What is the meaning of being concerned?

: feeling worry or concern. : having an interest or involvement in something. : having a relation to something.

Is it concern or concerned?

The adjective form of concern is concerned. I am concerned. The past participle/past tense form of regret is regretted, but the adjective form is regretful. The past participle/past tense form of concern is concerned, and the adjective form is also concerned.

Is concerned in sentence?

(1) The loss was a tragedy for all concerned . (2) We all concerned for her safety. (3) We have become concerned with regards to ….. (4) Divorce is very painful, especially when children are concerned.

What is another word for very concerned?

What is another word for concerned?

anxious bothered
worried distressed
disturbed perturbed
uneasy alarmed
nervous uptight

Is concerned a feeling?

It can be a feeling of sympathy, like when your mom expresses concern over your obsession with pizza crust. As a verb, concern means to be relevant to something.

Is concern positive or negative?

The word concerned is a positive word.

Are concerned with meaning?

1 : interested in She was more concerned with flirting than with getting the job done. 2 : having to do with : about The memo is chiefly concerned with hiring policies.

Have been concerned Meaning?

1. to be of interest or importance to; affect; involve: Drug abuse concerns us all. … 3. to interest or engage (used reflexively or in the passive): to concern oneself with every aspect of a business. 4. to trouble, worry, or disquiet; disturb: Your headaches concern me. n. 5.

How do you use the word concern?

Their friend’s health is a constant concern. His concern with the well-being of his family is obvious. She has always shown genuine concern for the poor. I appreciate your concern, but there’s really nothing you can do to help.

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What is a Gerent?

: one that rules or manages.

Is concerned with synonym?

What is another word for concerned with?

over about
with regards to with respects to
with respect to as far as
dealing with in the matter of
in view of on the topic of

What is the difference between concern and care?

As nouns the difference between concern and care is that concern is that which affects one’s welfare or happiness while care is (obsolete) grief, sorrow.

What is the best synonym for concerned?


  • anxious.
  • distressed.
  • disturbed.
  • troubled.
  • uneasy.
  • uptight.
  • bothered.
  • exercised.

How do you describe someone who is concerned?

worried Add to list Share. The adjective worried describes someone who’s uneasy or troubled about something. … Someone with a worried frown on his face always seems concerned.

What does to all those concerned mean?

expression meaning that a situation is no longer certain or predictable and that anything can happen.

What does it mean when someone says they are concerned about you?

concerned about (someone or something) Worried about someone or something.

What does it mean to express concerns?

to say or show that you’re worried about something.

What part of speech is concerned?

verb concern

part of speech: verb
inflections: concerns, concerning, concerned
definition 1: to have to do with something; be connected with something. This matter is between your father and me. It does not concern you. synonyms: affect similar words: influence, regard, relate to

What is the meaning of concern for others?

Concern for Others. Definition. Must be able to consider the needs and difficulties of others and take an active interest in their feelings, capabilities and perspectives in order to assist them with the difficulties they face and act with integrity, warmth and concern.

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Does concerned mean worried?

Being concerned is an adaptive and constructive way of thinking that really prepares you for life’s challenges. Being worried, on the other hand, is a circular, destructive kind of thinking that leads to a life of stress, anxiety, or panic.

Do not be concerned Meaning?

: not something one is responsible for or involved in Her affairs are not my concern.

Where am I concerned Meaning?

used when you are giving your opinion about something, especially when this may be different from other people’s opinions. As far as I’m concerned, the issue is over and done with. That’s fine, as far as we’re concerned. Synonyms and related words. Ways of giving your opinion.

What is concerned in English grammar?

adjective. If you are concerned to do something, you want to do it because you think it is important. We were very concerned to keep the staff informed about what we were doing. More Synonyms of concerned. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What are examples of concerns?

Concern means to deal or be involved with or to cause an anxious feeling. An example of concern is someone becoming involved with another’s business matters. An example of concern is someone being worried about their friend who has left a party angry.

What is the synonym of concerns?

Some common synonyms of concern are anxiety, care, solicitude, and worry. While all these words mean a troubled or engrossed state of mind or the thing that causes this, concern implies a troubled state of mind because of personal interest, relation, or affection.

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What is a concern letter?

Letter of concern means a non-disciplinary advisory letter to notify a respondent that the finding of the Superintendent does not warrant disciplinary action, but is nonetheless cause for concern on the part of the Superintendent and that its continuation may result in disciplinary action. Sample 1. Sample 2.

What is Concents?

Concent, kon-sent, n. a harmony or concord of sounds: concert of voices.

Is concerning a real word?

The use of concerning as an adjective, meaning giving cause for concern, is decried by some as being a misuse of the present participle of the verb concern. … Both participles are from the transitive sense of the verb frighten.

Where do we use concern?

When concern is used as a noun, it expresses worry about a situation: There is growing concern that the climbers may have lost their lives. He expressed deep concern about the way in which the elections had been held.

How do you use concern in a sentence?

The teacher wanted to meet with the parent concerning her son. The phone call was concerning the school incident. We had a staff meeting concerning the new policy. The president met with employees concerning the merger.

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