What is the meaning word of buttress?

A buttress is an exterior support projecting from a wall that is used to resist the sideways force, also called thrust, created by the load on an arch or roof. … In addition, it was also in the 14th century that buttress was first used as a verb meaning to support or strengthen, literally and figuratively.

What was a buttress used for?

buttress, in architecture, exterior support, usually of masonry, projecting from the face of a wall and serving either to strengthen it or to resist the side thrust created by the load on an arch or a roof.

What is the synonym of buttress?

strengthen, reinforce, fortify, support, prop up, bolster up, shore up, underpin, cement, brace, uphold, confirm, defend, maintain, back up, buoy up.

Can buttress be used as a verb?

To buttress is to sustain or reinforce. … Picture this when you use buttress figuratively as a verb meaning to strengthen and support.

What is the best synonym of buttressed?


  • bolstered,
  • bore,
  • braced,
  • carried,
  • propped (up),
  • shored (up),
  • stayed,
  • supported,

What is the definition outcropping?

1 : a coming out of bedrock or of an unconsolidated deposit to the surface of the ground. 2 : the part of a rock formation that appears at the surface of the ground.

Why do churches have buttresses?

A buttress is a structure built against another structure in order to strengthen or support it. Historically, buttresses have been used to strengthen large walls or buildings such as churches. This thrust is carried by the flying buttress away from the building and down the pier to the ground. …

What is buttress bone?

Bony Buttresses of the Facial Skeleton These buttresses define the vertical height of the face and provide the bony support required for mastication. Masticatory forces imparted to the midface are transferred to the skull base through the ZM, NM and PM buttresses.

What does a spire look like?

A spire is a tall, slender, pointed structure on top of a roof or tower, especially at the summit of church steeples. A spire may have a square, circular, or polygonal plan, with a roughly conical or pyramidal shape. … Small or short spires are known as spikes, spirelets, or flches.

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What is the opposite of buttress?

Opposite of to strengthen or provide support to. weaken. let down. undermine. discourage.

What is the antonyms of buttress?

Antonyms. disallow forbid boycott disapproval negate.

What is the word for comparing two things?

Simile: A comparison of two different things using the word like or as. Page 1.

How do you use buttress in a sentence?

Buttress sentence example We emerge at the foot of a huge rocky buttress to delightful grassy pastures. Its walls are lofty and supported by buttress bastions with loopholed turrets at intervals; the fortifications, however, are but of hard clay and are much out of repair.

What does steely resolve mean?

hard, strong, and determined Steely is used to emphasize that a person is hard, strong, and determined. […]

What is buttressed core system?

Buttressed core is a structural system for high buildings, consisting of a hexagonal core reinforced by three buttresses that form a Y shape.

What refuted means?

1 : to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous. 2 : to deny the truth or accuracy of refuted the allegations. Other Words from refute Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About refute.

What is propped up?

1 : to stop (something) from falling or slipping by placing something under or against it We propped up the beams with long boards. propped the plant stems up. 2 : to give help, encouragement, or support to (someone) His faith propped him up in times of crisis.

What is a synonym for Byzantine?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for byzantine, like: complex, complicated, involved, byzantium, intricate, daedal, daedalian, involute, knotty, tangled and simple. Words That Rhyme With Orange.

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What does dank mean in slang?

When not describing something as moist and humid like a basement, dank is a slang term describing something as excellent, especially marijuana. Dank can also refer to memes that are played out or extremely weird.

What is a synonym for outcropping?

springing (up), surfacing.

What are outcropping with ridges?

An outcrop is an area of land where the underlying rocks are exposed. … These outcrops can be low, flat sheets of rock, or taller rocky expanses along the edges of mountain ridges.

How does a buttress work?

A buttress is a structure built to support or reinforce the height of a masonry wall. Buttresses counteract side thrust (lateral force), preventing a wall from bulging and buckling by pushing against it, transferring the force to the ground. Buttresses can be built close to an exterior wall or built away from a wall.

When were buttresses first used?

Early examples of buttresses are found on the Eanna Temple (ancient Uruk), dating to as early as the 4th millennium BC.

What is lancet window in architecture?

Lancet window, narrow, high window capped by a lancet, or acute, arch. The lancet arch is a variety of pointed arch in which each of the arcs, or curves, of the arch have a radius longer than the width of the arch. It takes its name from being shaped like the tip of a lance.

What is Lefort 2 fracture?

Definition. The Le Fort II fracture is also referred to as a pyramidal fracture. It commonly extends from the pterygoid plate through the maxilla, through the nasal orbital ethmoid area, and nasofrontal bone. Patients with Le Fort II injuries are often admitted to hospital unconscious and intubated.

What is the maxillary tuberosity?

The maxillary tuberosity is the most hind-most (distal) aspect of the upper jaw (maxilla), housing the sockets of the upper wisdom teeth, with its back (posterior) border curving upward and distally.

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Is the Metaphysis the growth plate?

The metaphysis is the neck portion of a long bone between the epiphysis and the diaphysis. It contains the growth plate, the part of the bone that grows during childhood, and as it grows it ossifies near the diaphysis and the epiphyses.

What is a church spire?

A pointed cone shape on top of a building is called a spire, especially when it rises from the roof of a church. The part of a church roof that rises above a city skyline or a village’s rolling hills, pointing sharply up toward the sky, is its spire. Many church spires have a cross at the very top.

What is spire Architecture?

Spire, in architecture, steeply pointed pyramidal or conical termination to a tower. In its mature Gothic development, the spire was an elongated, slender form that was a spectacular visual culmination of the building as well as a symbol of the heavenly aspirations of pious medieval men.

What is the difference between a spire and a steeple?

As nouns the difference between spire and steeple is that spire is or spire can be one of the sinuous foldings of a serpent or other reptile; a coil while steeple is a tall tower, often on a church, normally topped with a spire.