: to begin to produce or do (something) suddenly She burst into laughter/tears.

What does I’m bursting mean?

impatient because you want very much to do something. bursting to do something: I’m absolutely bursting to tell you what’s happened.

What is meant by Brust?

Definition of brust [brust] A dialectal variant of burst: as, “like to brust,” A bristle. ( Bristled; enraged.

What do shrieks mean?

1 : to utter a sharp shrill sound. 2a : to cry out in a high-pitched voice : screech. b : to suggest such a cry (as by vividness of expression) neon colors shrieked for attention Calvin Tomkins. transitive verb.

What burst means?

: to suddenly enter a room and interrupt (someone or something) They just burst in on us without even knocking on the door.

What does bursting mean slang?

2 : to want very much to do (something one is not yet able to do) I’m bursting to tell you the news, but I have to talk to Ken first. 3 British, informal : to need to urinate very badly.

What does busted mean in slang?

(slang) Caught in the act of doing something one shouldn’t do. I saw you take that cookie from the cookie jar! You’re busted! … (slang) Broke; having no money. I’d like to help you, but I’m busted.

What is the base of burst?

Conjugation of verb ‘Burst’

Base Form (Infinitive): To Burst
Past Simple: Burst
Past Participle: Burst
3rd Person Singular: Bursts
Present Participle/Gerund: Bursting

What is burst Class 9?

When the rain stops after a few hours and we see the clear sky it is termed as a break of the monsoon and when rain lasts for a long period of time it is termed as a burst of the monsoon. Burst of the monsoon is when normal rainfall increases suddenly and it lasts constantly for several days.

What is the meaning of bursting of a balloon?

1 to break or cause to break open or apart suddenly and noisily, esp. from internal pressure; explode.

What is shriek in a sentence?

v. utter a shrill cry. 1, He suddenly let out a piercing shriek. 2, She gave a little shriek of delight.

What does shrieks sound like?

The definition of a shriek is a high-pitched scream or cry often made when angry, scared or in pain. The high-pitched sound you make when you see a ghost is an example of a shriek. … To make a loud, sharp, piercing cry or sound, as certain animals, or a person in terror, pain, or laughter; screech.

What does streaking mean?

noun. an act or instance of running naked through a public place.

Is there a word burst?

Burst is a verb that means to pop or explode. The word burst is used when conjugating this verb into past, present, and future tenses.

Is burst into tears an idiom?

Fig. to begin to cry suddenly. After the last notes of her song, the audience burst into tears, such was its beauty and tenderness. The children burst into tears on hearing of the death of their dog.

What does burst out mean?

1 : to begin (doing something) suddenly They both burst out laughing. 2 : to say (something) suddenly Everyone burst out Surprise! as he walked through the door.

What is the sentence of bursting?

Bursting sentence example. And bursting into tears she hid her face in her handkerchief and rushed from the room. I shall tell!cried Sonya, bursting into tears.

What does full to bursting mean?

(to be) full to bursting: (to be) very full, stuffed. idiom. The day before Thanksgiving, the supermarkets are full to bursting.

How do you use burst in a sentence?

Burst sentence example

Is Busting a bad word?

Historically bust is derived from a dialect pronunciation of burst and is related to it much as cuss is related to curse. Bust is both a noun and a verb and has a wide range of meanings for both uses. Many are slang or informal. A few, as a decline in economic conditions, depression, are standard.

What is basted in love?

(slang) turned down in a romantic relationship; rejected by a romantic interest quotations

How do you use busted in a sentence?

14, You guys are so busted! 15, He was busted for being absent without leave. 16, He busted up his knee in the accident. … out of working order (`busted’ is an informal substitute for `broken’).

  1. The company has busted up.
  2. The lights are busted.
  3. Soldiers got in a fight and busted up the bar.