Who won the 2002 French election?

2002 French presidential election

Nominee Jacques Chirac Jean-Marie Le Pen
Party RPR FN
Popular vote 25,537,956 5,525,032
Percentage 82.2% 17.8%

Was there a presidential election in 2002?

The 2002 United States elections were held on November 5, in the middle of Republican President George W. Bush’s first term. … The elections remain the most recent mid-term in which the president’s party did not lose control of at least one house of Congress.

Who Ran for President 2002?

Republican candidate George W. Bush, the governor of Texas and eldest son of the 41st president, George H. W. Bush, won the election, defeating incumbent Vice President Al Gore.

Who lost the French election in 1974?

Presidential elections were held in France in 1974, following the death of President Georges Pompidou. They went to a second round, and were won by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing by a margin of 1.6%. … 1974 French presidential election.

Candidate Valéry Giscard d’Estaing François Mitterrand
Party RI PS
Popular vote 13,396,203 12,971,604
Percentage 50.8% 49.2%

Why were the 2002 French presidential elections particularly unusual quizlet?

Why were the 2002 French presidential elections particularly unusual? … The president of the Senate acts as interim president until new presidential elections.

How many people voted in 2002 presidential election?

increase in the number of people The majority of people who are The overall number of people who voting since 1966 has been due to registered to vote actually vote. voted in the 2002 Congressional the increased number of people 18 Among people who were election was 89 million, a record and older.

Who ran for president in 2004?

2004 United States presidential election

Nominee George W. Bush John Kerry
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Massachusetts
Running mate Dick Cheney John Edwards
Electoral vote 286 251

What made the election of 2000 controversial quizlet?

Explain the controversy over the presidential election of 2000. On Dec 12, 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that because identical ballots might be treated differently by different vote counters, the recount violated the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause. Bush remained the certified winner in Florida.

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Who ran for president in 1996?

1996 United States presidential election

Nominee Bill Clinton Bob Dole
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Arkansas Kansas
Running mate Al Gore Jack Kemp
Electoral vote 379 159

Who ran for president in 1970?

Incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon from California defeated Democratic U.S. Senator George McGovern of South Dakota.

Who ran for president in 1986?

Incumbent Republican President Ronald Reagan defeated former Vice President Walter Mondale, the Democratic candidate, in a landslide victory, winning 525 electoral votes and 58.8 percent of the popular vote.

Who was the first French prime minister?

Prime Minister of France
Precursor Several incarnations since the Ancien Régime
Inaugural holder Michel Debré
Formation 4 October 1958
Salary €178,920 annually

What is UMP France?

The Union for a Popular Movement (French: Union pour un mouvement populaire French pronunciation: ​[ynjɔ̃ puʁ œ̃ muvmɑ̃ pɔpylɛʁ]; UMP French pronunciation: ​[y. … The UMP was formed in 2002 as a merger of several centre-right parties under the leadership of President Jacques Chirac.

How do you pronounce Giscard d Estaing?

Va·lé·ry [va-ley-ree], 1926–2020, French political leader: president 1974–81.

How many years can a French President serve?

President of France

President of the French Republic
Term length Five years, renewable once
Constituting instrument Fifth Republic Constitution
Inaugural holder Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte
Formation Second Republic: 20 December 1848 Fifth Republic: 4 October 1958

When did Emmanuel Macron became President?

On 7 May 2017, Macron was elected President of France with 66.1% of the vote compared to Marine Le Pen’s 33.9%. The election had record abstention at 25.4% and 8% of ballots being blank or spoilt. Macron resigned from his role as president of En marche and Catherine Barbaroux became interim leader.

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How often does France vote for a President?

Presidential elections in France determine who will serve as the President of France for the next several years. Currently they are held once in five years (formerly seven).

Who controlled the Senate in 2002?

The 2002 United States Senate elections featured a series of fiercely contested elections that resulted in a victory for the Republican Party, which gained two seats and thus a narrow majority from the Democratic Party in the United States Senate.

Who Ran for President 2006?

The next year, Bush won reelection over Democratic nominee Senator John Kerry with less than 51% of the popular vote and 286 electoral votes (only 16 votes ahead of the 270 votes needed), the smallest winning margin for an incumbent president since Woodrow Wilson in the 1916 election.

Who won the House in 2000?

United States House of Representatives Republicans won the national popular vote for the House of Representatives by a margin of 0.5 points. Republicans lost two seats in the House, while Democrats gained 1 seat and 1 independent, Virgil Goode, was elected.

Who ran against Obama in 08 and 12?

2008 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 365 173

Who ran against Kerry for president?

A member of the Democratic Party, he was the Democratic nominee for President of the United States in the 2004 election, which he lost to incumbent President George W. Bush.

Who ran for president in 1992?

1992 United States presidential election

Nominee Bill Clinton George H. W. Bush
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Arkansas Texas
Running mate Al Gore Dan Quayle
Electoral vote 370 168

What made the election of 2000 controversial quizlet Chapter 30?

Republicans were opposed to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) because they wanted to protect American jobs and depended upon labor unions for political support. What made the election of 2000 controversial? … Many Americans strongly disagreed with TARP because it did not help struggling Americans.

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What happened in the presidential election of 2000 quizlet?

Describe the election of 2000. One of the closest US presidential elections ever. Al Gore, Bush’s Democratic rival, won the popular vote by a narrow margin, but Bush attained a plurality of votes from the electoral college. … Gore went to the Supreme Court, which decided to halt the recount and declare Bush the winner.

Who decided the election of 2000 quizlet?

What was unusual about the election of 2000? The election was very close. Even though Al Gore won the popular vote, the election was ultimately decided by the electoral votes of Florida.

Who ran for president in 1996 Republican?

1996 Republican candidates : for President Bob Dole, for Vice President Jack Kemp, in 1996 vote Republican | Library of Congress.

Who ran for president in the 90s?

Post-12th Amendment: 1804–present

Year Democratic-Republican candidate Federalist candidate
1992 Bill Clinton† George H. W. Bush
1996 Bill Clinton† Bob Dole
2000 Al Gore‡ George W. Bush†
2004 John Kerry George W. Bush†

Who ran for president in 1995?

Democratic President Bill Clinton won re-election, while the Republicans maintained their majorities in both houses of the United States Congress. Clinton defeated Republican nominee Bob Dole and independent candidate Ross Perot in the presidential election, taking 379 of the 538 electoral votes.

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