The basion is the median (midline) point of the anterior margin of the foramen magnum. The apical ligament attaches to it. It is one of the skull landmarks, craniometric points for radiological or anthropological skull measurement.

Is basion a word?

noun Craniometry. the midpoint of the anterior margin of the foramen magnum.

What is basion dens interval?

The basion-dens interval (BDI) is the distance between the basion and the tip of the dens, used in the diagnosis of atlanto-occipital dissociation injuries. It is the distance from the most inferior portion of the basion to the closest point of the superior aspect of the dens in the median (midsagittal) plane.

What is the Basiocciput?

the wedgelike portion of the occipital bone that lies anterior to the foramen magnum and joins with the body of the sphenoid bone. Synonym(s): basilar process of occipital bone [TA], pars basilaris ossis occipitalis [TA], basal part of occipital bone, basilar apophysis, basiocciput.

What is lambda in skull?

The lambda is the midline bony landmark where the lambdoid sutures and sagittal suture meet, between the occipital and two parietal bones. It may be a depression and therefore palpable. Accessory occiptal bones are common near the lambda, usually associated with the lambdoid sutures.

What is clivus anatomy?

The clivus (of Blumenbach) is the sloping midline surface of the skull base anterior to the foramen magnum and posterior to the dorsum sellae 1. Specifically, it is formed by the sphenoid body and the basiocciput, which join at the spheno-occipital synchondrosis.

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What is the rule of Spence?

The Rule of Spence is a radiologic method to evaluate the likelihood of injury to the transverse atlantal ligament (TAL) on an open mouth AP (peg) radiograph.

What movement does the atlanto occipital joint allow?

flexion The movements permitted in this joint are: (a) flexion and extension around the mediolateral axis, which give rise to the ordinary forward and backward nodding of the head. (b) slight lateral motion, lateroflexion, to one or other side around the anteroposterior axis.

What is Jefferson fracture?

A Jefferson fracture is a bone fracture of the vertebra C1. The vertebra C1 is a bony ring, with two wedge-shaped lateral masses, connected by relatively thin anterior and posterior arches and a transverse ligament. The lateral mass on vertebra C1, who is taller, is directed laterally.

What bone does the skull rest on?

Occipital bone
Human skull (Occipital bone is at bottom right).
Position of occipital bone (shown in green)
Articulations the two parietals, the two temporals, the sphenoid, and the atlas

What is back of head called?

occipital bone The occipital bone is a bone that covers the back of your head; an area called the occiput. The occipital bone is the only bone in your head that connects with your cervical spine (neck).

What is the Exoccipital bone?

exoccipital. noun. Definition of exoccipital (Entry 2 of 2) : either of a pair of bones lying one on each side of the foramen magnum and free in lower vertebrates but forming in man a part of the occipital bone.

Does everyone have Sutural bones?

They are found in both sexes as well as in both sides of the skull. Approximately half of Sutural bones are located in the lambdoid suture and fontanel and the masto-occipital suture. The second most common site of incidence (about 25%) is in the coronal suture.

What is craniosynostosis?

Craniosynostosis is a birth defect in which the bones in a baby’s skull join together too early. This happens before the baby’s brain is fully formed. As the baby’s brain grows, the skull can become more misshapen.

What is Lambda and Bregma?

Bregma is the intersection of the two sutures, the coronal suture and the sagittal suture. … Lambda is the upside-down, broad v-shaped point that is indicated by the intersection between the sagittal suture and curved lambdoid suture.

What is the meaning of clivus?

Anatomical terms of bone The clivus (English pronunciation: /’kl. vs/) (Latin for slope) is a bony part of the cranium at the skull base, a shallow depression behind the dorsum sell that slopes obliquely backward.

What is a Clival tumor?

Brain and Skull Base Tumors Clival tumors are growths on the clivus, a portion of bone at the base of the skull. When clival tumors grow, they may invade and damage important nearby structures: cranial nerves, the internal carotid arteries and the brainstem, for example.

Where is Clival located?

skull base The clivus is located in the midline area of the skull base. It is part of the cranium, formed by the basilar part of the occipital bone and the corpus ossis sphenoidalis.

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