What is the meaning of enthusiastic person?

noun. someone who is very interested in something or excited by it and spends time doing it or learning about it.

Does enthusiastic mean happy?

Enthusiasm is defined as a lively interest for someone or something. An example of enthusiasm is a child’s great happiness at starting his first ceramics class. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. …

What is enthusiastic example?

The definition of enthusiastic is having great excitement or interest in something. An example of someone enthusiastic is a child eagerly awaiting her first trip to Disney World. … Having or showing enthusiasm; ardent.

What is a synonym for Luddite?

opponent resister opposer antagonist adversary any opponent… Luddite.

What word means enthusiastic?

Synonyms & Antonyms of enthusiastic

  • agog,
  • antsy,
  • anxious,
  • ardent,
  • athirst,
  • avid,
  • crazy,
  • desirous,

How do you use enthusiastic?

  1. Film critics are largely enthusiastic about the thriller.
  2. He was quite enthusiastic about the idea.
  3. Mrs Neil did not seem particularly enthusiastic about her job.
  4. She’s all enthusiastic about America now that she’s been there.
  5. The audience was wildly enthusiastic.
  6. We were enthusiastic in our support of him.

How do you use the word enthusiastic?

Enthusiastic in a Sentence

  1. The enthusiastic crowd cheered and clapped wildly, screaming Donald’s name.
  2. As an enthusiastic person, I like to create an atmosphere of excitement and thrill wherever I go.
  3. Howard is an enthusiastic teacher who is always looking for new ways to excite his students.

Is enthusiastic a skill?

Enthusiasm is a Disciplined Skill Having enthusiasm in your life is like learning to walk, it is a discipline of intention and effort. The more you work at it, the more steady you become.

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What is the real meaning of enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity that you like and enjoy or that you think is important. Their skill and enthusiasm has gotten them on the team. countable noun. An enthusiasm is an activity or subject that interests you very much and that you spend a lot of time on.

How do you describe enthusiasm?

1 : strong excitement about something : a strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy The party supported its candidate with enthusiasm. He seems to lack enthusiasm for the work he’s doing.

How do you use enthusiastic in a sentence?

Enthusiastic sentence example

  1. Jonathan was enthusiastic enough about his chores. …
  2. Their enthusiastic whispering was audible to those three rows away. …
  3. (iii.) …
  4. She was at this time, and indeed generally, enthusiastic for a mixture of Rousseauism and constitutionalism in politics.

What is the synonym of Myriad?

adjective. 1’the myriad lights of the city’ innumerable, countless, infinite, numberless, unlimited, untold, limitless, unnumbered, immeasurable, multitudinous, numerous, manifold, multiple, legion, several, many, various, sundry, diverse, multifarious. literary divers. rare innumerous, unnumberable.

Which is the closest antonym for the word exacerbate?

antonyms for exacerbate

  • aid.
  • alleviate.
  • appease.
  • calm.
  • delight.
  • help.
  • improve.
  • make happy.

What does Luddites mean?

: one of a group of early 19th century English workmen destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest broadly : one who is opposed to especially technological change The Luddite argued that automation destroys jobs.

What is the best synonym for enthusiastic?


  • anxious.
  • ardent.
  • avid.
  • concerned.
  • eager.
  • earnest.
  • exuberant.
  • fanatical.
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What is enthusiastic antonym?

antonyms for enthusiast

  • adversary.
  • enemy.
  • opponent.
  • critic.
  • detractor.
  • pessimist.

What is a synonym and antonym for enthusiastic?

enthusiasticadjective. having or showing great excitement and interest. enthusiastic crowds filled the streets; an enthusiastic response; was enthusiastic about taking ballet lessons Antonyms: cold, unenthusiastic, halfhearted, half-hearted, tepid, lukewarm.

How do you demonstrate enthusiasm?

There are many ways in which an individual might demonstrate enthusiasm in the workplace. For example, in a job interview, he or she might smile, sit up straight, make eye contact, and discuss training and work experiences in an upbeat manner.

What is the sentence of Emperor?

1. The Emperor lived in the Palace. 2. Emperor Akihito of Japan has been enthroned in Tokyo.

What is a sentence for formidable?

Formidable Sentence Examples He does have a formidable temper, you know. Two formidable men stood on either side. Josh was no stranger to a fistfight, and he was considered by many to be a formidable opponent. The girls had a large amount of respect for their formidable grandfather.

What are your top 3 skills?

Here are the seven essential employability skills with examples:

  1. Positive attitude. Being calm and cheerful when things go wrong.
  2. Communication. You can listen and say information clearly when you speak or write.
  3. Teamwork. …
  4. Self-management. …
  5. Willingness to learn. …
  6. Thinking skills (problem solving and decision making) …
  7. Resilience.

How do you make employees enthusiastic?

How to Inspire Enthusiasm in Your Employees

  1. Give them an inspiring purpose. …
  2. Acknowledge their work. …
  3. Become their advocate. …
  4. Help them improve. …
  5. Communicate openly with them. …
  6. Promote teamwork among them. …
  7. Deal with demotivators.
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Why is being enthusiastic important?

Consider the benefits of being enthusiastic: more productive, more confident, others will view you in a more positive light, and lastly, you’ll experience more peace of mind at the end of each day. That being said, we’ve all experienced the difficulty of staying motivated and enthusiastic at work.

Is enthusiasm a feeling?

You have to find your passion in order to feel enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is one of the most divine feelings we can experience. Enthusiasm is energy vibrating at the highest level, energy vibrating in tune with creation. … The word Enthusiasm has its roots in the Greek language; it literally means the God within .

Why does sympathetic mean?

Sympathetic means having sympathyhaving the same emotions as someone else, especially sadness. Being sympathetic in this way is usually understood to mean that you feel bad for someone because they are in a negative situation. … To be sympathetic toward someone is to sympathize with them.