Why is cocobolo so expensive?

Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa is the long sought after hardwood in martial arts. It is in the family of the Rosewoods Dalbergia nigra. Hardwoods of this nature eat through expensive cutting bits in weeks, where as the same bit would last a lifetime with normal woods. …

Is cocobolo illegal?

Panama’s cocobolo rosewood boom was from 2011 to 2015 and, given regulations, was largely illicit. … The removal of so many trees during Panama’s cocobolo boom, ban on cocobolo logging permits, coupled with global restrictions on commercial rosewoods and a Chinese crackdown on corruption curtailed most logging.

Is cocobolo a good wood?

The wood is very durable and strong, with a fine texture. It is extremely beautiful, ranging in color from dark red to reddish brown, with an irregular grain pattern. Cocobolo has fantastic working characteristics, making it a favorite for turning and carving, and finishes very smoothly.

Why is cocobolo toxic?

In the rosewoods such as Mexican cocobolo, Brazilian kingwood and African blackwood, the key allergens are the quinones that are toxic biocides made to protect the tree against fungal and microbial invasions. These biocides also fool the immune system into thinking they are deadly pathogens worthy of attack.

Is cocobolo the same as rosewood?

Cocobolo is a true Rosewood, similar in color & tap tone to Brazilian Rosewood and considered to be a good substitute. It is denser than most Rosewoods and oilier. … This beautiful red, orange & black Cocobolo is genuine Mexican Dalbergia retusa. It can ship inside of the USA only.

What is the strongest wood?

Australian Buloke 5,060 IBF An ironwood tree that is native to Australia, this wood comes from a species of tree occurring across most of Eastern and Southern Australia. Known as the hardest wood in the world, this particular type has a Janka hardness of 5,060 lbf.

Is rosewood still available?

Status as an endangered species Rosewood is now protected worldwide.

Is rosewood still banned?

After a nearly two-year CITES ban on the movement of rosewood crossing international borders, unless accompanied by the relevant paperwork, it looks like the ban has finally been overturned.

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Is cocobolo good for guitars?

It’s great for OM’s and fingerstyle players. Cocobolo is a dense, stiff tropical hardwood with a fairly bright tone. Sonically, it’s similar to koa, but resonates a little deeper on the low end, although it doesn’t have quite the full low end of rosewood or ovangkol.

What is cocobolo laminate?

Heartwood Cocobolo Wilsonart Laminate Sheets Textured Gloss Finish. … Heartwood Cocobolo is an exotic wood in a deep rich brown. Black graining and pale sap lines are found throughout the large scale woodgrain.

Is cocobolo easy to work with?

Cocobolo is hard and heavy, but relatively easy to work using both hand and power tools with sharp blades. The wood turns well and polishes to a glossy luster.

What is cocobolo wood used for?

Besides its use on guns and knives, cocobolo is favored for fine inlay work on custom, high-end cue sticks, police batons, pens, brush backs, bowls, pipes, jewelry boxes, desktops and other expensive specialty items.

Does cocobolo darken?

Color/Appearance: Cocobolo can be seen in a kaleidoscope of different colors, ranging from yellow, orange, red, and shades of brown with streaks of black or purple. … Colors are lighter when freshly sanded/cut, and darken with age; for more information, see the article on preventing color changes in exotic woods.

Is African blackwood toxic?

Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, African blackwood has been reported as a sensitizer. Usually most common reactions simply include eye, skin, and respiratory irritation. See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information.

How do you find cocobolo?

  1. Color/Appearance: Cocobolo can be seen in a kaleidoscope of different colors, ranging from yellow, orange, red, and shades of brown with streaks of black or purple. …
  2. Workability: Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing.

How much does cocobolo cost?

The price is $89 per US board foot. Five board feet is 720 cubic inches of wood.

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What does cocobolo sound like?

Cocobolo is a dense, stiff tropical hardwood with a fairly bright tone. Sonically, it’s similar to koa, but resonates a little deeper on the low end, although it doesn’t have quite the full low end of rosewood or ovangkol. Fast and responsive, with moderate note decay, it’s articulate with lots of note distinction.

What is the rarest wood in the world?

Agar Wood. Agarwood is famous for the tea, oil, and perfume that it produces. It’s hefty price tag is thanks to its incredibly high demand and extreme rarity it’s one of the rarest trees in the world.

What is the most beautiful wood?

Beautiful Wood

  • Alder.
  • Sugar Maple.
  • Zebrano.
  • Brazilian Mahogany.
  • Teak.
  • Indian Laurel.
  • European Lime.
  • Obeche.

What wood is mahogany?

There are many species of mahogany, mainly grown in North and Central America. Known for its straight grain and characteristic red brown colour, it polishes and oils very well and can be buffed to a very high shine. An exceptionally durable hardwood, it is the ideal choice for furniture and fittings around the home.

Where does Gibson get its rosewood?

Gibson Guitar has settled with federal authorities for illegally importing ebony and rosewood from India and Madagascar.

Is rosewood illegal in the US?

Essentially, all rosewood, regardless of where it comes from, is now regulated. That means that you need a permit to move it around internationally, which you have to apply and pay for.

What guitar wood is illegal?

rosewood An international crackdown on illegal logging in tropical forests has ensnared the makers of some guitars and other musical instruments, whose top-end products require small amounts of rosewood, a material prized for its rich, multicolored grain and resonant sound.

Why did fender stop using rosewood?

Fender Musical Instruments is officially moving away from using rosewood fingerboards in the manufacturing of its Mexican made instruments due to the recent CITES regulations (see our previous post on CITES here).

Is sheesham wood banned?

NEW DELHI: India has sought a removal of restrictions on trade of products made of sheesham wood under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) citing its abundant availability in the country. … The 18th meeting of CoP of CITES is under way in Geneva from August 17-28.

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Can I travel with a rosewood guitar?

If your guitar or instrument was made before 2nd January 2017, you won’t need any certification to travel with your guitar. In addition, the law only requires you to produces a CITES Certificate if you’re carrying over 10kg of Rosewood,which is highly unlikely you do have to travel WITH your guitar though.

What does select maple mean?

Acer Saccharum. Select grade Maple is our highest grade of Maple flooring, featuring clear grain and consistent color with sapwood only. You probably know Sugar Maple as the tree whose sap is boiled to make maple syrup. … This makes the wood of northern Sugar Maple trees extremely durable.

Is rosewood brighter than mahogany?

Mahogany is usually strong in the middle, rosewood touches a wider tone palette. In your hands, a guitar with a rosewood body often feels a little different when you play. Due to the higher density, rosewood is usually a bit heavier and subtly reacts to your playing. Mahogany is often lighter and very direct.

Is rosewood more expensive than mahogany?

Rosewood is more expensive than mahogany wood because it is rarer. … Other people prefer the crisp and clear sound that is associated with a rosewood instrument. Many people prefer mahogany wood for larger guitars and rosewood for smaller guitars.