What is meant by isodynamic?

adjective. pertaining to or characterized by equality of force, intensity, or the like. noting or pertaining to an imaginary line on the earth’s surface connecting points of equal horizontal intensity of the earth’s magnetic field. What is ISO dynamic system?
(Science: physics) isodynamic lines, lines on the earth’s surface connecting places at which the magnetic intensity is the same. Origin: iso- – dynamic.

How do you use isodynamic in a sentence?

Her belief that her poetry can make artistic and philosophical truths isodynamic has posed a dilemma.Mineral separates were sorted by magnetic susceptibility using a Frantz isodynamic separator. What is the meaning of Isodiametric in science?
having equal diameters or axes. (of a spore or cell) having nearly equal diameters throughout.

What are Isoclinic and Isogonic line?

Isoclinic lines: A line on a map connecting points of equal dips in the earth’s magnetic field. Isogonic lines: The lines traced on the surface of the globe, or upon a chart, connecting places at which the deviation of the magnetic needle from the meridian or true north is the same. What is the Isogonic line?

An isogonic line is a line over the surface of the earth upon which magnetic declination is constant. An agonic line is an isogonic line upon which the declination is zero.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are Isoclinic and Aclinic lines?

A line drawn through all points on the earth’s surface having the same magnetic inclination. … The particular isoclinic line drawn through points of zero inclination is given the special name of aclinic line.

What is a sentence for chronometer?

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Chronometer sentence example. The time of vibration is obtained by means of a chronometer , using the eye-and-ear method. The ship’s chronometer gives the date as being March 21st 3085.

What is an Isodiametric cell which tissue has it?

Iso means same and diametric refers to the dimension of the cell. Parenchyma cells are usually isodiametric or polyhedral. The word is also means having nearly equal diameters throughout. 5 (2) (6)

What is Isodiametric tissue?

Parenchyma is a simple permanent living tissue which is made up of thin-walled similar isodiametric cells. It is the most abundant and common tissue of plants. Typically the cells are isodiametric (all sides equal). Cells may be closely packed or have small intercellular spaces for exchange of gases.

What is Isodiametric growth?

What is isodynamic and Isogonic lines?

Isogonic lines are the lines joining places of equal declination. Isoclinic lines are the lines joining places of equal dip/inclination. Isodynamic lines are the lines joining places of equal horizontal component of earth’s field.

What do you mean by Isogonic & isodynamic lines in magnetic map?

Isoclinic lines are lines connecting those parts where the inclination of the Earth’s magnetic field is the same in amount. In general, an isogon is a line along which an angle is held constant.the term refers to a line of constant magnetic declination.

What do you mean by Isogonic and isodynamic lines in magnetic map?

Isogonic lines join the points of equal declination, agonic lines pass through points of zero declination, isoclinic lines joins the points of equal dip or inclination, aclinic lines join the places of zero dip and isodynamic lines joins the places of same horizontal field.

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What are Isogonic lines used for?

Isogonic lines are calculated in advance and used in setting up observations of solar eclipses.

How do Isogonic lines work?

Isogonic lines are drawn on your sectional charts to show different lines of magnetic variation to help with planning your magnetic heading. To find your magnetic course (in no wind, the heading you see on your compass), you’ll either subtract easterly variation or add westerly variation.

What does Agonic mean?

: not forming an angle.

What is Agonic line surveying?

: an imaginary line on the earth’s surface connecting the north and south magnetic poles and passing through those points where there is no magnetic declination and where a freely suspended magnetic needle indicates true north β€” compare aclinic line, isogonic line.

What are Isoclinic fringes?

Isoclinic fringes are lines of constant stress difference; isochromatic fringes are obtained when the principal stress direction coincides with the polarisation of the polariser.

What is dip in compass surveying?

Magnetic dip results from the tendency of a magnet to align itself with lines of magnetic field. As the Earth’s magnetic field lines are not parallel to the surface, the north end of a compass needle will point downward in the northern hemisphere (positive dip) or upward in the southern hemisphere (negative dip).

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