lamestream. / (ˈleɪmˌstriːm) / noun. informal. the traditional media such as newspapers, television, and radio, considered by some people as old-fashioned and gullible when compared to online news sources such as blogs. Is lamestream a real word?
adjective. Used to refer disparagingly to the mainstream media. … ‘The lamestream media is still making excuses.

What is mainstream society?

Mainstream describes what’s viewed by most people in a society as normal, like the mainstream view that everyone should get married, move to the suburbs, and have children as soon as they can. Something that’s mainstream is conventional, or the usual way of doing things. What do you understand by Orthodox?
The definition of orthodox is someone or something that strictly adheres to religious beliefs or the conventional, normal way of doing things or normal accepted standards. An example of orthodox is a person who abides by all religious doctrine.

What are the new words for 2020?

10 new English words you should know in 2020

Is Bae an acronym?

Bae, Urban Dictionary says, is an acronym that stands for before anyone else, or a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie, and, mostly unrelated, poop in Danish. In addition, bae has appeared in rap songs and countless web memes since the mid-2000’s.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does being a hot mess mean?

disorganized person Hot mess is used to describe a particularly disorganized person or chaotic situation. In some uses, a person described as a hot mess is attractive but just barely keeping it together.

What does disparagingly mean?

: meant to belittle the value or importance of someone or something : serving or intended to disparage someone or something a disparaging term/word …

What does a jeremiad mean?

: a prolonged lamentation or complaint also : a cautionary or angry harangue the warnings became jeremiads against the folly of overemphasis on science and technology at the expense of man’s subjective and emotional life — Ada Louise Huxtable.

What are Psalms laments?

List of Psalms of Communal Lament

What is the meaning of the term bemoaning in context of the passage?

What does scraggly mean?

: irregular in form or growth scraggly hills a scraggly beard also : unkempt.

What is opposite of mainstream?

Opposite of of the most normal, frequent, or regular type. unusual. exceptional. strange. extraordinary.

What are examples of mainstream?

The definition of mainstream is something considered customary or acceptable by a majority of people. Ideas that are in accordance with commonly held beliefs in a society are an example of ideas that would be described as mainstream. The prevailing current of thought, influence, or activity.

Which religion is orthodox?

Orthodox means adhering to accepted norms and creeds – especially in religion. In Christianity, the term means conforming to the Christian faith as represented in the creeds of the early Church.” The Orthodox Church is one of the three main Christian groups – the others are the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.

What is the opposite of orthodox?

orthodoxadjective. adhering to what is commonly accepted. an orthodox view of the world Antonyms: Reformed, heretical, iconoclastic, recusant, heterodox, unorthodox, dissentient, nonconforming, nonconformist, dissident.

What the difference between Orthodox and Catholic?

The Catholic Church believes the pope to be infallible in matters of doctrine. Orthodox believers reject the infallibility of the pope and consider their own patriarchs, too, as human and thus subject to error. … Most Orthodox Churches have both ordained married priests and celibate monastics, so celibacy is an option.

What is the oldest word?

Mother, bark and spit are some of the oldest known words, say researchers. … Mother, bark and spit are just three of 23 words that researchers believe date back 15,000 years, making them the oldest known words. The words, highlighted in a new PNAS paper, all come from seven language families of Europe and Asia.

What are 5 interesting words?

Let’s see which of these craziest words you already know and which ones are new to you:

What are the five new words?

New Words Added to English Dictionaries

What does BF4L stand for?


Acronym Definition
BF4L Best Friends for Life

What does on Fleck mean?

A fleck can also be a fragment of something, like the flecks of peeling paint you might see on the floor in an old building. … Fleck can also be a verb that means dotting or marking something with little spots, like when you fleck paint on the wall to produce a random dotted effect.

What is mess slang?

informal a dirty or untidy person or thing. archaic a portion of food, esp soft or semiliquid food. a place where service personnel eat or take recreationan officers’ mess.

What does Hott mean?

HOTT. Health Occupations For Today And Tomorrow.

What does Hot mess Mom mean?

Though you may not find it in your Oxford dictionary, “Hot Mess” is a term that’s probably familiar to most moms. Simply put, it refers to a person or thing that is disorganized or disheveled. … You might be a hot-mess mom, too, if… Your go-to meals are from your grocer’s freezer.

What is this word contemptuously?

: manifesting, feeling, or expressing deep hatred or disapproval : feeling or showing contempt.

What is a Pillock the insult?

Definition – a very stupid or foolish person. Pillock (which has also on occasion been spelled pilloch, pillok, and pillick) is one of the hundreds of euphemisms for the male sexual organ in the English language.

What does pernicious mean in the Bible?

1 : highly injurious or destructive : deadly. 2 archaic : wicked.

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