Where is Kashmirian hitman?

Another hitman (Kashmirian) occupies the top floor and he has a sniper rifle ready. You can help him in eliminating two mission targets (one of the mission stories). His room is on a lower floor – break in or enter through the window. How do I get to Kashmirian?

How do I get the Kashmirian to meet the maelstrom?

Agent 47 can meet with the Maelstrom by impersonating the Kashmirian or by calling one of the remaining targets. They will convince the Maelstrom to meet them in their bases. How do you get the foreman to meet Vanya?
You have to put the documents before he returns back from taking a drink from his glass in the balcony. When you put the documents on the desk and he returns after drinking, he will see the documents then make his way to a queens guard who’ll call for Vanya to come to the bridge.

Where is the tube of paint in Hitman 2?

Go up the stairs on the right. At the top, enter the door labeled with a sign that says Canteen. Enter the door on the left, then go through the door on the right, staying crouched the entire way. Upon entering the last door, look on top the crate for a tube of paint. How do you complete dubious cohabitation?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What do I do with the car battery in Hitman 2?

It will burn out after delivering one shock, leaving it inert (as well as unobtainable); otherwise, the battery can be retrieved and reused.

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How do you get Dawood in front of a fan?

Bring the script to the director on the movie set. Find a screwdriver and use it to sabotage the fan. Use the control panel to activate the fan. Wait for the moment when Dawood Rangan is alone on the set.

Where is the missing script Hitman 2?

Go into the building to your left and through the doors to your left. As soon as you enter, you’ll see an elevator shaft. The script is hanging on the ledge to your left. Shoot it and knock it down, then climb down the elevator shaft and pick it up.

How do you shave the maelstrom?

Identify customers until the Maelstrom arrives. Once you have identified him, offer him a shave. When he sits down, begin shaving him and kill him. Drag his body out of the chair and to your left.

Who is the maelstrom?

Where is the maelstrom in Hitman 2?

Walk out the front of the house and take a left into the streets. Then, take a right at the red motorcycle. Walk through the slums and identify potential subjects (the ones with the blue dots over their head) until you find the Maelstrom.

How do you save the mole in Hitman 2?

How do you arrange the audience with Vanya Shah?

Where is the tailor in Hitman 2?

Listen in to their conversation to begin the story. After they finish talking, head to the tailor’s house, which is the green house right next to you. Go around to the other side of the house and head inside through the door. The tailor will leave shortly after you go inside.

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How do you investigate the laundry area in Hitman 2?

Take a left and go through the area behind the workmen. Turn on the blue industrial washer and kill the worker who comes to check it out. Take his disguise and dump his body in the laundry bag behind you. Walk back around the corner and head to the other side of the laundry area.

Where are the coins in Hitman 2 Mumbai?

Hitman 2 Mumbai Coin Locations

  1. Tailor’s Shop, second floor.
  2. Crow Hideout, middle room.
  3. Convenient stores all around Slum Square.
  4. Coins can be found at several market stands. Some can be stolen by blending into crowds.

How do you poison Alma in Hitman 2?

Wait in the box until Alma goes to sleep – then suffocate her in her sleep.

  1. Kill Alma using a pillow when she falls asleep. …
  2. Kill Alma by poisoning her tea. …
  3. Tip: in order to complete and complete this task, you must have a deadly poison, which will only be unlocked at higher levels of the character (not the mission).

Where is the hidden key in Nightcall?

The key is located under the white jug. You will find it under a white vase in the swimming pool room. This key only opens the door from the pool to the house.

What do you do with the joint in Hitman 2?

It can be placed inside a pack of cigarettes, and will eventually pacify whoever smokes from it. The result is mostly intended for comedic effect and not particularly useful towards the success of the mission, though it sometimes unlocks mission challenges.

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How do you unlock the sniper rifle in Hitman 2?

In Hitman 2 sniper rifle has not been available for the assassin from the very beginning. It must be unlocked by earning the appropriate amount of mastery points in mission 2: Miami (The Finish Line). Earn mastery level 5 in this mission and unlock the Jaeger 7 Mk II sniper rifle.

How do you get the wrench in Hitman 2?


  1. One in the Auto Repair.
  2. One in the Workshop.
  3. One in the Altar Cavern.
  4. One in Martinez’ Compound.
  5. One in the Garage.
  6. One in the Burial Site.
  7. One in the Helipad.

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