Where does by hook or by crook come from?

Either by hooke or crooke, by night or day. – Suggestion number one is that ‘by hook or by crook’ derives from the custom in medieval England of allowing peasants to take from royal forests whatever deadwood they could pull down with a shepherd’s crook or cut with a reaper’s bill-hook.

How do you use by hook or by crook?

He is determined to get some money by hook or by crook. Some students do not hesitate to use unfair means, they want to pass the examination by hook or by crook. He passed the examination by hook or by crook. You will do this work by hook or by crook.

What is the difference between a hook and a crook?

As nouns the difference between hook and crook is that hook is a rod bent into a curved shape, typically with one end free and the other end secured to a rope or other attachment while crook is a bend; turn; curve; curvature; a flexure.

Did Cromwell say by hook or by crook?

The received wisdom is that the common phrase originated from a vow made by Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century to take the city of Waterford in Ireland either by Hook (on the eastern side of the Waterford Estuary) or by Crooke (to the west).

What is dime a dozen?

See synonyms for dime a dozen on Thesaurus.com. So plentiful as to be valueless. For example, Don’t bother to buy one of thesethey’re a dime a dozen.

Who can crook?

It later took on the meaning of petty criminal. You can use crook as an informal way to describe someone who is dishonest. A crook is typically involved in minor or nonviolent crimes; you wouldn’t use the word to describe a murderer, for example. A con man or someone committing fraud could be called a crook.

What is the meaning of by hook by crook?

By hook or by crook is an English phrase meaning by any means necessary, suggesting that any means possible should be taken to accomplish a goal. The phrase was first recorded in the Middle English Controversial Tracts of John Wyclif in 1380.

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Is by dint of formal?

by dint of something/doing something (formal) as a result of (doing) something; through: By dint of sheer hard work, she managed to pass all her exams.

How do you use by and by in a sentence?

An example of by-and-by used in a sentence is, We’ll go on that vacation by-and-by, which means we’ll go on that vacation at some point in the future. After an indefinite period. Sit down, have a rest, and by and by you’ll be feeling better. Heaven; the hereafter.

Is by hook or crook an idiom?

By Hook or By Crook Meaning This idiom means that anything required to achieve a goal will be done, whether it be fair or foul play. The person is determined to execute the task and will use any method necessary to do it, even if it is generally thought to be unfair, unreasonable, or illegal.

What is the meaning by leaps and bounds?

Rapidly, or in fast progress, as in The corn is growing by leaps and bounds, or School enrollment is increasing by leaps and bounds. This term is a redundancy, since leap and bound both mean spring or jump, but the two words have been paired since Shakespeare’s time and are still so used.

What is the meaning of by fair means or foul?

phrase [PHRASE after verb] If someone tries to achieve something by fair means or foul, they use every means possible in order to achieve it, and they do not care if their behaviour is dishonest or unfair.

Where is the oldest lighthouse in Ireland?

Hook Lighthouse Hook Lighthouse, Co Wexford Hook Lighthouse is claimed to be the oldest still-operational lighthouse in the world. This iconic and unique monument was constructed by the powerful medieval magnate William Marshall in the early thirteenth century, thought to be some time between 12101230.

Who built Hook Lighthouse?

William Marshal A quick history William Marshal, a Knights Templar, known as the Greatest Knight, built the lighthouse tower to protect and develop the shipping trade, which was so important in the 13th century.

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Whats a diamond in a rough?

English Language Learners Definition of diamond in the rough : a person who has talent or other good qualities but who is not polite, educated, socially skilled, etc. : something that is in poor condition but that is likely to become valuable with appropriate care or attention.

What does beating around the bush mean?

to avoid giving a definite answer or position. Please stop beating around the bush and tell me the full story.

What is the meaning worse for wear?

Definition of (the) worse for wear : in worse condition after doing or experiencing something He came out of basic training only slightly the worse for wear.

Does crook mean sick?

(Australia, New Zealand, slang) Ill, sick. Im feeling a bit crook.

Is crook a slang word?

(informal) A person who steals or cheats; swindler or thief. Out of order; faulty. (slang) To steal. A shepherd’s crook; a staff with a semi-circular bend (hook) at one end used by shepherds.

What is the sentence of crook?

Crook sentence example. Cade stood, gently tucking Zack into the crook of his arm. She tucked her head into the crook of his neck, breathing him in. The real programme was to secure, by hook or by crook , a majority at the pools.

What do you mean by hook?

1a : a curved or bent device for catching, holding, or pulling. b : something intended to attract and ensnare. c : anchor sense 1. 2 : something curved or bent like a hook especially hooks plural : fingers.

What is the shepherd’s crook used for?

Not Only Does the Shepherd’s Crook Serve As a Walking Stick, but They May Also Serve a Significant Function in the Shepherding World. The Curved Handle Is Normally Wide Enough to Fit Around the Neck of a Sheep or Goat, Allowing a Herder to Catch an Animal That Is Straying and Reroute Them to a Different Direction.

What does nook and cranny mean?

Definition of every nook and cranny : every place : everywhere We searched every nook and cranny. : every part He knows every nook and cranny of that engine.

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What does by dint mean?

by dint of. : by force of : because of succeeded by dint of hard work.

What is the meaning of phrase by and by?

: before long, soon.

What is the meaning of by means of?

phrase. If you do something by means of a particular method, instrument, or process, you do it using that method, instrument, or process. This is a two year course taught by means of lectures and seminars. The trailer was connected to the car by means of a complicated system of hoses, pipes and rods.

Is it by the by or by the way?

This phrase can be written in two ways: by the by and by the bye. Both spellings mean the same thing; by the by is the more common variant. This phrase is similar to the phrase by the way.

How do you use put by?

`I suppose I’ve got enough money put by to last him some time: after all, I’d heard his wife’s decision to leave him. She had put by the money for them secretly, buying less food for the week and doing without when Nick was out of the house. I said,’We should always have something put by for a rainy day.

How do you use the word by?

We use by to mean ‘beside’ or ‘at the side of’:

  1. There’s a lovely caf by the river. We could go there. (The caf is beside the river.)
  2. Three people walked by the house as Henry opened the door. (They walked past the house.)
  3. Lisa waved as she went by. (She passed the house without stopping.)