What size is Juliana?

Rider Height

Roubion 165 – 175 cm
Furtado Strega 4’8 – 5’1 5’5 – 5’10
142 – 155 cm 165 – 178 cm
Joplin 4’8 – 5’1 5’5 – 5’9

Is Juliana a girls bike?
Let us introduce you to our sister brand Juliana Bicycles; an entirely new range of women’s bikes developed by former World Champion Juliana Furtado. In 1999, Juli launched the first ever women-specific mountain bike with the help of her friends here at Santa Cruz Bicycles. We called it the Juliana.

How much does the Juliana Furtado weigh?

29.6lb On the Juliana website, it says that the Furtado is designed for XC & Trail, but on the climbs, it definitely leans more towards the trail bike side of the spectrum. At 29.6lb (13.43 kg), the Furtado is a fair bit heftier than most XC bikes and it wouldn’t be my first choice if I were to head out on the race course. Are Juliana bikes good?
Juliana makes high-performance, race-ready carbon mountain bikes that have been tested time and again in top-level races, by some of the best female riders in the world. We generally advocate that most bikes are unisex, but Juliana is different.

What is the meaning of Juliana?

youthful The name Juliana is of Latin origin and means youthful. It is the feminine form of Julius, and is comprised of the Latin word iuvenis, meaning youthful. Juliana is also thought to be comprised of the Greek ioulos, meaning downy-bearded. It is also thought to derive from the name Jovis, a form of Jupiter, which … How do you spell Juliana?

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Juliana (variants Julianna, Giuliana, Iuliana, Yuliana, etc) is a feminine given name which is the feminine version of the Roman name Julianus. It is a portmanteau of the names Julia and Anna.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where are Juliana bikes made?

Santa Cruz, CA The Juliana components are designed and tested by our crew, right here in Santa Cruz, CA.

How much is a Juliana mountain bike?


Travel: 130mm
Wheel size: 27.5
Weight from: 13.3kg / 29.36lbs
Priced from: $4099 (MSRP)

How are Juliana bikes different?

So what does this mean for Juliana bicycle design? It simply means our bikes need to: Accommodate the broadest range of rider heights and keep standover heights minimal across all sizes. Offer suspension tuned for a typically lighter rider than a “normal” mountain bike would.

What is travel on a mountain bike?

“Travel is the maximum distance that the front or rear suspension can compress before bottoming out.

How much does a Santa Cruz Juliana weigh?

Is Juliana a Bible name?

What is the meaning of Juliana ? Juliana is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Latin. Juliana name meanings is Youthful. People search this name as Is juliana in the bible.

What does Julianna mean biblically?

Numerology. 1. Julianna is Hebrew Girl name and meaning of this name is Youthful, Downy Bearded.

What’s a badass name for a girl?

Badass Girl Names for Your Rebel Princess

Davina Beloved Scottish
Eleanor Of unknown meaning English
Elektra Shining, bright, radiant Greek
Ember Smoldering coal English
Esperanza Hope Spanish

Is Julianna a popular name?

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The name Juliana has been around in America for well over 100 years, but Julianna with two “N”s only came into use in 1965 – although not significant, consistent usage until 1980 when Juliana began to take off in popularity. The trend to alter “-ana” names to “-anna” in American can be found through several examples.

Is Juliana a Spanish name?

Spanish, Catalan, and southern Italian: feminine form of Juliano.

When was the name Juliana popular?

Juliana has been on the Top 1000 since 1881.

What bike do I need for my height?

#1 – Simple Size Chart

Your Height Bike Frame Size
5’7 – 5’11 16 – 17 inches
5’11 – 6’2 17-19 inches
6’2 – 6’4 19 – 21inches
6’4 and taller 21+ inches

What size of mountain bike do I need?

What size mountain bike do I need?

Rider Height Suggested Mountain Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches)
5’2 – 5’6 158cm – 168cm 15 – 16
5’6 – 5′ 10 168cm – 178cm 17 – 18
5’10 – 6’1 178cm – 185cm 19 – 20

What is a Juliana mini pig?

The Juliana pig or miniature painted pig is a small domesticated pig originating from Europe. These pet pigs belong to the Suidae family of miniature pigs. This mini pig is either rust, silver, black, cream, red, or white-colored body. … The Juliana pigs were bred by selective breeding of several varieties of pigs.

What is Santa Cruz Juliana?

About Juliana Juliana became integrated with Santa Cruz in 2013, and exists today as Santa Cruz’s sister brand. Juliana’s bikes all mirror a model in the Santa Cruz lineup, but the Juliana versions differ in terms of frame color, grips, saddle, sizing, and shock tune.

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