Why are C57BL 6 mice used?

C57BL/6 mice is an inbred mouse strain originally developed for the study of antitumor activity and immunology, and is increasingly being used as an basic background strain. It is known that cell-mediated immunity and NK cell activity are of relatively high importance in determining immunological characteristics.

What is a J mice?

The A/J strain is an inbred albino strain of mouse model. It is very frequently used in cancer research, on account of its strong tendency to develop tumors when presented with common carcinogens. It is one of the most popular strains used in mouse experiments.

What are 129 Sv mice?

Also Known As:129S1 129 mice are widely used in the production of targeted mutations due to the availability of multiple embryonic stem cell lines derived from them. They also have a high incidence of spontaneous testicular teratomas.

Are C57BL 6 mice aggressive?

Although some consider C57BL/6 mice to be aggressive, in general they are not when compared to other mouse strains. However, they may appear to be more aggressive because they are the most commonly used mouse strain in research and thus there are many of them to observe.

Are male mice more aggressive than female mice?

Aggression and sexual behaviour are controlled by the same brain cells in male mice – but not in females. The finding suggests that males are more likely to become aggressive when they see a potential mate than females. … Similar to humans, male mice are, on the whole, more aggressive than females.

Are male mice aggressive?

Although aggression is reported in both male and female mice, it is most commonly reported in males. Aggression is part of establishing a dominance hierarchy, but in the confines of the laboratory cage, subordinate animals are unable to escape from aggressors.

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Can male mice be kept together?

While male mice do not live together in the wild and will fight upon contact, suggesting they should not be housed together in the lab, early pairing and the marked decreased in isolation stress make it worth it. They are social animals, but compete with other males.

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