Why is it called a hogshead?

The name hogshead originally derives from a 15th century English term ‘hogges hede’, which referred to a unit of measurement equivalent to 63 gallons (considerably larger than a modern day hogshead which is officially 54 imperial gallons). A standard British brewing industry measure and barrel size. What is a hogshead and what is it used for?
A hogshead is a large barrel used primarily to store and/or transport tightly packed, or prized, leaf tobacco.

Why is a hogshead 63 gallons?

In Gregory’s Chronicle of London (1460) there is a reference to ‘hoggys hedys of wyne’, while in 1483, a statute from the court of Richard III specified that a ‘hogshead’ referred to a wine cask containing 63 ‘wine-gallons’ [52.5 Imperial gallons or, in metric terms, 243 litres]. How big is a Barrique?
225 liters Think of the barrique as the most common size wooden barrel out there. They hold 225 liters, or about 59 gallons, making them immensely heavy when full (over 500 pounds).

What is a tun barrel?

To be precise, it’s one that holds 252 gallons — equal to six oil barrels. But tun was also used loosely. The Heidelberg Tun is a huge wine barrel in the cellar of Heidelberg castle. It holds 58,000 gallons. The word tun echoes in our language as the T-O-N, ton — no longer a unit of volume, but of weight. How much is a Buttload of wine?

A buttload of wine is 126 gallons of wine. For real. This isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank. A “butt” is an actual unit of measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a hogshead of wine?

A hogshead is a large cask of wine. References to “hogsheads” were commonly found in colonial America as a standard measure of taxation for wine and other beverages. It now refers to a specified volume equaling 63 U.S. gallons.

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How many Litres is a whiskey barrel UK?

Whisky cask sizes

Type of whisky cask Approximate number of litres Typical flavour profiles
Barrel 190-200 Bourbon
Hogshead 225-250 Bourbon
Barrique 250-300 Wine
Puncheon 450-500 Sherry

How much is a hog’s head?

Eventually, a hogshead of wine came to be 63 US gallons (52.5 imp gal; 238.5 L), while a hogshead of beer or ale is 64 gallons (250 L if old beer/ale gallons, 245 L if imperial). A hogshead was also used as unit of measurement for sugar in Louisiana for most of the 19th century.

Why you should stock up on whiskey barrel wood?

The contact with the wood gives these aged liquors color and character, especially if those barrels have been used to age different liquor, like rum, sherry, or even red wine beforehand. …

How much is a tun?

What is a hog head on a truck?

The hogshead is a Model T term for the transmission cover and is nothing like the A bell housing. The 4 speed would need to use a truck bell housing which is not the same as the 3 speed housing. The truck/4 speed housing and transmission can be used in a car or pickup.

How many bottles are in a hogshead?

Hogsheads hold approximately 225-250 litres of liquid, meaning that they can yield up to 357 70cl bottles of whisky. In the USA they use 75cl bottles as standard, meaning that a hogshead can produce up to 333 75cl bottles.

How many gallons is a rundlet?

gallons Rundlet

gallon rundlet
1 rundlets
1 18 gallons (wine)
3.785 68.14 litres

What are French barriques?

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Barriques are small barrels – of French origin – built with oak wood, of small dimensions (225 litres for the Bordeaux and 228 litres for the Burgundy). The history of barriques brings us back to France because they were initially used as a tool for transporting wine.

What is the difference between a Barrique and a barrel?

A barrique is a barrel or cask, and the term typically refers to a particular size and shape of a barrel. The barrique originated in Bordeaux, and it traditionally holds 225 liters, or 59 gallons. … The ratio of barrel surface area to wine volume will be greater in smaller barrels.

What is malolactic fermentation for dummies?

Also called malo or MLF, malolactic fermentation is a process where tart malic acid in wine converts to softer, creamier lactic acid (the same acid found in milk). The process reduces acidity in wine and also releases some carbon dioxide in the meantime.

How many Litres is a butt?

A butt approximately equated to 108 imperial gallons (130 US gallons; 491 litres) for ale or 126 imperial gallons (151 US gallons; 573 litres) for wine (also known as a pipe), although the Oxford English Dictionary notes that these standards were not always precisely adhered to.

What is a pipe of Madeira?

Pipe or butt The butt (from the medieval French and Italian botte) or pipe was half a tun, or 1008 pints (or 126 gallons).

How many barrels are in a butt?

That may not be of much help. So, in terms that we all understand, a butt of wine is approximately 126 gallons. That’s compared to a standard wine barrel that contains about 60 gallons. So, technically, a buttload of wine is roughly two standard barrels.

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How many bottles of wine are in a butt?

On a more serious note, a butt is generally defined to be four regular barrels, or two hogsheads.

What is an oak Puncheon?

Puncheon = 500 L or 132 gallons. Mid-sized barrels = 265 – 400 L barrels or 70 to 106 gallons. Barriques = 228 L or 60 gallons.

How much is a Tierce?

The tierce (also terse) is both an archaic volume unit of measure of goods and the name of the cask of that size. The most common definitions are either one-third of a pipe or forty-two gallons. In the petroleum industry – a barrel of oil is defined as 42 US gallons.

What is the synonym of barrel?

cask. nounrounded container for liquids. barrel. barrelet. butt.

What is a port pipe cask?

Port Pipe. Anything from 350 litres up, Port pipes rank among the biggest casks used and are usually around the size of a butt. Named for the Portuguese word ‘pipa’ – meaning cask – these are used to mature port, and have been used to mature whisky more and more in recent years.

What are Scotch barrels made of?

Scotch oak barrels are made from American white oak and can either be used or new. Some manufacturers of Scotch oak barrels have been experimenting with port casks and sherry.

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