What is the meaning of itinerate?

intransitive verb. : to travel a preaching or judicial circuit. Who were itinerants?
traveling from place to place, especially on a circuit, as a minister, judge, or sales representative; itinerating; journeying. characterized by such traveling: itinerant preaching.

What does Intenerated mean?

make tender transitive verb. : to make tender : soften. What is an itinerary worker?
A person who moves from place to place to find a job. An itinerant worker is not confined to a single place and often does not own property. Itinerant workers are most common in sectors with a large number of temporary jobs or a high degree of seasonality.

What is a synonym for iteration?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for iteration, like: repetition, reiteration, restatement, redundancy, monotony, looping, loop, emphasis, fft, millisecond and vertex. What is non itinerant?

Itinerant retailers are traders who don’t have a fixed place of business to operate from whereas non itinerant retailers are traders who have a fixed place of business to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is itinerant business?

Itinerant Business means the business of soliciting, attempting to take orders, selling and/or delivery of services, goods, wares, food or merchandise of any kind within the corporate limits of the City, which is not conducted from a permanent structure affixed to real property.

What do you mean by itinerant group?

Itinerant groups include craftspersons, pedlars and entertainers who travel from place to place practising their different occupations.

How do you pronounce Blue Exorcist?

How do you use itinerant in a sentence?

Itinerant sentence example

  1. The work of the itinerant instructors is very varied. …
  2. With a salary granted to him by parliament he resumed his itinerant preaching in Wales. …
  3. As an itinerant auctioneer he became well acquainted with the Germans in the S.E. …
  4. In this state it is sold to itinerant dealers.
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Which is the closest synonym for the word itinerant?

Which of the following are known as itinerants?

Itinerant retailers may be of four types. They are Hawkers and peddlers, cheap jacks, market traders; and street traders.

What is itinerant salesman?

Itinerant magazine salesman means any person, either principal, agent or employee, who engages in a temporary or transient business in this city of traveling from house to house soliciting orders for magazine subscriptions or renewals.

What is an itinerant family?

An itinerant is a person who moves from place to place, typically for work, like the itinerant preacher who moves to a new community every few years. … Today, almost anyone can be an itinerant.

What is an example of an iteration?

Iteration is the process of repeating steps. For example, a very simple algorithm for eating breakfast cereal might consist of these steps: … repeat step 3 until all cereal and milk is eaten.

What is the opposite of iterative?

iterativeadjective. Antonyms: noniterative. Synonyms: repeated, repetitive, frequentative.

What is iterative thinking?

So “being iterative” means that you make your way through work by repeatedly processing a limited number of steps, with each successive pass bringing you closer to your end goal. … In conceiving this blog — using iterative thinking — I started by first making a high-level pass through a clear set of steps.

What is itinerant and non itinerant?

Itinerant means traveling from place to place. Itinerant retailers have no fixed place of business. They move from place to place for selling their goods to the consumers. Itinerant sell in small quantities. Non intinerant retainers are fixed at one place.

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What are cheap jacks in business?

Cheap Jack and cheapjack are colloquial terms used to describe peddlers or street vendors operating outside of the formal economy. … Such peddlers may operate as door-to-door salespeople or street vendors, particularly in urban environments and near formal markets, fairs, and other commercial gatherings.

Who are itinerant retailers?

Itinerant Retailers. These are retailers who do not have a fixed decided place of business. Their business is characterized by moving their shops around, sometimes even on a daily basis. Their sale is to the final consumers of the goods, so they are retailers, even if they do not have a standard place of business.

What is itinerant food services?

Itinerant food vending establishment means a food vending business serving food or drink from any establishment or conveyance without fixed location and without connection to water supply and sewage disposal systems.

What is meant by the term itinerant explain any three types of itinerant?

Retailers who do not have any fixed place to carry out their business activities are known as itinerant traders. They have to move from one place to another along with their goods in search of consumers. Various types of itinerant traders are as follows : Peddlars and hawkers : These are the oldest form of retailers.

What do you mean by itinerant retailers write any 3 features of it?

1. They are small traders operating with limited resources. 2. They normally deal in consumer products of daily use such as toiletry products, fruits and vegetables. 3.

Who were itinerant class 7?

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Ans. Itinerant groups, such as craftspersons, pedlars and entertainers travel from place to place practising their different occupations.

What is an itinerant lifestyle?

countable noun. An itinerant is someone whose way of life involves traveling around, usually someone who is poor and homeless.

Who were in itinerant groups Class 7?

Answer: Itinerant groups are craftspersons, pedlars and entertainers who travel from place to place practicing their different occupations.

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