What is the plural of cruel?

Noun. cruel (countable and uncountable, plural cruels)

What is meaning of cruel person?

The definition of cruel is someone or something that deliberately causes pain or suffering. … Deliberately seeking to inflict pain and suffering; enjoying others’ suffering; without mercy or pity.

What does cruel hearted mean?

adjective. having a cruel heart; lacking kindness, compassion, etc.

What are synonyms for cruelly?


  • brutally.
  • viciously.
  • inhumanly.

What word is cruelty?

1 : the quality or state of being cruel. 2a : a cruel action. b : inhuman treatment. 3 : marital conduct held (as in a divorce action) to endanger life or health or to cause mental suffering or fear.

Is Cruelness a word?

The state of being cruel; cruelty.

What is cruel sentence?

1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings a cruel tyrant has a cruel heart. 2a : causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain a cruel joke a cruel twist of fate.

How can someone be so cruel meaning?

someone who is cruel enjoys causing pain to other people or animals, or enjoys making them unhappy or upset.

Why are you so cruel meaning?

1 adj Someone who is cruel deliberately causes pain or distress to people or animals.

What is mean Savage?

Describing an animal as savage means that it is true to its wild, ferocious nature, but if you describe a person or the actions of a person as savage, it means cruel or brutal. A place can also be described as savage if it’s untamed, uninhabitable, and unwelcoming.

Who spells cruel?

adjective, crueler, cruelest. willfully or knowingly causing pain or distress to others.

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What does outworn mean in English?

adjective. out-of-date, outmoded, or obsolete: outworn ideas; outworn methods. worn-out, as clothes. exhausted in strength or endurance, as persons.

What is the opposite of cruelly?

Opposite of cruelly or savagely, without mercy or remorse. gently. humanely. kindly. nicely.

What is a better word for evil?

OTHER WORDS FOR evil 1 sinful, iniquitous, depraved, vicious, corrupt, base, vile, nefarious. 2 pernicious, destructive. 6 wickedness, depravity, iniquity, unrighteousness, corruption, baseness. 9 disaster, calamity, woe, misery, suffering, sorrow.

What is the difference between inhuman and inhumane?

Definitions. The word inhumanlike inhumanemeans pitiless or lacking in compassion, but inhuman, which also means cruel, monstrous, and barbaric, has a harsher sense than inhumane. The Oxford English Dictionary defines inhumane as destitute of compassion for misery or suffering in men or animals.

How do you speak cruelty?

What is the quality of being cruel?

noun The quality of being cruel; the disposition to inflict suffering, physical or mental; indifference to or pleasure in the pain or distress of others; inhumanity. noun A cruel act; a barbarous deed; specifically, in law, an act inflicting severe pain and done with wilfulness and malice.

What is legal cruelty?

The deliberate and malicious infliction of mental or physical pain upon persons or animals. A person commits a misdemeanor if he or she intentionally or recklessly neglects any animal in his or her custody, mistreats any animal, or kills or injures any animal without legal privilege or the consent of its owner. …

Is creativeness a word?

The power or ability to invent: creativity, ingeniousness, ingenuity, invention, inventiveness, originality.

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Is Sincereness a word?

1. Not feigned or affected; genuine: sincere indignation. 2. Being without hypocrisy or pretense; true: a sincere friend.

Is there a word braveness?

The characteristic of being brave.

What causes a person to be intentionally cruel?

If human beings are deprived of meaningful social connection, studies have shown they tend to become hateful and violent, even insane. So in a way, inflicting, imposing or sharing their negative emotions on the world and those in it is a way of sustaining and connecting with what remains of their humanness.

What do you call a person who hurts others?

Someone who gets pleasure from hurting or humiliating others is a sadist. Sadists feel other people’s pain more than is normal.

Why do people hurt others?

We may inflict pain on another person when we need to do what is right for us, such as leaving a relationship. Most of us feel bad about inflicting hurt and might stay in situations way too long for fear of hurting our loved ones.

What is the verb of cruel?

/krul/ jump to other results. cruel something to negatively affect an opportunity or a chance of success. He cruelled his interview by arriving late and being completely unprepared. A back injury cruelled her chances in the final.

What is the meaning of cruel man?

1 adj Someone who is cruel deliberately causes pain or distress to people or animals.