noun, plural jeunes filles [zhœn -fee-yuh]. / ʒœn ˈfi yə/. French. a girl or young woman. How old is a jeune fille?
It is used for women from 16-17 years old to about 35 years old, when they are no longer children and still young.

Is Jeune Fille masculine or feminine in French?

A maiden is a young girl or woman. What does Je suis la fille mean?
i am the girl on fire.

What is La Femme in English?

Translation of la femme in English. the woman women’s the wife female gender the lady la femme that woman his wife the girl. What does Merci Jolie Fille mean?

thank you thanks. ma jolie. sweetheart my pretty. Merci, ma jolie.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you pronounce Jolie Fille?

What does Jolie mean in Italian?

The english translation would be something like: belle = beautiful and jolie = pretty ^^. The Italian girl’s name, Elizabetta, is very attractive.

What is the opposite of Jeune in French?

Answer: Opposite of Jeune in French is vieille.

What is the meaning of FIL in French?

[fis ] masculine noun. son. fils de famille moneyed young man.

What is the meaning of une fille in French?

How do you say une fille?

What is the meaning of Je suis in English?

Translation of je suis in English. Noun Adverb Other. I am. I was. I have.

How do you pronounce Je suis une fille in French?

Who said cherchez la femme?

Alexandre Dumas The expression comes from the novel The Mohicans of Paris (Les Mohicans de Paris) published 1854–1859 by Alexandre Dumas (père). The phrase is repeated several times in the novel; the first use reads: Cherchez la femme, pardieu!

What is the meaning of C est si bon?

It’s so good C’est si bon ! : It’s so good!

What is the meaning of La Femme Nikita?

The Woman Nikita La Femme Nikita (French pronunciation: ​[la fam nikita], literally The Woman Nikita; called Nikita in Canada) is a Canadian action-drama television series based on the French film Nikita by Luc Besson.

What is Jolie French in English?

pretty, lovely, nice (thing)

What is the meaning of Merci?

thank you very much French phrase. : thank you very much. See the full definition.

What is the plural form of une fille?

Nouns are plural when they refer to more than one thing or person, eg une fille – les filles a girl – the girls. The plural form is quite straightforward. Most French nouns add an -s to the singular to show they are plural, eg: une tortue (a tortoise) → des tortues (tortoises)

How do you pronounce gateau in French?

What does Jolie mean in the Bible?

messiah Jolie, Pitt newborn given Hebrew name for ‘messiah’

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