What is the common name of Nauclea latifolia?

What is the common name of Nauclea latifolia?

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Species: Nauclea latifolia Sm.
Plant Notes: Nauclea was recently redefined to include Sarcocephalus (Lfstrand et al. 2014).
Status: Not Native

Is African peach edible?

Sarcocephalus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. … Sarcocephalus latifolius has edible fruits known as African peach, Guinea peach, Sierra Leone peach or country fig.

What is the health benefits of Nauclea latifolia?

Nauclea latifolia Smith (Rubiacea) is a small tree, found in tropical areas in Africa. It is used in traditional medicine to treat malaria, epilepsy, anxiety, pain, fever etc.

Is Bangkal fruit edible?

The fruit is edible but not palatable. Enjoy its blooms from July to January. Bangkal is planted as ornamental tree in streets and urban areas. There are 3,600 Philippine native trees.

What is the English name of Nauclea latifolia?

African peach Preferred name: Nauclea latifolia Sm. English names: African peach, Pin cushion tree, Guinea peach, Sierra Leone peach, Bishop’s head.

What is Morinda lucida?

Morinda lucida Benth (Rubiaceae), also referred to as brimstone tree, is an ethnomedicinal plant which has been widely used in traditional medicine for several decades, particularly in the African continent.

What is Egbesi in Yoruba?

Nauclea latifolia, Egbo egbesi in Yoruba, Ubulu inu in Ibo and Tabasiya in Hausa is a Rubiaceae commonly known as pin cushion tree. It is a straggling shrub or small tree of about 10 ft high and is a native of the tropical Africa and Asia.

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What is Bangkal tree in English?

Bangkal is a smooth tree, 7 to 16 meters high. The leaves are leathery, elliptic to oblong-ovate, 11 to 25 centimeters long, blunt-tipped and rounded or heart-shaped at the base. …

Scientific names Common names
Nauclea lutea Blanco Leichhardt pine (Engl.)
Nauclea orientalis Linn. Leichhardt tree (Engl.)

What is the scientific name of Bangkal?

Nauclea orientalis is known by the common names Leichhardt tree, cheesewood, yellow cheesewood, and canary cheesewood. … It is known chiefly as bangkal in the Philippines.

What barangay is Bangkal Makati?

Barangay Cluster: Barangay Bangkal is part of the seven barangays comprising the Southwestern Cluster of Makati City also known as Cluster 2.

What is the common name for Morinda lucida?

Brimstone tree Morinda lucida. Benth.

Botanical Name Morinda lucida.Benth.
Family: Rubiaceae
Genus: Morinda
Species: M. lucida
Common Names: Brimstone tree (English) Arbre a soufre, oruwo (French)

What is Oruwo leaf?

Oruwo leaf has numerous health benefits and medicinal uses. … Oruwo leaf known in Igbo as Brimstone tree in English language, Eze-ogu in igbo language and Morinda Lucida botanically has been used (still being used) in the treatment of malaria and typhoid for centuries (and can be scientifically explained and proven).

What is brimstone tree?

Brimstone tree, botanical name morinda lucida is a medium size tree with short crooked branches. Although it is very bitter, yet the whole plants, leaves, stem bark and roots are known to have medicinal properties.