What kowhai means?

A strong part of the Maori culture and tradition, it features within songs, folk law and legends. As a Kōwhai-turanga oraor Tree of Life in the Waikato, it refers to authority and powers held by people to whom we look to for help and life. What is kowhai used for?
Kowhai is said to symbolise personal growth and helps people to move on from the past with a renewed sense of adventure. The bark of the tree can be used in a bath to help with bruising and has long been used by Māori to help with broken bones as well as itching, shingles, dandruff and gonorrhoea.

How fast does a kowhai tree grow?

Tree size and growth Diameter growth averaged 8 mm per annum for trees up to 20 years old, dropping to between 4 and 5 mm after 35 years. Assuming that properly managed planting could grow faster it is reasonable to expect that trees 20 metres tall and 50 cm diameter could be grown in 50 years. Is Kowhai an evergreen?
The Kowhai is a semi-evergreen tree, which means it loses all its leaves just before flowering, which occurs in spring.

What is New Zealand’s national flower?

National animal and flower New Zealand does not have an official national flower, but the silver fern (Cyathea dealbata), which appears on army insignia and sporting team uniforms, is an unofficial national emblem. Can you transplant Kowhai?

It is possible to transplant Kowhai but you will need to be very careful to get a large enough root ball. You are best to do this task when the tree is dormant in Autumn next year as right now it would have just finished a flowering season which will put too high demand on the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you identify Kowhai?

Most species have yellow seeds, but Sophora prostrata has black ones. The seeds of Sophora microphylla can be very numerous and the presence of many hundreds of these distinctively yellow seeds on the ground quickly identifies the presence of a nearby kōwhai tree.

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When should a Kowhai tree be pruned?

Hi Colleen, yes you can trim the tree back. If it is planted in an exposed position the tops may have been wind burnt, or, it could be the Kowhai moth caterpillar that has stripped the foliage, they are active from spring through to autumn.

What is the scientific name for Kowhai tree?

There are approximately 45 species of Sophora worldwide. The New Zealand botanic region has eight native species, Sophora microphylla being the most widespread, and two naturalised exotic – Sophora cassioides (Chilean pelu) and Sophora howinsula (Lord Howe kowhai).

Why is my Kowhai tree not flowering?

Kōwhai trees not flowering? The thing with kōwhai … … There’s no easy solution to make kōwhai more floriferous, they don’t flower while they’re young. Sophora microphylla – which is kind of a tangled, wiry-looking specimen – they don’t tend to flower well until they’ve grown out of that, that’s a juvenile phase.

What is the fastest growing tree in NZ?

How do you look after a Kowhai tree?

Care after germination

  1. Once seedlings appear keep them in full sun.
  2. Do not over-water.
  3. Your new seedlings can stay in their punnet until they are about 8 cm tall and roots are beginning to come out the bottom of the pot.
  4. At this point it’s time to move them on to a larger pot on their own.

Are Kowhai trees poisonous to bees?

Toxicity tests showed that the nectar of the yellow kowhai (Sophora microphylla Ait.) frequently has a narcotic effect on honey bees. Only adult bees are affected. Mortality of narcotised bees may occur, especially if they are exposed to the low temperatures common in the spring.

Do kowhai trees lose their leaves in winter?

Depending on which variety of Kowhai you have (there are eight species) some species of Kowhai are deciduous, losing their tiny, dull green leaves each winter. However you may need to protect young kowhai recently planted with Derris Dust or Success. …

Why are kowhai trees found near water?

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The kowhai is famous for its bright yellow very hard seeds. Because kowhai lived on riverbanks the seeds would drop into the water and float great distances before settling into sand and growing. To get kowhai seeds to grow you must soak them well in water first.

What is New Zealands motto?

Onward Motto: Onward. The present New Zealand arms are a 1956 revision of the 1911 design.

What are NZ symbols?

Unofficial emblems

State bird Kiwi (Apteryx mantelli)
State plant Silver fern (Cyathera dealbata)
National flower Kōwhai (Sophora tetraptera)
State personification Zealandia

What language do New Zealand speak?

Māori English New Zealand Sign Language New Zealand / Official languages According to the 2013 Census, English and Te Reo Māori are the most widely spoken languages in New Zealand. However, as Table 1 shows, in 2013 there far more people speaking English (3,819,969 people or 90 per cent of the total population) than Te Reo Māori (148,395 people or 3 per cent of the population).

Can you eat Kowhai flowers?

Many of the most commonly inquired-about plants – such as kowhai and arum lily – cause only mild symptoms such as an upset stomach or burning mouth. But a handful, including foxglove and oleander, require immediate medical treatment if eaten.

What time of year should I transplant trees?

spring Fall, late winter or early spring is the best time to transplant trees. The move should be done after leaves fall in the autumn or before the new buds break in the spring.

How do you grow Kowhai from seed?

Kowhai seeds should be removed from the pod and will keep for some time stored dry. To break the dormancy, prick with a pin or cut the end with a knife and soak overnight. The seed that swells or sinks to the bottom of the container can then be planted and should germinate within seven days.

What is the English name for kowhai tree?

Sophora Kowhai are small, woody legume trees in the genus Sophora. They are native to New Zealand. There are eight species. Kowhai is the common name in Māori language used in New Zealand. …

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Tribe: Sophoreae
Genus: Sophora L.
Type species
Sophora tomentosaL.

Does New Zealand have palm trees?

Although a number of palms have been introduced to New Zealand and are planted around our towns and gardens, the nīkau palm is our only native palm species.

What does a kowhai tree eat?

For nectar-loving birds, such as tui, bellbird and kaka, kowhai is a major food source each spring. The flowers typically appear before the leaves. While tui are only interested in the flowers, caterpillars of the 3 cm kowhai moth can defoliate small plants.

How long does it take a Kowhai tree to flower?

Seed-sown kōwhai will be large enough to plant in the ground in two years and will flower in around seven years.

How do I get rid of Kowhai caterpillars?

Below some natural repellents to control your caterpillars:

  1. Pick them of your tree or shake your tree and the caterpillars will fall off. You can collect the caterpillars on a sheet below your tree and discard them. …
  2. Spray your tree with a home made chilli spray. …
  3. Spray your tree with neem oil.

Can you Bonsai Kowhai?

All Kowhai make beautiful bonsai when cared for properly. In my opinion it is one of the best flowering native bonsai trees we have. … Kowhai do tend to loose a few leaves over winter if you are in a cold area, they will recover in spring, when regular pinching of the new growth helps keep the plants compact.

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