What is the effect of watering plant on their growth height?

Water helps a plant by transporting important nutrients through the plant. Nutrients are drawn from the soil and used by the plant. Without enough water in the cells, the plant will droop, so water helps a plant to stand upright. Water carries dissolved sugar and other nutrients through the plant. What is the effect of watering plants on their growth height independent variable?
The independent variable should be the amount of water, because the height of the plant is not going to affect the amount of water. The dependent variable would be the height of the plant because it is relying on how much water is being added to it. However, it all depends on what is being tested.

What effect does high temperature have on radish seeds sprouting independent variable?

Answer: The cells of the radish seeds will break due to extreme heat and will die. Do plants need water to grow?
It is required for a seed to sprout, and as the plant grows, water carries nutrients throughout the plant. Water is responsible for several important functions within plant tissues. Water is necessary for photosynthesis, which is how plants use energy from the sun to create their own food.

How does liquid affect plant growth?

Different plants grow with different liquids. Watering plants with different liquids provides the plants with not only the water needed for growth and other functions, but it provides the plant with other gases and nutrients that either support growth. Is height dependent or independent variable?

The dependent variable (height) depends on the independent variable (age). An easy way to think of independent and dependent variables is, when you’re conducting an experiment, the independent variable is what you change, and the dependent variable is what changes because of that.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does water temperature affect plant growth?

The optimum temperature for roots to absorb water and nutrients is around 68°F. … At lower temperatures, the pump mechanism will not work as effectively, while at higher temperatures the plant is less able to take up oxygen from the water.

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Is water independent variable?

The dependent variable is usually what scientists measure in an experiment. … In this case, the amount of water is the independent variable because that is what you’re changing in the experiment: one seed gets a lot of water and the other seed only gets a little water.

How is plant height affected by amount of sunlight it receives?

Plants in the shade are shorter than plants in the sun. Sunlight is related to plant growth. If the amount of sunlight is increased, then plant growth will increase. The hypothesis that plant growth increases as the amount of sunlight increases was supported by the data.

Does different light affect plant growth?

The color of light DOES affect plant growth, but the effect is more noticeable under low light intensity. Red & blue light are most effective for plant growth, while yellow & green have minimal effect. UV light can damage plants, causing leaves to burn. Growers often use supplemental light to optimize plant growth.

Do plants grow better in light or dark experiment?

What effect does high temperature have on the growth of a plant?

The effects of increased temperature exhibit a larger impact on grain yield than on vegetative growth because of the increased minimum temperatures. These effects are evident in an increased rate of senescence which reduces the ability of the crop to efficiently fill the grain or fruit.

What effect does using plant food have on plant growth hypothesis?

If the amount of fertilizer is increased, then plant growth will increase. Sometimes you will see hypothesis written as an “as-the” statement. If the amount of fertilizer applied to plants is increased, then plant growth (height) will increase. As the amount of fertilizer increases the plant growth increases.

What effect does sunlight have on plant growth?

Sunlight provides the energy plants need to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen. The carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis are used for vegetative and reproductive growth and to increase crop biomass. Because solar energy is needed for photosynthesis, it only occurs during daylight.

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How do plants grow in water?

Plants that can be grown in water must extract oxygen from the oxygen dissolved in the water. … It is also possible to grow plants hydroponically. Hydroponically grown plants are grown in a solution of water containing the necessary plant nutrients.

What happens when a plant is watered?

Water enters a plant through its stem and travels up to its leaves. When a plant is properly hydrated, there is enough water pressure to make the leaves strong and sturdy; when a plant doesn’t get enough water, the pressure inside the stems and leaves drops and they wilt. Plants also need water for photosynthesis.

Does the type of water affect plant growth?

The types of water used for every kind of plant have a significant effect on their growth. … Watering the plants frequently also helps them for healthier and faster development. Different plants need different volumes of water to transport the nutrients. All plants need light, water, nutrients, and oxygen to survive.

Will watering a plant with a liquid other than water help a plant grow?

Plants can be watered with various liquids. Plants need three main elements in order to grow: water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. … Plants can also grow when watered with other liquids.

What liquid will make plants grow faster?

1. Carbonated water. Carbonated water induces plant growth as the bubbles are carbon dioxide. As a result, if you want your plant to grow faster, you can use carbonated water.

Can plants grow in milk?

Using Milk The protein and fats contained in milk make it difficult for plants to absorb water. However, milk contains enzymes and fungicidal properties that may restrain growth of mold and bacteria. When diluted with water, it may help to fight various diseases including fungi that may harm the plant’s growth.

What variable is the height of the plant depend on?

independent variable Plant height is the dependent variable that responds to the change in the independent variable. Each plant is exposed to an equal amount of sunlight, so sunlight is the control variable.

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Is plant growth an independent variable?

In the plant experiment shown in the Figure below, the dependent variable is plant growth. The variable that affects the dependent variable is called the independent variable. In the plant experiment, the independent variable could be fertilizer—some plants will get fertilizer, others will not.

Is height the explanatory variable?

The explanatory variable is height and the response variable is head circumference.

Does hot water make plants grow faster?

Though some plants do well in higher external temperatures, plants do not benefit from excessively hot water. There is also a common misconception that hot water will make plants grow faster or increase flower production, but this too is false. Turning up the heat on water used in plant care can damage plants.

What happens if you water your plants with hot water?

As long as you don’t overheat the roots of your plant and you protect the leaves and crown from the heat, watering with hot water will have no harmful effects. In fact, it’s better to water with hot water than it is to water with very cold water.

Is it OK to water plants in the sun?

So, is it okay to water plants in the sun? It is perfectly fine to water plants in full sunlight. While many gardeners will claim otherwise, watering in the middle of the day will not ‘burn’ or harm your plants in any way.

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