Who is the killer in Hidden Agenda?

Adam Jones, going under the alias Simon Hillary, is the main antagonist of the 2017 video game Hidden Agenda. He is the real identity of the serial killer The Trapper. Due to most of the decisions being up to the players, it ultimately depends on the player’s decision how the Trapper’s killing spree ends. Is Hidden Agenda a horror game?
Share All sharing options for: Hidden Agenda is a gritty, violent crime drama turned into a party game. In 2015, game studio Supermassive released Until Dawn, a title that looked and played out much like a typical, almost cliche, horror movie. … But Hidden Agenda is the most ambitious project so far.

What is Hidden Agenda in communication?

If you say that someone has a hidden agenda, you are criticizing them because you think they are secretly trying to achieve or cause a particular thing, while they appear to be doing something else. Can hidden agenda be played alone?
Either you can play solo, or get some friends in on the action. … All you need to do is download the Hidden Agenda app for iPhone or Android and connect to the local WiFi network, and your phone pairs instantly with your PS4, ready to play. In other words, it’s a similar setup to That’s You and other Playlink titles.

Can you play Hidden Agenda multiple times?

You can play it a number of times, even experiencing the same story, but through the hidden agenda it encourages a lot of repeat plays. Is hidden agenda a good game?

Hidden Agenda proves that the PlayLink initiative can be taken advantage of in more than just casual party games, but this particular outing doesn’t quite realise its full potential. This investigation is absolutely one worth experiencing, but one too many caveats with the app itself holds things back from greatness.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does it take to play hidden agenda?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 79 2h 11m
Main + Extras 10 4h 36m
Completionists 5 12h 58m
All PlayStyles 94 3h 01m

What is another word for hidden agenda?

In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hidden-agenda, like: ulterior-motive, ax-to-grind, parti-pris and prejudice.

Can you save Tom hidden agenda?

Tom Nelson is Becky Marney’s partner in the prologue. Depending on your choices, Tom can die or live in the prologue.

Who is the waitress in hidden agenda?

Detective Becky Marney is the main protagonist and one of the playable characters in Hidden Agenda. She was voiced and motion captured by actress Katie Cassidy.

Does hidden agenda autosave?

What is hidden agenda in psychology?

A ‘Hidden Agenda’ is an objective of an action or behavior that isn’t openly admitted or known, or visible on the surface. It’s a result you want to achieve, a goal of acting or behaving, but a result or goal that you are hiding from yourself and/or from others.

How can you tell if someone has a hidden agenda?

Those with hidden agendas are on a mission, and their impatience often seeps through the cracks.

  1. They constantly revisit a certain subject. This one-track-mindedness is the most telltale sign of a hidden agenda. …
  2. They have oversized reactions to certain suggestions. …
  3. Their manipulative personality is on display.

What is a private agenda?

One’s own agenda is a list of personal desires or goals. … ” As this citation suggests, private agenda has a sinister connotation; the agenda-keeper seems to be accused of not sharing his goals with his colleagues.

Can you play hidden agenda with a controller?

Simply follow the in-app instructions to connect. Use this app to: … Please note: This app acts as a controller. PS4™ system, the Hidden Agenda game, and the Hidden Agenda Companion App required to play.

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Do you need a phone to play Hidden Agenda?

You need a phone to play this game. There’s no getting around that and playing a solo playthrough with a controller (which would be completely doable). … Every single player needs a phone with the Hidden Agenda app connected to the same Wi-fi that the PS4 is on.

Is Hidden Agenda good with 2 people?

Yeah, Hidden Agenda isn’t very long: the trophy for beating its story mode is actually called “Movie Night.” It’s a reference that is doubly appropriate, given the game is really meant to be played with friends. … (In the case of a two-player game, this means both players have to agree or the game simply won’t move on.)

Is Hidden Agenda fun for 2 players?

Hidden Agenda is great fun to play on your own, but you’ll get a very different experience if you play it with friends. This video gives you an overview of the game’s two modes: Story and Competitive. … We’ve had so much fun creating Hidden Agenda, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourselves!

Are hidden agendas fun?

Hidden Agenda’s story is still fun and engaging, so much so that even after being supremely annoyed by the slightly laggy control scheme and constant pauses in action, our entire group spent the next hour watching alternate endings immediately after playing through the whole game in a single sitting.

Is Hidden Agenda family friendly?

At under $20, Hidden Agenda is a memorable social game that can even hook in non-video game fans. Just take note of the Mature rating, as the subject matter isn’t appropriate for kids, tweens, or young teens.

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Can you play Hidden Agenda Online?

Hidden Agenda is a PlayLink title that requires a companion app to play. Up to six players can play together as long as they’re on the same Wifi network and download the companion app on their compatible mobile devices. Hidden Agenda does not support online network play.

Can you play until dawn with friends?

We’ve announced two multiplayer modes for The Dark Pictures Anthology – Shared Story mode and Movie Night mode. In Shared Story you’ll play online with a friend, making choices that affect both of you. We really hope you enjoy the intensity of experiencing the story with a friend…and that you are still friends after!

What is ulterior motive?

: a secret reason I think she has an ulterior motive for helping us.

What does it mean when someone has an agenda?

An agenda is a list of things to do. … You might have a meeting, a lunch date, and a doctor’s appointment on your agenda for the day. And when you run for office, you better have a political agenda — or a plan for what you want to get done if elected.

What is a hidden motive?

n a hidden motive or intention behind an overt action, policy, etc. hidden hand. n an unknown force or influence believed to be the cause of certain, often unfortunate, events.

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