creation comes to you like showering or making a meal. There’s little you can control about your life.

What is the root word of indefatigable?

Indefatigable comes from Latin indefatigabilis, formed from the prefix in- not plus defatigare to tire out. Here the prefix de- means entirely. You can remember the root fatigare because it sounds so much like the English fatigue. Definitions of indefatigable. adjective. How do you use procure in a sentence?

Procure Sentence Examples

  1. Is there anything I can procure for you?
  2. He used his influence to procure as much autonomy as possible for the province of Hanover, but was a strong opponent of the Guelph party.
  3. The doctor promised to procure it for him and began to ask how he was feeling.
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you use progeny in a sentence?

Examples of progeny in a Sentence Many Americans are the progeny of immigrants.The small plants are the progeny of an oak tree.Their work is the progeny of many earlier studies.

How do you use irrepressible in a sentence?

Irrepressible sentence example

  1. There is nowhere recorded a simple and irrepressible satisfaction with the gift of life, any memorable praise of God. …
  2. The conflict was irrepressible .

What is the best synonyms for indefatigable?

synonyms for indefatigable

  • assiduous.
  • diligent.
  • dogged.
  • energetic.
  • inexhaustible.
  • painstaking.
  • relentless.
  • tireless.

What is a synonym for assiduously?

synonyms for assiduous

  • diligent.
  • exacting.
  • indefatigable.
  • laborious.
  • scrupulous.
  • zealous.
  • active.
  • attentive.

What is the synonym for Bountiful?

Is indefatigable a negative word?

Yes, indefatigable is a word with positive connotations (here). The repeated use of indefatigable as a warship name underlines the general tone of approval.

What is Unfaltered?

: not wavering or weakening : firm unfaltering loyalty.

How do you use effervescent in a sentence?

Examples of ‘effervescent’ in a sentenceeffervescent

  1. Her personality was effervescent and her addition to a cast was one of joy. …
  2. Her effervescent presence led colleagues to liken her to a glass of champagne. …
  3. Her effervescent personality has undoubtedly played its part in that surge in interest.

What part of speech is indefatigable?

adjective indefatigable

part of speech: adjective
definition: not subject to fatigue; untiring. The senator was an indefatigable campaigner and would be hard to beat. antonyms: fatigable similar words: tireless
related words: active, laborious, persistent
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What does it mean to show zeal?

enthusiasm : a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something She attacked her homework with renewed zeal [=enthusiasm] after getting her first A. a politician known for his zeal [=passion] for reform See More Examples.

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What is a dilatory mean?

1 : tending or intended to cause delay dilatory tactics. 2 : characterized by procrastination : tardy dilatory in paying bills.

How did you define unfamiliar word?

The definition of unfamiliar is strange, or something not already known. An example of unfamiliar is the neighborhood of a new town. An example of unfamiliar is the family of a new girlfriend. adjective.

What is procurement in a business?

What Is Procurement? Procurement is the act of obtaining goods or services, typically for business purposes. Procurement is most commonly associated with businesses because companies need to solicit services or purchase goods, usually on a relatively large scale.

What does it mean to procure someone?

English Language Learners Definition of procure : to get (something) by some action or effort : obtain. : to find or provide (a prostitute) for someone.

What is another word for procurement?

What is another word for procurement?

acquisition obtainment
acquirement appropriation
attainment procuring
gaining achievement
acquiring obtaining

How do you use quintessential in a sentence?

Quintessential in a Sentence

  1. The critics love the director’s latest film and consider it to be the quintessential horror movie.
  2. Combined together, rosemary and pork are the quintessential ingredients for a meat dish.
  3. Everyone knows watermelon is the quintessential fruit on a hot summer day.

How do you use regenerate in a sentence?

Regenerate in a Sentence

  1. If they are destroyed, our earth’s forests will not be able to quickly regenerate themselves.
  2. The gardener explained if the plants are not cut too close to the ground, they will regenerate and grow back quicker.

How do you use stoic in a sentence?

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Stoic sentence example

  1. Elisabeth was stoic , always holding her feelings close; and Emily was the effervescent, impulsive optimist. …
  2. She turned and studied his stoic profile anxiously. …
  3. The stoic offer made laughter bubble within her. …
  4. Could it be that his stoic personality was the very thing that kept her interest perked?

Who is a frivolous man?

1 not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly. a frivolous remark. 2 unworthy of serious or sensible treatment; unimportant. frivolous details. (C15: from Latin frivolus silly, worthless)

How do you use ignominious in a sentence?

Ignominious Sentence Examples

  1. Domitian attacked him but was compelled to make an ignominious peace.
  2. The expedition was an ignominious failure, and many burghers did not hesitate to assign their non-success to the fact that Burgers’s views on religious questions were not sound.

What is an irrepressible person?

An irrepressible person is lively and energetic and never seems to be depressed. Jared’s exuberance was irrepressible. Synonyms: unstoppable, buoyant, uncontrollable, boisterous More Synonyms of irrepressible.

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