What is the formula of indicated horsepower?

Indicated horsepower is the theoretical power produced in a reciprocating engine if it is completely frictionless in converting the expanding gas energy in the cylinders. The piston area equals [Pi]/4 times the piston bore squared. … Formula.

symbol description physical quantity
P mean effective pressure Pressure

What is indicated horsepower vs brake horsepower?
definition. … sizes, is often expressed as indicated horsepower, which is determined from the pressure in the cylinders. Brake or shaft horsepower is less than indicated horsepower by the amount of power lost to friction within the engine itself, which may amount to 10 percent or more of the indicated horsepower.

What is indicated horse power in an engine?

Horsepower refers to the power an engine produces. It’s calculated through the power needed to move 550 pounds one foot in one second or by the power needs to move 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute. The power is gauged by the rate it takes to do the work. What is indicated horsepower IHP?
: the power developed in the cylinders of an engine as calculated from the average pressure of the working fluid, the piston area, the stroke, and the number of working strokes per minute.

Why is indicated power higher than brake power?

Therefore, from the aforementioned the engine was found to develop more indicated power for any given speed than the brake power since friction power is the difference in indicated and brake powers available within the engine. What is the relation between brake power and indicated power?

The difference between indicated power and brake power is as follows. First of all, by indicated power we mean GROSS indicated power, the total work done by gas on piston during compression and power strokes. The brake power is the power available at the dynamometer. The difference is called friction power.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is 1 HP equal to a horse?

Does one horsepower equal one horse?Not quite. It’s a common misconception that one horsepower is equal to the peak power production of a horse, which is capable of a maximum of around 14.9 horsepower. By comparison, a human being is capable of approximately five horsepower at peak power production.

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Why do the British say brake horsepower?

The horsepower rating of an engine is usually measured on a dynamometer, which is a form of mechanical brake used to apply variable loads to a running engine so that torque and power may be calculated at different engine revs – hence brake horsepower (which is always quoted at a given RPM).

How do you measure indicated power?

The total indicated power is calculated as follows. … The power produced by each cylinder unit is given by P*L*A*N *2* π /60 kw., where :

  1. P is the mean effective pressure given in KN/M. …
  2. L is the length of stroke given in.
  3. A is the area of bore of each cylinder given in M2.
  4. N IS the RPM measured from counter readings .

What is the difference between indicated and brake power of an engine?

Explanation: Indicated power is defined as the total power developed by combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber while brake power is defined as the power developed by an engine at the output shaft and mean effective pressure is defined as the hypothetical pressure which is thought to be acting on the piston …

What is the difference between SI and CI engine?

How is horsepower related to the SI unit of power?

The electrical equivalent of one horsepower is 746 watts in the International System of Units (SI), and the heat equivalent is 2,545 BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour. Another unit of power is the metric horsepower, which equals 4,500 kilogram-metres per minute (32,549 foot-pounds per minute), or 0.9863 horsepower.

What Does BHP stand for horsepower?

Brake Horsepower What is Brake Horsepower (bhp) However, Brake Horsepower (bhp) is often used as a more realistic measurement of power. This is because bhp considers the power left after other car parts are working such as the gearbox, alternator, and water pump as well as any loss of power due to friction.

What is indicated thermal efficiency?

Indicated thermal efficiency is the ratio of indicated power (ip) and energy in fuel per second. η ith= ip (KJ/s)/ energy in fuel per second (KJ/s) Indicated power is defined as the sum of friction power and brake power.

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How do you find the indicated horsepower?

Since hp is defined as work done at the rate of 33,000 ft-lb per minute, the total number of ft-lb of work performed by the engine is divided by 33,000 to find the indicated horsepower.

What is indicated power in thermodynamics?

The indicated power is partially consumed in overcoming the frictional forces within the engine and setting the auxiliary mechanisms in motion. The indicated power may be defined as the sum of the power produced at the crankshaft (actual horsepower) and the power consumed by losses (friction horsepower).

What is friction horsepower?

: power lost especially in an internal-combustion engine through friction between parts of the machine itself.

Which is more brake power or indicated power?

Brake Power: This is the actual power available at the crankshaft and may be called the power output of the engine. It is always less than indicated power.

What is indicated power in IC engine?

The indicated power of an I.C engine is the total power developed within the cylinder in one complete cycle neglecting any losses. It is the sum total of the brake power and the friction power of an engine. … An Indicator diagram is taken to access the performance of each cylinder unit for an engine.

What is BSFC in engine?

Brake-specific fuel consumption (BSFC) is a measure of the fuel efficiency of any prime mover that burns fuel and produces rotational, or shaft power. It is typically used for comparing the efficiency of internal combustion engines with a shaft output.

What is indicated work done?

The work produced is due to the gas pressure on the piston. … For a finite volume change, work is given by: The work is can also be represented per unit mass of fuel and air, the specific work. The specific volume is also given by: This work, W, is called the indicated work and will be represented as Wi.

What is indicated torque?

The indicated torque is the maximum available torque that is applied at each crankshaft segment for the corresponding cylinder. Typically, between each crankshaft “throw” are sleeve bearings that have friction.

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What is Torque vs horsepower?

So when you feel your neck push back into your seat after slamming on the gas, that’s the torque at work. Now when it comes to how fast your car can go, that’s where the horsepower takes over. Horsepower is why certain cars with turbocharged V8 or better engines can hit top speeds of 300 mph.

How many horsepower is a donkey?

A unit of power equal to 250 watts; it is approximately ⅓ horsepower.

How many horsepower is a duck?

1 horsepower is equal to moving 75kg at 1 m/s, a duck can lift 25% of it’s weight, if a duck weighs ~1kg, 300 ducks is required to move 75kg at a speed of 1m/s, so 1 horsepower is actually 300 duckpower….

What is the difference between American horsepower and British horsepower?

Explanation: 1 Imperial unit of horsepower = 1.014 Metric – a small but not insignificant difference.. dchalifo: This conversion factor doesn’t work. The Mazda RX8 is listed at 231 hp in UK and as 238 hp in America.

How much horsepower does Usain Bolt have?

The data shows that Bolt’s force peaks during the first second of the race, and after that remains relatively consistent. His speed peaked around 7 seconds into the race, at over 27 mph. The researchers calculated a maximum power output of about 3.5 horsepower.

How much horsepower does a F1 car have?

The best way to determine how much raw power an engine has is to look at its horsepower. For the 2021 F1 season, it is predicted that the engines have approximately 1050 HP. Some of that power is stored in the electrical unit. While the car generates speed and power, the energy gets stored in this unit.

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