What is the mean of lapse?

1 : to slip, pass, or fall gradually The conversation lapsed into silence. 2 : to come to an end : cease The car insurance lapsed. lapse. noun. ˈlaps “,What does lapse into mean?,1 : to begin using or doing (something that should be avoided) for a short period of time He’s a good writer but he occasionally lapses into jargon. 2 : to begin to be in (a worse or less active state or condition) The crowd lapsed into silence. The patient lapsed into a coma.”
Is it lapse or lapsed?

An example of lapse is to slip into unconsciousness. An example of lapse is when your driver’s license has expired. An example of lapse is to stop going to church as required by your religion. An example of lapse is when your homeowner’s insurance becomes inactive because you failed to pay the bill.

What does it mean to let something lapse? to come to an end; stop: We let our subscription to that magazine lapse. to fall, slip, or sink; subside: to lapse into silence. to fall into disuse: The custom lapsed after a period of time. to deviate or abandon principles, beliefs, etc.: to lapse into heresy.
What does do not lapse mean?

When policyholders stop paying premiums and when the account value of the insurance policy has already been exhausted, the policy lapses. A policy does not lapse each and every time a premium payment is missed. Insurers are legally bound to give a grace period to policyholders before the policy falls into a lapse.

How do you use lapse in a sentence? Lapse in a Sentence

  1. Without sleep, you are likely to have a lapse in reason, being unable to think clearly.
  2. His lapse in judgement led him to fall behind in his studies.
  3. If you want to quit smoking, you cannot have a lapse and return to your old habit.
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What does it mean to lapse into silence?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

to start speaking or behaving in a less active or acceptable way: No one could think of anything more to say, and the meeting lapsed into silence.

What does lapse of Judgement mean?

temporary lack A lapse of something such as concentration or judgment is a temporary lack of that thing, which can often cause you to make a mistake.

What does interminably mean?

: having or seeming to have no end especially : wearisomely protracted an interminable sermon.

Will lapsed?

Put simply, lapse is the term used in estate law to describe what happens when a Will grants money or property to someone who died before the testator (the person who wrote the Will). A lapse can happen for many reasons such as not having the time to update your Will to remove a deceased beneficiary.

How long does it take for a policy to lapse?

The terms and conditions of long-term insurance policies often state that a policy lapses 30 days after a premium has not been paid.

While lapse refers to the termination of policies without payout to policyholders, surrender usually indicates that a surrender value is paid out to the policyholder.

What is a lapse in service?

Lapse in Service means a cessation in the provision of a Laboratory Service/Benefit that a facility is approved to provide.

What is communication lapse?

In general, the communication lapses fall into two broad categories – sending and receiving messages. Sometimes, Sugrue said, problems stem from nurses spending an inordinate amount of time looking for a colleague, information about a patient or equipment and supplies. … Meanwhile, nurses face a digital divide.

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What is revival policy?

Definition: Insurance policy lapses when the insured defaults on the payments of renewal premium beyond a grace period. … This period offered by the insurer to revive the policy and avail benefits pertaining to it is termed as revival period.

What is the synonym of lapse?

Some common synonyms of lapse are blunder, error, mistake, and slip. While all these words mean a departure from what is true, right, or proper, lapse stresses forgetfulness, weakness, or inattention as a cause.

What is lapse date?

Lapse Date means, with reference to the distribution of a security that has been qualified under a simplified prospectus, the date that is 12 months after the date of the most recent simplified prospectus relating to the security.

What does snuff out mean?

1. Extinguish, put a sudden end to, as in Three young lives were snuffed out in that automobile accident. This usage alludes to snuff in the sense of “put out a candle by pinching the wick,” an area itself called snuff from the late 1300s on. [ Mid-1800s]

How do you lapse a Judgement?

It was understandable and probably justified, but it was a lapse of judgment to send it before consulting the board. Sometimes the person who has had a temporary lapse of judgment feels the most tremendous remorse, and no sentence can properly compensate the family.

What’s another word for lapse of Judgement?

“The company already has procedures in place to deal with the recent security lapse.” … What is another word for lapse?

error slip
distortion misstatement
underestimate boo boo
error of judgement misprint
small mistake misreading of the situation
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What does petulantly mean?

1 : insolent or rude in speech or behavior. 2 : characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor : peevish.

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