What is the synonym of languid?

Some common synonyms of languid are lackadaisical, languorous, listless, and spiritless. While all these words mean lacking energy or enthusiasm, languid refers to an unwillingness or inability to exert oneself due to fatigue or physical weakness. What is languid behavior?
You can describe yourself as languid when you have that feeling of not being entirely awake — kind of lazy in the mind. Definitions of languid. adjective. lacking spirit or liveliness. “a languid mood”

Is languid a negative word?

Although languid is usually associated with a negative connotation of apathy or tiredness, the adjective can sometimes refer to something relaxing and quite pleasant. While a monotonous reading might be considered languid in the former sense, this second connotation refers to something that is delightfully peaceful. What does languid mean?
1 : drooping or flagging from or as if from exhaustion : weak arms too languid with happiness to embrace him— John Galsworthy. 2 : sluggish in character or disposition : listless proceeded at a languid pace. 3 : lacking force or quickness of movement : slow.

How do you use the word languid?

Languid Sentence Examples

  1. A slow, languid smile crossed his features, one that made her body flush and ache for him.
  2. The heat makes Helen languid and quiet.
  3. He turned with her, watching her languid walk.
  4. They’re too similar in mood, both very languid and dreamy.

What is the noun of languid?

languor. (uncountable) a state of the body or mind caused by exhaustion or disease and characterized by a languid feeling: lassitude. (countable) listless indolence; dreaminess. (uncountable) dullness, sluggishness; lack of vigor; stagnation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you use the word languid in a sentence?

Languidly sentence example

  1. Languidly lifting a hand, she shaded her eyes and smiled at him. …
  2. She was floating on a cloud, gazing languidly down at mounds and valleys of white sand. …
  3. Mrs. …
  4. She smiled and languidly blew him a kiss.
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What is the verb for languid?

languish. (intransitive) To lose strength and become weak; to be in a state of weakness or sickness. [from 14th c.] (intransitive) To pine away in longing for something; to have low spirits, especially from lovesickness.

What does sensual mean in the Bible?

1 : relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite : fleshly. 2 : sensory sense 1. 3a : devoted to or preoccupied with the senses or appetites.

What is the definition of the word martinet?

1 : a strict disciplinarian The prison’s warden was a cruel martinet. 2 : a person who stresses a rigid adherence to the details of forms and methods a martinet in conducting meetings of the society, he never tolerated any sign of levity or indecorum— D. J. Boorstin.

What does it mean to kiss someone languorously?

Does languidly mean careful?

The word has a peaceful and relaxed connotation, however — if you do something languidly you aren’t trying very hard and you aren’t worrying much about it.

Is languid a adjective?

LANGUID (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is lackadaisical a real word?

without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt. lazy; indolent: a lackadaisical fellow.

What does Rapunzel mean?

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale about a young woman named Rapunzel with impossibly long hair and who lives alone in a tower, held captive by a witch. It’s also the German name of a vegetable commonly used in salads. Related words: … long hair don’t care.

What is a comely woman?

Comely means attractive or appropriate. A comely girl is pretty. A comely hairstyle is flattering. If your manners are comely, it means you know the right way to act to put people at their ease.

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Is languid a Scrabble word?

Yes, languid is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you use chamber in a sentence?

Chamber sentence example

  1. You remember the chamber where you were earlier? …
  2. He pushed the door open to his chamber and saw Katie on the bed with an unconscious Iliana. …
  3. In the center of the chamber was a small fountain whose waters had long gone dry.

How do you use strident in a sentence?

Strident Sentence Examples

  1. Its strident voice is heard most loudly at times of great heat, when the song of the birds is hushed.
  2. The song opens with a strident guitar, a clarion call that lets everyone know that something new is coming.

What is the sentence of drifting?

Drifting sentence example. I feel like we’re drifting apart here. Her mind kept drifting between Xander and the marks on her arm from one of Jonny’s goons. Alex nodded, his gaze drifting over her body.

What does listlessly mean?

: characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit a listless melancholy attitude.

What does love languid mean?

lacking in spirit or interest; listless; indifferent. drooping or flagging from weakness or fatigue; faint.

What does the term languid most closely mean as used in paragraph 17?

languid. weak or faint from illness or fatigue.

How do you use caricature in a sentence?

Caricature in a Sentence

  1. The picture of the president is not a caricature because it does not distort his facial features.
  2. On our family vacation, I paid an artist to sketch a hilarious caricature of my children.

How do you use imply in a sentence?

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Imply sentence example

  1. I didn’t mean to imply that there was anything wrong with the way you dress. …
  2. They imply a lively sense of radical human need. …
  3. He took a bite out of his sandwich in such a way as to imply the subject was closed. …
  4. When a person has a bad day, that does not imply that they are always sad.

How do you use haggard in a sentence?

Examples of ‘haggard’ in a sentencehaggard

  1. She was lying on a sofa before an open window and looking rather haggard and miserable. …
  2. He looked haggard and hid his face behind two scarves. …
  3. He has filled out and looks less haggard than he did last season. …
  4. But she looked haggard in the morning.

Which word has the opposite meaning of languid?

languid. Antonyms: strong, healthy, robust, rigorous, active, braced. Synonyms: faint, weary, feeble, unnerved, unbraced, pining, drooping, enervated, exhausted, flagging, spiritless.

Is Languidness a word?

A deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity: dullness, hebetude, languor, lassitude, leadenness, lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness, stupor, torpidity, torpor.

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