What is p-Toluidine used for?

p-Toluidine is used as an intermediate in themanufacture of various dyes. It is also usedas a reagent for lignin and nitrites.

What is Iupac name of p-Toluidine?


PubChem CID 7813
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula C7H9N or C6H4CH3NH2
Synonyms p-Toluidine4-Methylaniline 106-49-0 4-Toluidine 4-Methylbenzenamine More…
Molecular Weight 107.15

Is p-Toluidine polar?

It’s polar because of the carboxyl group, but it’s not as polar as say formic acid or acetic acid because of the size of the benzene framework.

Is p-Toluidine primary amine?

Toluidine isomers are based on toluene and differ whether the primary amine is ortho, meta or para to the methyl group. A Primesep 200 column with an ammonium formate buffer or a Primesep 100 column with sodium phosphate baseline resolves the three regioisomers.

Why is P-toluidine soluble in water?

Due to the amino group bonded to the aromatic ring, the toluidines are weakly basic. The toluidines are poorly soluble in pure water but dissolve well in acidic water due to formation of ammonium salts, as usual for organic amines. ortho- and meta-toluidines are viscous liquids, but para-toluidine is a flaky solid.

What functional group is p-toluidine?

An aminotoluene in which the amino substituent is para to the methyl group.

Is P-toluidine saturated or unsaturated?

Para toluidine is the isomer of toluidine and is an aryl amine in which a methyl group is present at the para position of an Aniline. It is aromatic and unsaturated because of the …

Which is more basic aniline or p-toluidine?

In p-toluidine, the presence of electron-donating CH3 group increases the electron density on the N-atom. Thus, p-toluidine is more basic than aniline. NO2 group decreases the electron density over the Natom in p-nitroaniline.

What is the Colour of P-toluidine?

Colorless solid Colorless solid. Melting point 44C (111F). Specific gravity 1.046.

What is the nature of resorcinol?

Resorcinol is a 1,3-isomer (or meta-isomer) of benzenediol with the formula C6H4(OH)2. It is used as an antiseptic and disinfectant in topical pharmaceutical products in the treatment of skin disorders and infections such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, corns, calluses, and warts.

Is P-toluidine soluble in NaOH?

A solution of p-toluidine in diethyl ether is placed in a separatory funnel. …

p-toluidine Soluble Insoluble
benzamide Soluble Insoluble
thymol Soluble Insoluble
sodium benzoate Soluble Insoluble
5% NaOH

What is difference between toluene and toluidine?

is that toluene is (organic compound) a colourless, inflammable liquid hydrocarbon, methylbenzene, ch3c6h5, used as a solvent, in high-octane fuels and in the production of many chemical compounds while toluidine is (organic compound) any of the three isomeric aromatic amines derived from toluene; they are used in the …

How do you make P-toluidine?

p-Acetotoluide is prepared by refluxing 214 g.(2 moles) of commercial p-toluidine with 800 cc. of glacial acetic acid in a 2-l. round-bottomed flask for two hours.

When P-toluidine reacts with chloroform and alcoholic KOH then the product is?

para-isocyano methyl benzene So, the reaction of chloroform with alcoholic KOH with p-toluidine form para-isocyano methyl benzene.

Is 1 propanol water soluble?


Melting point 126 C; 195 F; 147 K
Boiling point 97 to 98 C; 206 to 208 F; 370 to 371 K
Solubility in water miscible
log P 0.329

Why is propanol soluble in ether?

The difference between the ether group and the alcohol group, however, is that the alcohol group is both a hydrogen bond donor and acceptor. The result is that the alcohol is able to form more energetically favorable interactions with the solvent compared to the ether, and the alcohol is therefore more soluble.

What functional group is sodium benzoate?

Carboxylic Acids Additional Information

Product No. D-0288
CAS Number (of the unlabelled compound) 532-32-1
Category Flavours & Fragrances
Functional Groups Carboxylic Acids & Salts

Why is toluene aromatic?

Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon; it is an aromatic compound because a benzene ring is present in its chemical structure and a hydrocarbon because its chemical formula consists only of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

Why is P Methylaniline more basic than aniline?

In the case of p-Nitroaniline, Aniline is substituted with an electron withdrawing nitro group which decreases the electron density on the nitrogen atom. This makes the lone pair of electrons on nitrogen less available for donation, making it less basic. Thus, p-Methylaniline is more basic than p-Nitroaniline.

Why P toluidine is more basic?

In the case of ptoluidine due the hyperconjugation of methyl groups the basicity increases greater than others.

Why aniline is more basic than P-nitroaniline?

Secondly, aniline and p-nitroaniline (first two green shaded structures) are weaker bases due to delocalization of the nitrogen non-bonding electron pair into the aromatic ring (and the nitro substituent).

Is aniline pKa?


Boiling point 184.13 C (363.43 F; 457.28 K)
Solubility in water 3.6 g/100 mL at 20 C
Vapor pressure 0.6 mmHg (20 C)
Acidity (pKa) 4.63 (conjugate acid; H2O)