What is Keighley famous for?

Local attractions Keighley is the location of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a heritage railway that passes through Haworth (part of the Brontë Country, home of Anne, Charlotte and Emily Brontë) and terminates at Oxenhope. At Ingrow is the Museum of Rail Travel. How do you pronounce Keighley?

What county is Keighley in?

West Yorkshire Keighley, town (parish), Bradford metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of West Yorkshire, historic county of Yorkshire, northern England. It lies along the River Worth near its confluence with the Aire, in a deep valley below gritstone Pennine moors that supply an abundance of soft water. Is Keighley rough?
A BRADFORD district town has been voted in the top 10 worst places to live in England. Keighley has been ranked the seventh worst place in a new survey by the satirical website I Live Here, with a total of 80,172 votes cast.

Is Keighley a Scottish name?

English: habitational name from a place so named in West Yorkshire, recorded in Domesday Book as Chichelai, apparently named with an Old English personal name Cyhha + Old English leah ‘woodland clearing’. Why is Keighley pronounced Keighley?

It depends on the phonetics and history of the particular region. Keighley (pronounced Kay-Lee) is a variant of the Gaelic name Cèilidh.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the name Keighley mean?

slender, pretty ke(i)-gh-ley. Origin:Gaelic. Popularity:10178. Meaning:slender, pretty.

How safe is Keighley?

Keighley is the second most dangerous medium-sized town in West Yorkshire, and is among the top 10 most dangerous overall out of West Yorkshire’s 121 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Keighley in 2020 was 121 crimes per 1,000 people.

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Does Keighley come Bradford?

The Keighley area is one of the largest of the 5 geographical areas that make up the Bradford metropolitan district.

What’s the population of Harrogate?


Harrogate Location within North Yorkshire
Population 75,070 (mid-2016 ONS Estimate)
OS grid reference SE303550
• London 180 mi (290 km) SSE

Where is Keighley West?

Is silsden part of Craven?

The town is part of the Craven ward of the Metropolitan borough of the City of Bradford, part of the Metropolitan county of West Yorkshire.

What is the crime rate in Bradford?

133 crimes per 1,000 people The overall crime rate in Bradford in 2020 was 133 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares poorly to West Yorkshire’s overall crime rate, coming in 22% higher than the West Yorkshire rate of 104 per 1,000 residents.

Are there any nice areas in Bradford?

For example, Lister Park and Peel Park are lovely outdoor areas in Bradford and the amazing landscape of Ilkley Moors is just 30 minutes down the road. The city is also well equipped for cyclists and has plenty of cycle paths and walking paths.

What is the population of Skipton?


Skipton The Gateway to the Dales
Skipton Location within North Yorkshire
Population 14,623 (2011 census)
OS grid reference SD9902851827
• London 185 mi (298 km) SE

How do you spell the name Kayleigh?

The Kayleigh is an Americanized respelling of Kaylee, also a name of American invention. Presumably Kaylee is derived from similar Irish names such as Keela or Keelin. Keelin comes from the Gaelic “Caoilfhinn” (pronounced kale + in) which translates into “slender” (caol) and “white, fair, pure” (finn).

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How do you pronounce Brough Castle?

Brough. The name of this town outside Hull is pronounced ‘bruf’.

What’s the correct pronunciation of Yorkshire?

Modern IPA: jóːkʃə Traditional IPA: ˈjɔːkʃə 2 syllables: YAWK + shuh

How do you pronounce Chop Gate?

One contributor said: “Chop Gate is pronounced Chop Yat. “It is Old Norse for Pedlar’s Way with the ‘Yat’ being an old Norse word for route or gate.”

What kind of name is Keighley?

English: habitational name from a place so named in West Yorkshire, recorded in Domesday Book as Chichelai, apparently named with an Old English personal name Cyhha + Old English leah ‘woodland clearing’. Americanized spelling of German Kiechle (see Kuechle) or Kiechler (see Kuechler).

What’s it like to live in Bingley?

The people – the folk of Bingley are almost all kind, decent people who want the best for their community. They are family minded and want the best for their children. The countryside – within Bingley itself are lovely parks and open spaces that are simply stunning.

Is Shipley a good place to live?

Often considered to be the best place to live in Bradford, Shipley is a historic market town on the River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. … There are also a number of good schools in the area, and a good range of local amenities, including a large supermarket, a market square, and market hall.

Is Ilkley a bad town?

He said: “Ilkley is mostly a friendly town. Some people can be stuck up but it can be like that anywhere and most of the people are fine.” … We have people from all over the world visiting Ilkley. It’s a very friendly place.

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