Where is dense elastic connective tissue found?

This type of tissue contains a dense woven network of collagenous (and some elastic) fibres in a viscous matrix. It is found in joint capsules, in the connective tissue that envelops muscles (muscle fascia), and it forms dermis of skin.

What is dense elastic connective tissue?

Elastic connective tissue is a modified dense connective tissue that contains numerous elastic fibers in addition to collagen fibers, which allows the tissue to return to its original length after stretching Figure 4.10).

Does dense regular CT have elastic fibers?

Dense CTs contain either collagen or elastic protein fibres; therefore, there are dense collagenous CTs and dense elastic types. The collagenous types are far more abundant and are called fibrous or ‘white’ CT.

What is the function of elastic CT?

Elastic Connective Tissue The main fibers that form this tissue are elastic in nature. These fibers allow the tissues to recoil after stretching. This is especially seen in the arterial blood vessels and walls of the bronchial tubes.

What is the function and location of elastic connective tissue?


Tissue Purpose Location
Elastic fibers Allow organs like arteries and lungs to recoil extracellular matrix
Reticular fibers Form a scaffolding for other cells liver, bone marrow, and lymphatic organs

Where is dense regular connective tissue found in the body quizlet?

within the walls of the bronchial tubes. DENSE REGULAR CONNECTIVE TISSUE: Description: parallel collagen fibres, elastic fibres and a lot of fibroblast cells. Function: attaches muscles to bones, or to muscles, bone to bone and with stands great strength.

What’s the difference between loose and dense connective tissue?

The main difference between loose connective tissue and dense connective tissue is that loose connective tissue consists of protein fibers packed with spaces whereas dense connective tissue consists of tightly packed protein fibers.

Does dense irregular connective tissue have elastic fibers?

The type I collagen fibers of the dense irregular connective tissue are surrounded by small amounts of ground substance. Among the collagen fibers there is a network of elastic fibers as well, to limit the distensibility of the tissue.

What composes dense regular connective tissue?

Dense connective tissue, also called dense fibrous tissue, is a type of connective tissue with fibers as its main matrix element. The fibers are mainly composed of type I collagen. Crowded between the collagen fibers are rows of fibroblasts, fiber-forming cells, that generate the fibers.

What is dense connective tissue made up of?

type I collagen The dense connective tissue is a type of connective tissue proper that consists predominantly of fibers, especially type I collagen. It also has fibroblasts that generate the fibers.

How does elastic connective tissue relate to the function of the aorta?

In order to maintain a stable supply of blood to peripheral organs throughout the cardiac cycle, elasticity of the proximal ascending aorta plays a critical role in storing a portion of blood during systole and sending blood out during diastole, exerting the Windkessel effect [1].

What is the function of connective tissue?

Tissue that supports, protects, and gives structure to other tissues and organs in the body. Connective tissue also stores fat, helps move nutrients and other substances between tissues and organs, and helps repair damaged tissue. Connective tissue is made up of cells, fibers, and a gel-like substance.

Why is it important that elastic connective tissue is present in the aorta?

Elastic connective tissue. Human aorta c.s. … This image shows a portion of the wall of the aorta, the large vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body. Because elastin fibers are so important in the recoil of organs like arteries and lungs, we decided that you should know what they look like.

Where can you find elastic fibers?

Elastic fibres are found in the articular fibrous tissue of various joints, and in the fibrous perichondria of hyaline and fibrous cartilages. Within bones, elastic fibres are found in the outer fibrous layer of the periosteum, but not in the inner cellular (cambial) layer.

Which three are locations of Areolar connective tissue?

Areolar connective tissue is found across the body, specifically under the epithelial cell layer of organ systems with external openings, like the digestive tract, respiratory system, and under the dermis of the skin.

Where is dense irregular connective tissue found quizlet?

Where can dense irregular connective tissue be found? it is found in the skin in the dermis layer, it forms fibrous joint capsules, and the fibrous coverings that surround some organs like the kidney, bones, cartilages, muscles, and nerves.

Which of the following is an example of connective tissue proper dense regular connective tissue?

Some are classified as dense connective tissue proper and have a dense arrangement of extracellular protein fibers that give the tissue strength and toughness. Tendons connecting muscles to bone and ligaments connecting bone to bone are examples of dense connective tissue proper.

What is meant by the term dense regular connective tissue quizlet?

dense regular connective tissue. tissue where the collagen fibers are parallel to each other; tightly packed; high resistance to tension; types are tendons, ligaments, and aponeuroses; covered in fibroblasts.

How do loose and dense connective tissues differ quizlet?

What is the difference between loose and dense connective tissue proper? Loose has a lot more ground substance and packing allows space for migrating cells, blood, and nerves while dense packing has less ground substance and just makes for a stronger tissue.

What is loose connective tissue?

Loose connective tissue is the most widely distributed of all connective tissues. It is the predominant type of connective tissue that joins the cells in the other main tissues (muscle, nerve, and epithelia) and that joins tissues into organs.

What are the 3 types of loose connective tissue?

Loose connective tissue) is a category of connective tissue which includes areolar tissue, reticular tissue, and adipose tissue. Loose connective tissue is the most common type of connective tissue in vertebrates.

What is made up of dense irregular connective tissue?

Dense irregular connective tissue also makes up submucosa of the digestive tract, fibrous capsules of joints and lymph nodes, and some types of fascia. Other examples include periosteum and perichondrium of bones, and the tunica albuginea of testis.

Which of the following is a dense irregular connective tissue?

Bone marrow and lymph nodes.

Which of the following structures are made of dense irregular connective tissue?

Out of the options given, the structure that is most likely to contain dense irregular collagenous connective tissue is the dermis of the skin.

What are the 3 main components of connective tissue?

Components of connective tissue All forms of connective tissue are composed of (1) extracellular fibres, (2) an amorphous matrix called ground substance, and (3) stationary and migrating cells. The proportions of these components vary from one part of the body to another depending on the local structural requirements.

How is the dense regular connective tissue described?

The dense connective tissue is a type of connective tissue proper that consists predominantly of fibers, especially type I collagen. … In dense regular connective tissue, the collagen fibers are arranged in parallel bundles. It makes it suitable for binding body parts together.

What are the fiber types found in the two forms of dense regular connective tissue?

collagen fibers The collagen fibers in dense regular connective tissue are bundled in a parallel fashion. Dense regular connective tissue (DRCT) is divided into white fibrous connective tissue and yellow fibrous connective tissue, both of which occur in two forms: cord arrangement and sheath arrangement.